Joseline Hernandez Admits to Having a Fake Butt

joseline hernandez fake butt

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez has finally confirmed what we already suspected…she’s carrying around a big ol’ fake butt!

The reality t.v. star stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to talk about her relationship with Stevie J. (they’ve been separated for 6 months,) her threesome with Stevie and Mimi, and all the work she has had done on her body.

The 29-year-old confirms she got a boob job when she was 25, and had some extra work done on her azz.

Peep the 7:15 mark of the video:


  1. I bet Wendy didnt get disrespectul or nasty with the "puerto rican princess"
    Joseline would have got her azz, lol

  2. That is a male to female TRANS look at those big as shoulders some of yall are blind!! He got shoulders like a football player!

    • I thought that too but she is taking anabolic steroids to keep her muscle tone. She works out alot. She came to Florence two years ago. The hotel where my cousin use to work at, said that she was always in the weight room. Plus, she is on Xvideos. She is all female. She got pics of her when she was younger. She is a borned female.

      • Man where is the birth certificate ha ha!! some of you Negroes are so gullible so easy to play. That is a man who had the surgery on his kitty cat ask to see his birth certificate you won't cause it's a man but keep fooling yourself OK

      • Jose is a man So many black people are blind to transsexuals they accept any manly looking thing as a woman that dude looks like a lady he has shoulders like a linebacker that is a man put on your glasses black people wake up

  3. She's gorgeous. She keeps it 100 too. If you have money and you still look rough as hell whats the point? OAN, how does a fat transfer coincide with a fake butt? I thought "fake" was silicone?!

    • Because that’s not how her ass is shaped, you moron. It’s fake, because her ass would never be shaped that way without surgery. What kind of MORON are you?

  4. her teeth are gorgeous! If all else fails she could make a great model for a Colgate commercial

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