Cuba Gooding Jr. Exposed in Miami, Back On That Stuff!

cuba gooding jr drugs

HSK already dropped the exclusive about Cuba Gooding Jr. falling off the wagon and having a drug-fueled meltdown during Super Bowl 50, so it’s no surprise the actor is back to actin’ a fool once again!

This time, Cuba hit up South Beach nightclub, LIV. With his shirt hanging from his head, he danced like it was the last day on Earth, shadow boxed, ate a cellphone, and unsuccessfully tried to grind up on a female.


Damn, Cuba smh. Get help, man.


  1. They are going to find him OD somewhere. Why aren't these people self aware. He is so exposed to so many dangers and he has no idea. He looks like dead man walking.

    • What's interesting is that Cuba Gooding Jr. played OJ in the movie, and he acts just like OJ! Drugs, parties, white women, Cuba's life may not end on a positive note. If you're black you can only play in the devil's playground for so long.

  2. List of black male stars who hate black women:

    1. Cuba Gooding Jr.
    2. Wesley Snipes
    3. Ice-T
    4. Michael Jordan
    5. Kobe Bryant
    6. Tiger Woods
    7. TayeDiggs
    8. Harry Belafonte
    9. Sidney Poitier

    Fuck these sell out sambos! Those nine people I just named are poor excuses for black men! Black is beautiful and will always be beautiful!

  3. 2 snaps hunty!!! I live for your comments NBA…so much truth. You sound so much like my husband.. I sometimes read the comments to him and he always says…"brother ain't lying he know wassup."

    • Thanks for the compliment! I have no respect for sambos like Cuba Gooding Jr. Fuck him and Stephen A Smith!

  4. I agree with everyone on the list, besides Micheal Jordan. He had a black wide for 20 yrs, he just didn't do right as a husband.

    • Jordan had a black wife, then he divorced her and married a becky! By the way Jordan owns millions of dollars of stock in the Prison Industriall Complex!

  5. NBA. what you just wrote rings truth, actors became their characters when their playing them off/on the screen. O.J and Cuba have the same similarities, they both married gold digging white women. There are plenty of cases where actors live out their character's lifestyle in real life

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