Zulu Nation Cuts Ties With Afrika Bambaataa

zulu nation cuts ties afrika bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa has been bombarded with child molestation allegations in recent months, and although the Hip Hop pioneer has denied any wrongdoing, the Zulu Nation has decided to cut ties with him.

The Zulu Nation has now distanceed itself from Bambaataa by announcing they will change its leadership and focus on victims of abuse, according to the New York Daily News.

Although the Zulu Nation initially stood by his side, they are now backtracking after receiving complaints from those inside and outside their organization.

When Bambaataa’s bodyguard confirmed some details regarding child molestation, the Zulu Nation finally severed their relationship with the rapper.

Zulu Nation said its changes include “providing support for victims of abuse, rape and molestation and working more closely on other social issues existing in communities such as drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health.”

The group also says they are “saddened by current events.”


  1. It's absurd that people let him molest kids this long..

    • why was this man allowed to molest children for so long. just because one has status does not give one the right to abuse others especially children. It broke my heart to watch Ronald Savage we tell his story of abuse at the hands of Bam.

      • There is something seriously wrong with these stories about this man or something is seriously wrong with the various people who were around him.

        This man who worked closely with Afrika Bambaataa, a supposedly KNOWN pedophile for years as his bodyguard claims this man has been molesting boys since the 70s & he’s just picking now to tell somebody? Really? So what changed in his situation or lifestyle that brought him to have such a righteousness to speak on it now? Where was his morally correct conscious that remained silent for decades while he observed this man behaving inappropriately with hundreds of young boys? Was he & others involved in molesting little boys as well?


        • Duh. And no goddamn blaming the Jews or the illlumanti or the slave master for this bullshit why is it black males get so many excuses accepted when they do wrong to our community this is a damn shame!!

        • There's a lot of reasons why they don't come out. For many of them, the pain and trauma of what happened to them may take years to come to terms with, let alone open up to tell anyone about.
          Female rape/molestation victims have it really hard in this degree, however for men have it even worse out of having to deal with being labeled a homosexual, not man enough to enjoy it(in the case of female pedophiles), or being laughed at.
          Not to mention the zulu nation has a lot of power and influence within hip hop and some parts of the black community. If they had come out years ago, they would have just been ignored and further swept under the rug.

    • We never forgive our own when they do evil shit but how many u f*ckers saw any of the Xmen movies huh yep love them shits !!!Dirty by a white male pedophile !!
      Still going through the legal process of keeping shit on the hush ! Bottom line we're the only race to condemn our for ever but still follow these devils and forget all they pass transgressions!
      If u hate one hate all !!!
      Let's not forget about them CATHOLIC priest? But how many of y'all catholic never scene a priest in jail,for that shit but y'all flock to confession!

  2. Good! Now get with KRS1, and tell him to stop making up lies about the history of Hip Hop and his man, Bam.

  3. I remember when tweedy bird loc called him out as a hippocrite and yes lots of rappers have ties in the Zulu nation queen latifah, tribe, De la , brand Nubian , badu, and others only reason bam kicked out is so the rest of the guilty ones can cover their asses

  4. Exactly Cray Chris, they knew he was molesting kids way back hell they probably are pedophiles themselves. I guarantee the rest are homosexuals tho. Krs1 should be blackball next.

  5. Those are some very sick males and KRS one with his bell pepper nose ugly ass!!

    • It was "13 and Good". That was one twisted song. Says a lot about where KRS's mind is really at.

  6. Men, especially our black men are never ones too quick to discuss let alone admit to being molested.
    I'm just surprised nobody has offed this man before now. One thing is for sure…things are about to change in more ways than one. I'm sure he's looking to go into hiding now since the team has shook the spot and left him all alone and exposed.

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