Blac Chyna Confirms She’s Pregnant by Rob Kardashian

blac chyna rob kardashian pregnant

Everyone can stop speculating, because Blac Chyna has finally confirmed she is pregnant by Rob Kardashian.

The former stripper announced the news on her Instagram, with an image from her new emoji app showing herself with a gut full of Rob III.

This explains why Chyna has been making peace with the Kardashian family, because she’ll officially be tied to them for life!

Good luck with that.


  1. Rhodes Witches heads must be exploding they are going to make sure to get there 10%

    • That baby will be the blood sacrifice they been needing … Kim k convinced the lil ugly whore to f*ck with her lame loser fat brotha … All expenses paid by Kris the pimpette !

  2. I want to be happy for them because I can't stand the kkk but I don't know if this is a plot twist are it's Real Kris is even trying to get Oj Simpson on the show so who knows.

  3. First the marriage then the divorce, alimony and child support from two sources tyga and rob now simping will.bebencouraged

  4. I guess they'll get their own reality show. I wouldn't be surprised if Kris is in on this.

  5. This is not good for Chyna. The Kardashians have not given up a sacrifice for selling their souls and Chyna and Rob and their child offer a perfect option for them. Chyna will be forever tied with those witches and she will pay for it. She is not the one they want and they will rid of her at some point. It's terrible for her son who is exposed to those witches and now her baby.

    • This is not good for Kanye and Lamar and that other coon with the Pimp Mama. The Kardashians have not given up a sacrifice for selling their souls and Kanye, Lamar and the other coon and their kids offer a perfect option for them. Kanye, with his two trick babies will be forever tied with those witches and he will pay for it. He is not the one they want and they will rid of him at some point. It's terrible for his son and the other trick baby, who is exposed to those witches.

      • Won't last she's bisexual a stripper and a slut robs dad will be pissed if he was alive rich dude with a common low life stripper at least Kim, khloe, and kourtney got with dudes who are established and have well made incomes

        • Chris you have just exposed yourself as a bitter lame black male hypocrite, funny how black males care so much when bw swirl and got nothing to say when black males do the same, the term is HYPOCRITE and I now think of you as a Miss Tony Stark.

            • And how black males chase white women it's unrelentless but when a black woman chooses to cross the color line for love then it's an agenda blah blah blah guess everybody notices and it makes you look like the most ignorant hypocrites Kanye Lamar that's OK but Blac Chnya ?? f*cking hypocrites!

  6. Man must be proud to have another used up Ho in the family stable. SMH still selling her fake ass.

  7. Damn I wish Angela would stop wearing so much makeup and hair.
    She is so pretty when she looks natural.
    At least she fits in with her new sisters in law in that respect. All of them were better looking natural except Kylie No Lips/

    • DR1, I told you I got the fresh fruit, meat trays, fine crackers, assorted popcorn & chilled Moscato Di Asti on deck. Y'all might as well come over, pour your wine???? & grab a seat….THIS is going to be the biggest shit show of 2016.????

      • Hell yeah! ???? Now this is going to be fun to watch especially Tokyo Toni got anything to do with it!

  8. Well, this is gonna be one kid starting out in life with a deficit, hell, with parents like these two

  9. I don't know what it is, but whenever I look at black chyna, she just looks like she has no soul whatsoever. A clone perhaps?

    She's also an ugly bitch as well

    • Yes. I'm sure she is a clone.

      Don't they spend millions of dollars cloning stripper nobodies all the time?

  10. This thread proves that black people are hypocritical regarding interracial relationships none of the smart ass comment when Kanye and Lamar got with these white bitches it's called hypocrisy look it up.

  11. Wrong. Black folks are very much aware the Kardashians use black men to further their goals. It's intentional. The Chyna thing is not. Chyna is the one who is hurt about wha Tyga did, cheating on her with Kylie. So got on a revenge situation and now this is the fruit of her labor. Children are the innocent victims here. Chyna too at some point will be victimize by those expert grifters. This is what we don't want to see but it's the bed she is made.

    • Bullshit. Blacks are f*cking hypocrites calling bw bed wench, etc when the small number of black males who do marry 25% of them are bed wenches, himself. google that shit. don't start trying to lie and pretend black people care about a black woman's kids, they don't.

      • @14:22 "Blacks", "25% of THEM, {don't start trying to lie and pretend black people care about a black woman's kids,} "THE don't."

        I'm just curious, what race are you?

        • The same race is you now let's get back to the topic at hand the ridiculous hypocrisy from black women when black women swirl and breed outside the race although black man do it all the time and it's normalize like for instant Eddie Murphy just breeded outside the race and black people don't say shit about it. But all of a sudden concerned about the kids now that a black woman is pregnant by a white man get the f*ck out of here with that hypocrisy

  12. Chyna wont last she just wanna get paid after the child get here she gone child support from two baby daddies betcha Kylie paying her unless chyna is getting child support from birdman through tygas royalties

  13. It's all part of an agenda. Black men with white women and black women with white men.

    • Black people are crazy hypocrites. It's a race agenda when a black woman gets with a white man? But black man with white women all the time and nobody talks about agendas y'all are still going to keep getting checked with your hypocrisy it's obvious everybody notices you think they don't?

  14. But the difference dumb ass is nobody wants a high five when a man does it. Find your own self esteem

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