Kardashian Family Throws Rob a Bday Dinner, Blac Chyna Not on Guest List

rob kardashian birthday dinner

Rob Kardashian hasn’t been spotted out with his fame whoring family in years. But now that he’s feeling better and dropping weight, they’re ready to sink their teeth back in!

The klan threw a 29th bday party for Rob at Nobu restaurant in Malibu. We think this party was definitely a setup just for the family to shade Blac Chyna, because she was noticeably absent from the festivities.

But guess whose invitation didn’t get lost in the mail? Tyga’s! He was sitting just one seat away from Rob…you know, the guy who is now banging his baby mama. Weird ass people…


Caitlyn was also missing from the party, and Khloe couldn’t make it because she was “sick” (Kardashian translation: she’s still healing from a new plastic surgery procedure.)


  1. Blac China needs to leave that fool …he family he will never leave his family no matter how them men hating thots treat him.

  2. Why would Blac Chyna stoop low to attend a white trash event no disrespect Rob. Rob hates his family and that smile on his face looks forced. I wonder if he's on any medication for his depression.

  3. This picture doesn't even look real. Look at the the body language. Kourtney looks stiff and Kanye looks insecure. Rob and Scott in the back? If their celebrating Rob' s bday he should at least be in the front and not in the back like he's hiding. Lol. This family is an embarrassment. The late Rob K Sr. is turning in his grave.

  4. Didnt him and her say they they were going to do a Sex tape better than Kim's after he loses he weight and got offers from Vivid, Hustler and all the other production companies vying to give them a deal? just a few weeks ago I remember.

  5. I have to admit he seemed so much happier on the pics with Blac Chyna and her son. This party looks fake and forced, the best thing that came out of it was getting to see Nori smile with her hair down.

    I guess you have to do what you have to do when mommy holds the purse strings.

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