Prince’s Cocaine Habit Out of Control Years Before Death?

prince cocaine

According to TMZ, Prince’s cocaine habit was so out of control years before his death, someone at his home had to make an emergency call to the Carver County Sheriff’s Dept. for help.

The incident went down on June 20, 2011, when the caller said Prince had told her the year before that he “cannot control his habit.”

Sheriff’s personnel discussed the matter internally, and then they told the woman they couldn’t do anything about it since the information was a year old, and there wasn’t any proof the singer was in any immediate danger at that time of the phone call.

TMZ also found another emergency call from October 2013 of a 53-year-old man who was “dehydrated.” He was transported to a medical center. In Hollywood terms, “dehydrated” is usually the code word for something else…


  1. Yes I believe it just cause he's dead don't make him a saint were any of you here at the beginning of his career and know people who know him? I was and do. He was no saint, just a very talented genius and a prodigy.

  2. I call this story bullshyt!? I'd be quicker to believe the Boy George & Prince ' lovers ' story than this.

  3. What U putting in your nose?
    Is that where all your money goes
    The river of addiction flows
    U think it's hot, but there won't be no water
    When the fire blows
    Dig it

    I call bullshit P ain't mess with no drugs …

    • He did back in the day, but i think he changed
      When Vanity was with him, she was heavily on drugs she said
      I doubt she did them by herself

    • I remember seeing Prince bowing down, at an music award show, when the founder of addicts rehabilitation center was receiving an award
      I get it now
      true story

    • I have been trying to remember the award show, but i cant find it on youtube
      Prince kept bowing down to him over and over

  4. I don't know if I believe this or not. I loved Prince and I don't put anything past anybody but I'm more likely to believe that he died from prescription drugs and/or HIV…I think a cocaine addiction would have caught up with him sooner.

  5. OMG yes if tmz is saying it have to be true come on and stop trying to kill this man name you murder him we know .

  6. This site like 'll other urban sites are owned and ran by the elite. Jacky don't run this anymore. Disinformation is the agenda on here now. Stop being sheep people!

  7. The very last time I remember Prince was high as a kite when he and Mayté lost their son. The twin nannies was the ones made sure he got his shit together. He beggined for days because of his son's death.

  8. I think it's disgusting awaiting until someone is dead to talk about their bad habits.. Why didn't someone say it while he was alive??? I don't think it's anyone's business what he did. Let the man RIP he was a private person when he was alive and I'll remember him that way.. It sells magazines, and papers to dish the dirt on him now.. GTFOOH

    • And that is her career has stalled and Prince punched the shit outta her too.

      • Well that is terrible if he punched the shyt out of a woman
        That is nothing to be proud about

      • She's been certified as crazy for years and she has papers to prove she's crazy..

        • THANK YOU!!! Thats what I been saying in the other thread. Everyone here thinks if a white person says something and people call them crazy, then they MUST be telling the truth/ She is out of her damn mind and has been for 20 years

          • IKR this is the worse site to use.. It refreshes too damn much.. That bitch been crazy and no one should believe anything she has to say.. She needs to worry about her own welfare.. She has many mental issues and then mix drugs with that, it's a very bad combination.

  9. People, part of having fame and fortune is being subject to all sorts of gossip and conversation before and after death. It just goes with the territory and the celebrities know and accept that fact.

  10. Fuck that dyke if arsenio spiked her she should have said something years ago now everybody wanna say prince did drugs I mean who can she call a bitch and she just as crazy and perverted f*ck her and her crazy bipolar ass going round dissing the pope

    • IKR it's really sad and disgusting to hear all of this BS now that Prince is dead.. Let the man RIP, if don't have anything nice to say STFU

    • Cut bashing Sinead out. Most of the shyt she have spit in the past was truth
      People r so phucking racist, smh

      • Not so in this case Sally. She has been in and out of insane asylums for many years. She really is crazy like Chris said.

      • She's crazy and everyone know she has mental health issues.. I'm white myself and I'm not racist.. My son married a beautiful, intelligent, black women, that I love as my DIL…
        I'm not from America but I became an American decades ago.. Everyone knows Sinead is a mental health patient..

    • Crazy chick !
      Lot of dirt to dig up. Times were a lot different then .
      Cocaine everywhere, hollywood was less booze and significantly more powder.
      Many stars died.
      Why 25 years later is she saying something about Arsenio Hall?

  11. Comment:Not buying the lies of any of these media forums , someone really wants us to believe these untruths. Since he has died there has been over 6 stories/lies told. There seems to be one big cover up. This is Satan's system , he controls politics, education, entertainment, media,etc. all things that reaches the masses. Wake up ! We can't trust it.

    • Stav here's the real story: everyone inside knows exactly what happened.
      The reaon all the different stories ar being floated by the media is that the family is doing everything they can to stop the AIDS story. THEY are the ones who want it to be sold as an OD. They know that will not hurt his legacy just like it didnt hurt Jimi's. But the fact that he was bi and had AIDS will hut his legacy/ TRUTH

      • I apologize for the sloppy post @ 21:06, but I was rushing to beat the refresh.

        The media gets blamed for a lot, but this time it is Price's fam and attorneys who are making payoffs and using their clout to hide the real underlying story. YES, he was an addict who ODed, but he also was a very sick man who was dying.

  12. @ Anonymous, is it possible Vanity' death and Princes death are related? Of course we know what was mentioned as the cause of death for Vanity, but that also is probably not full disclosure.

  13. This is about some bullshit. When this was reported on the news the woman in question who called 911 a year later made the call from GERMANY. How the hell do you make a 911 call to local Minneapolis police from Germany?

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