Kanye: Kim Made It Okay for Black Men to Date White Women

kanye west kim kardashian black men white women

Kanye West did an interview with The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and he went on one of his usual rants about how great his wife Kim Kardashian is.

In the interview, Kanye praises Kim for “breaking barriers.” According to Yeezy, black men and white women were discriminated against up until the time Kim became famous for shoving black peens in her mouth.

He also credits her for breaking down walls in the fashion industry by using her body. Apparently, before Kim, designers didn’t want to make clothing for women with curves.

Peep his comments starting at the 14 minute mark.


Somebody forgot to take their meds again.


  1. No, Kanye, white women only date black men for d*ck and money!
    Once the money is gone, and the d*ck gets limp, and floppy, they bounce on to a new d*ck!

    • Yeap. Those retiring pro players can tell you. White women will not age old with them.

    • Listen Woman Who Cares, Black men were found the most attractive in the 2011 research which saw black women like you (deservedly) at the bottom. Black women always come bottom on dating website data as the least desired as well. Stop putting white women on a pedestal by say BM need money to get them, they are only a problem to a sad black woman like you who can't compete.

      • Just like NOT all of you are low down, trifling, no educated, weed smoking, lazy baby daddies who have Frito balls – NOT every black woman fits your full-spectrum stereotypes. Stop being so proud of yourself for buying into OPPRESSOR'S labels of your people. smh. That is so pathetic. I have NEVER had a problem attracting men from all races – I have neanderthals at my job trying to get at me every single day!!! However, in universe, there is only ONE man, ONE king ONE God — The Upright Right-Minded so called Black Man!

      • Anonymous 15:50 YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

        She thinks she crackin on white women every day, but all she do is put white women on a whole other plane. She might as well come out and say she hates them because she cant compete. Makes me puke.

        • @ 04:53 No you igtard. You must be a neanderthal Bytch. Everything with you damn devils is about glorifying jealousy. #CosmicNeophytes. Johnny Come Latelies. So there is nothing you have have that I would ever want. Not your dead hair, not your macular degenerate eyes, not your sun reflecting defiled looking pig skin and certainly not your decendancy from Satan! Too bad the ignorant types of black males who have succumbed to the media programming do not see the truth in this. But one day they will and as usual – too late. Neandrethal females are not put in a new category by me stating the truth about them. Quite the contrary. Funny how you can see all of the evils that the white male does, but the white female has hypnotized most people with her Disney Façade. I hate the KKKreature that continues to perpetrate evils against my people. That's what an enemy is. You can put your head up your ass or in the sand, but I'm very well aware that we are at war. #BattleFieldEarth

  2. I don't even know these ppl in real life yet I really can't f*cking stand them and I don't get why the media is so obsessed with these wierdos. everyday they got news about the kartrashians and Kanye's dumb ass is gonna pay for associating himself with those witches.

  3. The only thing Kim and her family made a pass for is being attention whores and bring down black men

    • You can't bring down a sell out, DaRadiant1, they never got any Kings only chumps coons and sell outs. Notice Reggie Bush escaped? Coons Lamar Odom and Kanye stayed to get played cause deep down they were using the white witches to get white cock, there I said it.

  4. This ig-nant azz said white females were discrimated against? Lawd have mercy the P#$$y juice he's drinking must be laced with cocaine.

  5. He's a bit delusional. There will always be people who have problems with IR dating. People who don't like black men dating white women will not change their mind because of who Kim is dating. I've dated white women many times before and there are always people who talk smack. A lot of ignorant people out there and they won't ever go away.

    • You're a Bedwench just like Kanye. Don't ask us to march for your ass when the police shoot you down like a dog. Black males are the biggest bed wenches on the planet!! Got the nerve to be talking about y'all hate white man y'all hate Jews y'all just want to become them.

      • With 75% of black women raising children on (white mans) welfare, I for one know who is most frequently in an interacial relationship and pisses on their own race!

  6. no kim just made it ok for you to go to paris & f*cks men in they ass kanye. thats what she did & both his bitches were @ the met gala why didnt he have his boy on the right kim on the left and kanyeezy in the middle lol

    • LOL!!!! 100! That's what caveB#%%es are for these days, they clear the way as beards. Everyone know they turn black males out (and onto W males)… LOL

      • Nope, a correction the down low gay ass black male bedwenches get with white women to get closer to what they want and who they want to be: white men.

        • @12:39 Isn't that what a beard is – Cover for a phag???? a Phag-hag? c'mon now!!! But I'll tell you what… After reading a blind item on HSK and reading a comment from a Sista on another site, I'm beginning to come to this realization. That is where the Black woman envy is coming from with these types of black males. They actually think that being raped by the white man was something that gets priviledges instead of seeing the big picture. Someone left a comment on a different site that his college friend was driving a Range Rover and always loaded with money and expensive things and he found out that the guy was letting an old white dude pop him in the ass for the goodies!!! I am hearing more stories like this. And I remember when I first found out what cuckolding was and I saw the pictures on google – These white guys lure the black man in his home using the white female then take pictures up the brothas asses. When I saw that, I knew these white males REALLY wanted the black male. The WM and WF is in this together!!!!

          • Your narrative paint the black man as aweak victim I'm not buying your narrative. Black man want the white dick that's what it is the Kanye and Lamar want can't admit they don't want white women they want white cock come on now be for real.

  7. ThankGOD? I didn't torture myself listening to megamind or that douche Steve, where Kanye is concern, his facilities haven't been in order, since the passing of his beloved mother, so I don't pay any attention to him, that's what he's yearning for attention, he 'married' into it!

  8. Oh please. Every negroid in hollywood's been through Kim- they just hit and passed her like the blunt she is. Kim f*cks black men because white men will never claim her.

  9. Does Koonye know black men are still being lynched in the south for dating white women.

  10. Vogue named them the best dressed couple at the Met Ball.

    You black women are hilarious!

    • It doesn't take much to be the best dressed couple at the Met Ball. And for the record, KK looked like a 5 pound sausage stuffed in a 1 pound sack. That ass is too big and she is too short to wear half the shit she wears. Next!

      • How dare u insult Kim like that no you love her ass you wanna wipe it with Charmin

  11. Oh really? So progression to him is the world being ok with white women dating black men? This is how deep he is now. Meanwhile, blacks across the board are still bring discriminated against, receive the worst healthcare, and being slain. This nigga has gone all the way Hollywood. A whole woman can have his sorry ass.

    • POOR people have the worst insurance and are discriminated against. That's the real story.

      Its a class issue not a race issue. But the 1% want you to hate the whites and they sure as hell want the whites to hate you. Then you won't pay attention to the fact that they are f*cking the country with no vaseline.

  12. White not whole. Stupid page keeps refreshing and I'm racing against that. Lol.

  13. Whites took everything from blacks and for a white man to f*ck a black guy in the ass and be his bitch is unheard of some whites enjoy that stuff they get a married ww and the gay husband watch and eat the cum out if his wife p*ssy that Ty he black man skeeted in and I'm thinking f*ck cuckholding a trap

  14. Fuck Kim how many times kanye gonna say she got the worlds best p*ssy Kim invented racemixing congratulations she us the first white woman to suck a black dick Kim needs a damn Grammy and a lifetime achievement so next time I see a bm with a we I will praise kim all praise to Kim kardashians the whore if babylon

  15. We're they trying to go for the male female switch? In so confused and scared at the same time….smh

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