Jay Z Sweating Bullets? Rachel Roy a.k.a. Becky With the Good Hair Emails Hacked!

rachel roy emails hacked

Jay Z is probably praying and sweating bullets right now, because his rumored side chick, Rachel Roy, just had her emails hacked!

Rachel’s “personal information” was stolen from her computer, according to London’s The Sun

“Rachel has confided to friends about the stolen emails. She has no idea how they’ve been swiped but is aware of how much harm they can cause.”


Bey and Jay’s Lemonade/cheating PR stunt may be backfiring any second now. Because if those private emails drop, expect all hell to break loose!!


  1. Nah they're going to say that the hacker put the emails in lol it's going to be some bull

    • YAWNING, now what have we learned from all this ?….
      Suck a dick save a marriage !
      She wanted to run the world he wanted house wife ppl get your priorities in order !

  2. Oh…how convenient is this shit here?
    Please don't be surprised when there's a sudden mysterious death/murder within the parties involved in this soon to be clusterf*ck.

    • Convenient indeed. He's about to release an album to counter Lemonade. Is Rachel getting paid to participate in this. I think she is.

  3. We all knew jay f*cked Rachel anything to rub it in dames face aaliyah must have had some good ass p*ssy cause jay and same fell out soon after she died but hey knew jay was a ho anyway ask foxy, amil, Nicole wray, tiers miri and free

  4. Beautiful Blue is groing up just like Beyonce did – what a shame. Parents usually want a better life for their children; well, Tina affected beyonce, now Beyonce is affecting Blue.

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