Hazel E Gets Released From Jail: “I’m Done With Katt Williams!”

hazel e arrested katt williams

We reported Katt Williams and two of his accomplices were arrested in Georgia for assaulting his bodyguard, but we had no idea Katt’s boo, Hazel E, was caught up in this mess too!

Right after being released from jail, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star caught a flight back to LA and spoke to TMZ. She told them when the SWAT team raided Katt’s house, they put guns to her chest during the “intense” situation.

Last Hazel heard, Katt had posted 60k bond. When asked if their relationship was over, she admitted the comedian was in “a lot of trouble,” and she was taking a break from their relationship. But if he gets his shit together, she would consider taking him back!

Peep the video:



  1. No sure what's happening to Katt. Hope he gets himself together before he becomes another drug OD that's really murder.

    • Uh huh. Let me make a phone call better yet let me go on Facebook and talk to my friend. He is real close to Katt.

      • DR1….pls make that call & provide an update if possible.
        I can tell you this…."maybe it's best Ms. Hazel takes her ass on" for the sake of all parties involved.

        • Update: My friend is getting ready to do a couple of shows and ole boy was to link up with my friend but apparently Katt got caught up. So we talked and he have heard but he didn't know it was that bad! I told him "Oh yeah, it's bad!" He is going to call him to check up on him and they going to talk to make sure everything is good. *sigh*

          • So…is it just me or do get that "old feeling" I have…
            First it was Katt was in trouble every time we looked up due to Suge being so closely tied to him. Now…seems like since Hazel been on the scene troubles of all sorts are finding him again along with the quite noticeable heavier druget use…

  2. She ain't going nowhere! You can tell by the way she answered. She's leaving the door open just in case ..You know why? Money talks Bullsh^t Walks!

  3. Mofo needs to detox. Doing push ups and shit on stage for no GOT DAMNED reason! lol

  4. Katt could have told her to bounce and lay low,Shrugsss. This bish made haste getting ghost, if he didn't. this kinda look like something sinister is about go down and she got the get missing word,

  5. My brother in law puffed on some laced green and has never been the same.. And is bipolar in addition to that..reminds me a lot of KW.. I hope he gets right..so talented and it helps when you have a good woman who supports your ups and downs..it also helps their legal case if they play it right. Ijs

  6. I don't understand why someone in his entourage won't get him some help. He needs help.

  7. Hazel-E was probably spying on him, or something like that! Black men are like piranha's in Hellywood!
    Black men need to be be careful, you got white gold diggers and negro bed wenches. Robin Givens was sent by her white daddy, to ruin Mike's career!
    After their divorce she married a Swedish man! He used her money (like more white men do, to black women!)

    • Bitch you're not a BW you're just another bitter pissy queen closeted living in his mama's house! Mike Tyson was a rapist as many men are.

  8. Let me guess a white man is responsible for Kat Williams behavior, so when will Kat take responsibility for his actions. If Kat is a drug addict he needs help as soon as possible.

    • BM in show biz, its never their own fault. The slave massa is after him. The police is chasing him. His boss is after him. GTFO take some f*cking responsibility instead of making excuses for bums.

  9. Katt smoking rocks again. Was asking hotel employees to get it for him when out in LA 2 weeks ago.

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