Katt Williams: “Chris Rock is the King of C**ns!”

katt williams chris rock

Katt Williams gave an interview with a radio station and went all the way off! Even though his behavior has been batshit crazy recently, Katt sounded somewhat coherent during the interview.

In between randomly reciting Drake lyrics, Katt talked about everything, including his recent arrests, and the women who are accusing him of robbing them at gunpoint. Katt says he isn’t worried about the charges because he made $479K that night!

He was asked about his relationship with Hazel E. In case you forgot, Hazel decided to take a break from their relationship after she got caught up in the raid at the comedian’s home.

The radio host asked if he and Hazel were still an item:

“I don’t know what an item is… One of my players put themselves on the bench….[Hazel] might not have been starting anyway,” ~ Katt Williams

But the interview got really good when he was asked about his relationship with other comedians. Katt has since apologized to Kevin Hart for calling him a puppet, but now, he has made Chris Rock his new target!

The radio hosts asked him specifically what his reasons were for beefing with Chris:

“He’s the king of c**ns…He doesn’t like black women…He has the hands of an orangutan…He wouldn’t put his own brother on who has his same name…and what he did to the little African baby that he pretended he was raising…I’ve got plenty of reasons,” ~ Katt Williams

Katt says it’s his goal to end Chris’ career and to have him retire from standup comedy completely. Peep the interview starting at the 7:20 mark.



  1. Let's see here….Chris Rock is a respected entertainer worth multi millions (despite upcoming divorce) with forthcoming projects. Katt is a drug addict with felony records that no "important" person in power cares what he has to say.
    Katt is already dead, he just doesn't know it yet 🙂

    • Please tell it Anonymous 07:40! First of all, Katt has way bigger problems than worrying about someone else coonin'. Because to me, he plays into a stereotype on the planet (drugs, jail, fights, crabs in the barrel). And I don't think he's funny worth a damn…ignorant as hell, but funny, not so much.

      • Aside from Corey Holcomb, Katt is the funniest comedian in the game. Go watch Pimp Chronicles!

    • Please. By people in power you mean white people? ?? silly rabbits. ? Kat is speaking pure truth. Even about kevin hart.

  2. I've never known Katt to apologize to anyone for something he says. So what's up with that. Regarding Chris Rock, the only thing I found funny about him was when he did those "free Bobby Brown" stunts.

  3. Anonymous 7:40…I know right. I hope Katt gets it together before tptb sacrifice or clone him. Wake up people shits real out here, things some people can't even fathom

  4. Dam!!!!!!!!! TPTB done programmed Katt to the point of almost destruction
    If Katt escaped this , he need to fun farrrrrrr from hollyweird

  5. I hate to say it but Katt's time is almost up of course it will be a drug overdose Hollywood is a portal to hell.

  6. Kat problems was going after bigger fish like Steve Harvey who is a hippocrite but has more money and clout that's who the winner in these Hollywood beefs is who has the most money and accomplishments in this case kat lost cause, Steve and Chris rock ate vets abd well known resemes and Kevin hart kind of new but he's getting more popular so kat lose

    • Reminds me of how Kool Moe Dee and Canibus lyrically destroyed LL Cool J. For some reason, LL is rich and famous, and I don't know where Kool Moe Dee and Canibus are! Maybe LL sucked off Les Moonves and Toni Newman to achive crossover appeal!

  7. Katt is absolutely correct, Chris Rock is a coon. Rumor has it that Chris Rock is also a undercover CIA agent. If you didn't know, many top hollywood celebrities are undercover CIA agents. Chris Rock, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, George Clooney just to name a few. Yes my brothers and sistas, Amerikkka stole a page out of France's playbook. Remember France used Josephine Baker as a undercover spy in the 20th century.

    • Typical of you to bash a black woman right at the end of your paragraph typical. You just can't keep black women's name out of your mouth can you?

      • Dude I am not bashing black women! Josephine Baker is a hero to France! She marched with Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement! I respect and admire her! The point I was making is that Amerikkka is doing what France did decades ago.

        • I agree with everything you said, never once heard you bash a sista. What's typical is people ready to talk shit and clearly need to make an appointment to get some bifocals.

    • Your right because Chuck Barris who was the host for the gong show back in the day was CIA as well.

      • Good Lord! You think the CIA is gonna let actual agents that expose themselves LIVE? Get a freaking clue.

  8. It might have been taking more seriously if now Katt didnt look like he was the king of CRAZY … you gotta pick your moments people.

  9. Brothers and sistas her is the deal. If there is a black man that white people love, he is most likely damaging the black community. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are two perfect examples. If there is a black person who white people hate, chances are that black man or black woman is helping the black community. Jim Brown, Katt WIlliams and ANgela Davis are examples of this. Guys listen up, any black person who is being promoted by the white hollywood or the government are here to hurt us! That is a fact! It is important to reject all celebrity coons and sambos. They are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to damage the black community! They're also being paid to endorse white politicians whos mission is to destroy us! With having said that, DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!

  10. F Chris Rock. He is one of the number one Coons. He was paid to crown the entire race of black women. Can't stand him.. I don't support anything that he doe's. Monkey Coon ass sucker.

  11. everybody calling him a coon here is a feminist. why do black woman only fight to uplift themselves and not a race?

    • Because they cannot get along with anyone but themselves. Think about it. Black women and daughters can't even get along once the daughter is grown and don't get me started on sistas in the workplace. Certainly not with their man either. Cmon admit it.

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