Kanye Made Kim Have A Boy This Time

kim kardashian kanye west pregnant boy embryo baby
Kanye made sure it was a boy this time.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child with Kanye West and this time around the couple made damn sure they were having a boy.

The two already have a girl, North, and now Kanye wanted an “heir” to watch his throne.  Kim has been undergoing costly IVF treatments where they could select the sex of the baby.  Starting at around $17,000, the procedure takes frozen fertilized embryos and in a lab isolates the preferred sex and then transfers that into a uterus.

A source confirms that the two ensured they had a son, “She only had boy embryos implanted.”  It seems ‘Ye was the one who pushed for a son.

“Kanye and Kim are so excited to complete their family.  Kanye loves Nori more than anything, but to make his world complete, he wanted a little boy, an heir.”

Kim was more concerned about the health of the baby, but Kanye was adamant they have a boy this time.   Although she only recently announced her pregnancy, Kim is already well into her second trimester, so North’s baby brother isn’t far away.

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  1. They should be happy about having baby, it doesn’t matter about gender the baby is. People today are to ungrateful

    there are some Women out there who can’t have children, and they are fussing about the gender come on!!

  2. I doubt if Kanye owns Kim’s body and made her do anything–Kim AGREED TO and ALLOWED a male embryo to be implanted into HER BODY (if it’s even true). Having said that, I wish them happiness on the birth of their second child and pray for his safe arrival.

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