Kardashians Launching Smear Campaign Against Chyna? Old Tweet Resurfaces

blac chyna kardashian smear campaign

Now that Blac Chyna is one step closer to becoming a Kardashian, we think the K-klan is working overtime to ruin her!

Although the family has been suspiciously quiet in regards to Rob and Chyna’s recent engagement, there’s clearly some work going on behind the scenes. First order of business: the Chyna smear campaign.

An old tweet has resurfaced from 2010 in which Chyna voiced her hate for homosexuals.

blac chyna hates fags tweet

Even though the tweet was from 6 years ago, do you think it’s enough for Chyna’s rep to be ruined?


    • Hell no, it's not enough. Next…they need to come harder than that weak shit.

  1. The Kartrashians are controlling the media. How much are they paying media outlets to keep their stories going?

    • I would like to know how much money is Kris Jenner is paying all of these white owned urban blog sites? They cover the KKK bitches more than TMZ. I told you guys before the KKK bitches's mission is to hypnotize black people to hate each other and worship white trash!

      • If you think that the Kardashians have the power to hypnotize black folks to hate each other, than you really have a low opinion of black folks.

    • They are also paying Harvey Levin & Ryan Seacrest which is why they have so much media presence no matter whether it's good or bad press.

  2. Why is this becoming the kkk topics are they paying you guys also.

  3. That's weak. Kris tried to exorcise the woman out of Caitlyn, where is that information at. And Kim hated Bruce turning. Where is that. Kanye was the only one that supported Bruce until the rest were shamed into supporting him.

  4. Any black man or black woman who screws around with these KKK bitches is absolutely STUPID! I mean come on, all of their first names start with the letter K. If you need more proof, they tried to sacrifice Lamar Odom. I have an idea, how about black people ignore them. How about we ignore every single white trash bitch and white trash guy who hollywood tries to put in our face! If we can ignore has been chicks like Brandy, Chilli and En Vogue, we can ignore these white trash demons!

    • Why don't you lead by example and stop commenting on them??

      Uh huh…that's what I thought.

  5. This just proves how vicious and malicious white women are, they are envious of black women!
    Black women are more powerful than white women, black women are also stronger and wiser!

    Kris is scared of Toko Toni (Blac Chyna's mother) because she's stronger black woman, who not down with no bull sh*t!
    Kris only like motherless black men, who are weak and child like. Blac Chyna needs to be be careful, these white witches are dangerous.
    But, black women are just as powerful and stronger!

    • The viciousness and maliciousness of white women and those of other races as well against black does not only exist in Hollywood and the so called elite. It's make very obvious in almost every tax bracket from lowest to the highest in almost every city in this county.

      • My comment was printed so wrong and how pathetic of me not to have caught it. What I was trying to say was this:

        The viciousness and maliciousness of white women and so many women of other races and nationalities as well against black women does not only exist in Hollywood and the so called elite. It's made very obvious in almost every tax bracket from lowest to the highest in almost every city in this county AND beyond. Black women are rarely appreciated anywhere anymore and barely tolerated elsewhere. It's really sad.

    • How are we more powerful but willing to sell out for a paycheck? Chyna, lamar, kanye they're all selling out…

  6. This is laughable and it no doubt came from the K. camp. Only a white woman would throw out something like that, sit back and expect the reputation of a hood chick to be damaged. Bitch gotta come harder than that to do the trick. We're talking about Blac Chyna, not Michelle Obama, Dummy!

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