Kanye West: “North is My Favorite”

kanye west north west favorite

What kind of parenting fail is this?!

During this year’s Met Gala, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian stopped to do an interview with former Vogue editor, Andre Leon Talley.

Andre asked how the couple’s son, Saint, was doing. And then, he asked them about North West. Kanye chimed in from the back, with a big smile on his face, and said that North is his “favorite” child.

Lets hope Saint (wherever he is) never gets ahold of this video when he gets older smh.



  1. Conning as usual. Many sell out males do not like their mixed breed so they preferred the daughters coons can never create a white male they are pissed off about it.

  2. He should be ashamed of himself. All children should be loved equally. For a parent to come out their face with a comment like thst, is basically sabotaging the father son bonding potential. I would slap the black and pink off my hubs if was a dope like this figga here.

  3. Koonye is a bum! Of course North is his favorite. Didn't Kim name Saint after Reggie Bush's team? That is definitely a slap in the face to Koonye. Kim is going to continue to do him dirty.

  4. Isn't Blue Ivy named after Jay Z' s ex Blu Cantrell? I also read that Saint was born with a deformity. I hope it's not true but if it is shame on Koonye for ashamed of his son.

  5. He is a sorry azz ugly azz queen how u going 2 favor 1 child over another sorry azz bitch he so damn stupid

  6. welcome to the world saint, oh btw ur dad is an asshole. we already knew that now so do u. sleep tight

    • Saint, what my fellow poster @not kanye meant to tell you is that your father is a complete asshole of the most epic proportions, your mother is a well known whore/tramp/trick who slept with every black man with money who would have her.

      @not kanye failed to mention that most of us commoners fear despite your family having many millions in money we all know they all severely lack common sense, values, morals, decency, self respect, honesty, discipline, respect for the world as a whole & love of or for anything other than sex, fame and money.

      Our fear is that they will undoubtedly turn you and your sister into the worse, most heinous, ill-mannered, heathens the world as we know it has ever seen. @not kanye was being kind and didn't want to hurt your little feelings but telling you the whole truth.

      Sorry baby but that's the real that most people won't ever be honest enough to tell.
      We know you didn't ask to come here let alone be born to these folks but…pray and ask God to keep you always of what your life will be and you'll be fine. Seek God no matter what foolishness your father tells you because later in life you'll learn that fool was walking around calling himself Yesus and claiming to be a god of sorts. Just pray baby….stay prayed up!

  7. a nut and a brainless slut. what else did you expect from such and from one who names their child "North" and "Saint."

  8. An acquaintance works with VIPs in the hotel where K and K got dressed for the Gala. She said that she was shocked how tiny Kim is, and she said that she is sweet and was kind to all the lowly employees. Kanye on the other hand was sweaty and smelled of onions and BO.

    He was a jackass to everyone.

  9. This coon is jealous of his biracial son that's why he "prefers" his biracial daughter
    Typical coon always speaking "in the name" of bulk ppl but is secretly ashamed to be black

  10. She looks like she is SO "over" Kanyé. She looks at him like a mother looks when she's irritated with her son.

  11. Hollywood kids have the worst issues look at jaden born rich can have any woman he wants but he wants to wear skirts and be a bitch

  12. Kim will dump him soon. She was married to Kris Humphries and hooked up with Koonye. She's going to do him far worse. She will get full custody of the kids and make sure he gets supervised visitation because he's mentally ill.

  13. Every parent has a favorite child. So if you're mad about his comment its safe to say "you're not the favorite child." And your issue goes far beyond what he said.

  14. Are you hearing yourself now? Get your crazy Azz away from the man-eaters, get your head cleared, and make arrangements to be with BOTH your children. You are thisclose to losing everything you worked for, and inherited.

  15. Calm down ppl! The baby is still a little baby who has yet to develop a personality. The bond will grow as his son grows older, but he's probably in a "mommy" stage right now bc she has the boobie milk… Where as North is 2 or 3 by now and like many little girls, an adorable little daddies girl! That's life, rich or poor.

    Should he have admitted it on film, heck no. But it's natural!

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