Kim K Claps Back After Nude Selfie Backlash

kim k nude selfie

Kim Kardashian thought she was going to break the internet after she posted this nude selfie to her Instagram page. But instead, she got dragged by the public and fellow celebrities for being thirsty.

But instead of sitting back and enjoying the attention she was so desperately seeking, Kim (a.k.a. Kanye) logged onto her Twitter and clapped back at all the “haters.”

kim kardashian chloe

What do you think? Did Kim grow some balls or was Kanye in his feelings after his “perfect bitch” got dragged?


    • It makes sense because all the Kim threads have the most comments. People love to hate her but still can't get enough of her so Kim is winning.

    • Mister B Please don't come at Jacky and crew about this. You know damn well that the KKKs dominate every gossip and celebrity site on the net(black and white.)
      It's simple: when people really stop caring, they stop reacting. And when they stop reacting, like they did with Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, then all the hoohaw will end.
      But until then, and especially when you consider Kanyetta's impending breakdown being publicized everywhere, they are still fodder for the gossip blogs.

  1. That IG picture is from April 2012. Saw it on another Gossip site with the date….Lol!
    Kim is still fat…lmao

  2. isn't special how blk men will scrape the bottom of a sewage drum to wife up a skank as long as she's not blk.

  3. Took me ten years to get on this page from that break free slavery f*cking ad omg but anyways yep that's all kangay

  4. Sooooo – don't offer to by a "married woman" clothes, but said "married woman" can share her naked body with the world? Noted….

    That was definitely Gay Fish though….Kim clearly doesn't have any balls – SEEEEEE???

  5. Those tweets don't sound like Kim at all. lmao @fakefriend. BTW, the gift she's referring to that Bette Midler gave her was a phuckin tree in 2007. LMAOOOOOO

  6. List of women with no talent who have to take naked pictures to get attention and money:

    1. Kim Kardashian
    2. Stacey Dash
    3. Pamela Anderson
    4. Jenny McCarthy
    5. Carmen Electra
    6. Karrine Stephans (Superhead)
    7. Tila Tequila
    8. Kate Upton
    9. Traci Bingham

    It's important that black men ignore satan's sluts. If you don't and you wind up f*cking one of these dumb bitches, you could either catch a disease, or catch a case!

  7. Attention all black men, Kim k's ass and titties are FAKE! Please stop going nuts over this satanic hollywood hoe. By the way, the reason why Kim K's snatch stinks is because dozens of men have ran up in her raw! One of those men was Ray-J!

    • You are disgusting. And who appointed you as the moral compass of all black people? Do you not believe in free will? Do you think that BM have no common sense?

      And not all women who have done nude pictorials are without talent. I'll grant you that those who do it on Instagram and Twitter are pretty desperate, but there have certainly been women of talent who did celebrity pictorials for Playboy back in the 1990s.

  8. Everybody kno that sissy azz husband Kanye posted that bull shidd lmao with his punk azz

  9. OMG… kanye hacked the account? Uh oh. looks like Kris is going to arrange somethin on his ass

  10. R in NYC says

    I'll be so thrilled when all the plastic explodes on this fake ho.

  11. Kims still overweight and the pic is photoshopped. Shes always in I know what you did last summer attire when its 100 degrees outside. Bossip caught a pic of her last week next to her car and she was hanging out of her clothes. Those tweets were written by Kanye & Khloe.

  12. Lol, She didn't write this. Some celebrities are too illiterate, some of them can't even read or write because they were focusing on their craft, and dropped out of school.
    Kim doesn't have to balls to write this, probably her publicist or friend wrote this. Don't believe the hype!

  13. When you have no real talent beyond posting half naked selfies, making porn videos, and latching on to a variety of celebrity men to remain relevant this is what happens.

  14. People talk shit about kim but she played her cards right, f*ck what you heard. That chick is a f*cking mogul, hear me? The hate blind yall muthaf*ckas. Mad cause she bagged whatever nigga she wanted to, and still can. Find you somebody and let Kim do Kim. If I made millions off pictures I would be a f*cking picture queen. Respect to kim, she's a grown ass woman she can do what she wants.

  15. Matter of fact I feel bad for kim for being stuck with kanye big head crazy ass. ?? #PrayingForKim

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