Keyshia Cole Seeks Revenge After Getting Dumped by Bow Wow!

keyshia cole bow wow

Keyshia Cole must be desperate as hell these days. How did she go from Daniel “Booby” Gibson to Birdman to Bow Wow? And she acts a complete donkey in each and every relationship!

Remember when she got arrested for assaulting Birdman’s sidepiece at his West L.A. condo? We didn’t think it could get any worse than that…but it just did!

Rumors of Keyshia and Bow Wow hookin’ up have been in the media for the past few weeks, but they both denied they were in a relationship. Well, come to find out, they were at least smashing at some point. Bow dropped Keysh’ and she couldn’t handle the rejection. But instead of keeping it classy and moving on, Keysh’ decided to seek revenge.

keyshia cole bow wow

Bow never said Keyshia’s name, but one of his boys put the songstress on blast! Not only did she throw cake on one of the crew’s Rolls Royce, she egged a Benz too!

Damn, this is some high school shit. Get your shit together, Keysh!


  1. Maybe she should channel that rage into a song. As a mother and woman she's embarrassing herself. Letting that D control her mind like a young whipper snapper. C'mon now Keysh'…u gotta do better.

  2. Daddy issue's momma issues sister issues man issues social media and public issues baby you just got to munch issues to be this childish.

  3. Ain't nobody checking for Moss like that, she is a paid beard just like Mena was.

  4. I was going to ask..Since when did LIL BOW WOW aka Chad Moss become hot sh^t? I'm confused! Chicks are egging & caking whips over that runt?

      • SHe is probably more pissed from being dumped from a guy like him and building up and even worse rep while not being able to maintain a man. Hoes with tatts cannot become wives. Since I am no celeb – i'd smash her! Ii'd stick around for a while!

  5. Damn Keysh. Bow wow though? Bitches got to learn from other bitches mistakes. Everybody seen how he did erica mena. Bitches keep f*cking these gay dudes hoping for relationships. Smh. Bow wow probably still in love with Omarion. Keyshia too old for this teenager love affair shit. I'm still I'm disbelief that she buggin over little bow wow. He's still the same size from back in the da . Lol?? it's like f*cking your friends kid brother, a no no. Lol

      • Went to his page and saw this

        shadmossThank you dr @jamila_sozahdah @dripdoctors for my IMMUNITY Drip to keep me energized and my immune system on point during my travels. #hospitalcomestome #whatsawaitingroom #idontgetsick #healthisimportant

        O_O! What in THEE hell is this? Never mind, I don't think I want to know.

        • Vitamin drips. Tina Turner, Keith Richards, a lot of stars go to health gurus and take infusions or drips (IV) to help their bodies deal with stress and all around messing up because they do too much.

          • Thanks Artistgirl, I figured as much but when he said "during my travels" my mind went straight to the gutter lol.

            I guess people were starting to catch on to the "star hospitalized for dehydration" excuse so they bring the IV drips to them. SMH


  6. Sad as hell she's acting like a child over 4'8 bow wow of all people. She needs to raise her kid and stay out spotlight for a while I thought she would be the sane one out of her family.

  7. Bow wow ain't nobody. Keychain Cole worth 10 million. Bow wow broke. He need her. Bow wow talk to Mich. He like 50 cents. He a broke snitch

  8. Comment:KEYSHIA IS A CRACKBAby, she don't even know who her real dad is she thinks her dad is white but that's not been proven, she fought over birdmans fag ass and got arrested now she busating windows like a pissed off hoodrat, well didn't he impregnate the crackbaby.

  9. He doesn't ping to me. Just because you're passed around and raped as a boy doesn't mean you're gay. I think he's in the same boat as Usher and Beiber.

  10. yall already know Bow Wow is gay! He is using Keyshia for relevance! She never egged his car and She never even had sex with him lol His ex-boyfriend WACKSTAR egged his car and then snitched on hisself via the internet LOL

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