Kanye Stages Cheating On Kim to Cover Gay Rumors

kanye cheating kim

That #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch fiasco has Kanye deep in his feelings. Now that everyone from Amber Rose to Snoop Dogg has alluded to him being gay, Yeezy wants to set the record straight by playing games with the media.

Kim probably set this whole thing up to take the heat off her gay husband. You see, Kanye made sure paparazzi snapped him outside a hotel lobby standing close to an unidentified super model to spark cheating rumors.

But no matter how many staged scenes they come up with, we already know how Yeezy really gets down!


  1. Comment: that looks like kayne with a waitress with her apron on. looks like u guys trying a lil too hard this time

    • Boo, that chick is 6 feet tall and in one of Yeezy's 2016 apocalyptic outfits from his fashion show at Madison Square Garden 2 weeks ago. She's a model.

      But I wouldn't be surprised if it was staged.

      • LOLed about "one of Yeezy's 2016 apocalyptic outfits from his fashion show" -> I knew I'd already seen such clothes in e-ve-ry Mad Max movies

  2. Fuck his homeless hobo gear what the hell was he thinking holes in clothes and u paying 1000 come on I blame blacks for buying 300 pair of shoes and bragging bout them

  3. She does look like a waitress or a housekeeping maid but then again the boots don't look like nothing the housekeeping lady wear

  4. Too honest, he looks like a child, asking a adult for some food, Kanye you are a fool!
    That's what you get for dogging out Kris Humphries!

  5. Fuck kanye and his slavecyber gear he made parliament funkadelic look like civilized humans idiot if he got his ass played with he just did who gives a f*ck what him and amber did 5 years ago f*ck his freak wife too they belong together two attention seeking ass how's they both get mad when they don't get their way one gets mad and throw fits while the other take her clothes off

  6. As a matter of fact I have some ideas u need to get across right now I'm going to ask for a billion right now from Dave zuckerman who's with me plus I want my girl to pose naked since in not giving her enough at home oh I'm mad now I'm going to call Taylor a bitch cause sge won't get with me can you believe that don't let me get in twitter

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