Fetty Wap’s Ex-Stripper Boo Admits She Let Him Hit Raw

alexis sky fetty wap

Well, it makes sense why Fetty Wap has about 10 illegitimate kids running around the U.S. Despite having multiple sidepieces, Fetty refuses to wear condoms with any of them. But his ex-stripper boo, Alexis Sky, wasn’t too worried about letting the rapper hit it raw!

Just months after renting out a Georgia mansion for Alexis, their relationship ended. Alexis wanted to set the record straight for her “fans,” so she hopped on Periscope with Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend, Lira Galore.

One of her Periscope followers asked her if she let Fetty hit it raw, and she replied, “What y’all thought?” She then said if Fetty would have given her an STD, he would have been “dead Wap.”

Smh, bird logic.

Peep the video:



  1. To many stupid girl's in this world now days if you are about to sleep with a man and he tells you he doesn't want to put on an condom don't sleep with him it doesn't matter who he is and you saying he will be dead well if you get a sad are aids you won't be to far behind

  2. These rappers are walking stds and the hoes they sleep around with. Take a good look at Charlie Sheen those women were willing to do anything and the man looked sick.

    • He really didn't look sick until 3 years ago. When he was still on Two and a Half Men he looked fine for his age. After almost 3 years on the antiviral HIV drugs, he looks like shit run over twice.

    • Women? Most of the women he slept with found his 'cocktail' in his medicine cabinet after the fact and extorted that MF.

      And for the record that MF caught the monster from a MAN NOT a woman…smh.

  3. THese poor dumb lil ass girls. Behaving like its cool to let randoms run up in the temple raw. Do these hoes know that diseases lay dormant and pop up on that ass when least expected, I highly doubt the bitches go to the Gyn so they could be walking around with anything from the AIDs Virus to the Zika virus.

    • Took that AIDS test past it ! Then the dr says the same shit u typed how them stds can lay dormant for years before the big bang!!!!
      Shit still not happy! Thought I was in the clear now gotta wait up to 5/10 years before the final answer !

  4. I like that pic of them, I think it's sexy. Unlike some other person's DESPERATE stinky nekkid pics TRYING to be sexy, imo, this just naturally is without the nudity. #naturalsexy

  5. Comment:when women let u hit it raw and you are a entertainer they trying to get pregnant.

    • Do not speak for women unless you are one.

      There are some women who are not strong enough mentally to make a man wear a condom and there are some men who are able to talk a woman, no matter how strong they think they are… into going raw dog.

      Having that talk is not easy for the majority of people, that is why herpes and genital warts is rampant, because people do not communicate about sex…outside of the fact they can be caught even with a condom.

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