Kanye Fires Security for Talking to Kim at Met Gala

Kanye fired seurity met gala

Kanye allegedly “flew into a fit of rage” after he caught security guard, Steve Stanulis, talking to Kim Kardashian outside of their hotel room just hours before the Met Gala.

Steve delivered Kim a package that was left for her at the hotel’s front desk. When Yeezy saw him hand over the package, he allegedly screamed, “This isn’t right!”

Steve was then fired, and apparently, this isn’t the first time Kanye has felt threatened by him.

A few months ago, Yeezy once again caught Steve talking to Kim, and the two men almost came to blows. Kim has dated one of her security guards in the past, so can you blame Kanye for feeling insecure?

He must be finally realizing he can’t turn his ho into a housewife.


  1. You know what sad you can take prince away but keep this sick as dude around that is not right and why the hell he have blue eyes off this Whole family stop killing the ones that matter to us.

    • Cause the c00ns are the ones who are rewarded with money, fame and acknowledgement for a job well done spreading their dysfunction to the rest of our community.

  2. This is bullshit that queen don't give a shit for his white witch Nobody was talking about him and blue contact lenses? So many black man are sell outs these days.

    • Umm, you do understand that it was part of a "costume" don't ya? It wasn't a political statement.

      • You're an idiot idiots like you always defend Coons he's a man no man is going around with blue contact lenses like a sissy unless he's a sissy keep dick riding.

    • Definitely somebody in that crew is going to come dead soon. Im not for sure who but I think you're more right than not.

  3. If you think he isn't 100% obsessed with Kimmy you all don't get it at all. He views her as the ultimate rich man's toy. He bought her and he owns her. He adores her, just not sexually.

    • Closeted homosexual man using her as a beard this isn'tcomplex math. You sound like a silly baby mama they dick ride for Kanye and his white trash he obviously is not in love with her and she is not in love with him but you Mammys keep the narrative going which shows you don't have your own damn man.

  4. Kanye probably wanted the bodyguard as his side piece when away from Riccardo, couldn't get his way so fired him.

    • If Kanye was a clone, he wouldn't be embarrassing the family as much as he does.

      You guys and your clone theories are as dumb as your sacrifice theories.

  5. Damn, black men are stupid when it comes to crinkly wrinkly white women, their nothing special!
    Kanye is damn fool, once Kim drops-kicks his ass, then he will know what time it is, stop fussing over this dried up white women!

    • Kanye isn't a fool he is an opportunist. But he is stupid because if he dies the white whores get all the legacy money them and the two mixed trick babies no black person will get a dime when Kanye dies.

      White hoes winning they know how to get a coons money

      • Erm don't they have any money of their own? Bringing innocent babies into it is below the belt too smh.

      • u call his type correct. a gotdamn coon. a foolish one for white becky at that.

  6. I forgot to ask…what the hell is he wearing? Isn't that picture of them at the Met Gala which is a black tie event? Kanye looks like the lone sissy in the room starving for attention.
    Is his jacket supposed to be matching her dress? It's all just one hideous mess!

    • You stupid dopes don't understand that this is a COSTUME Gala, it is NOT a black tie event.

      He was giving his interpretation of a sci fi character who was a human/robot mix and the blue contacts were part of the costume.

      But of course everyone here thinks that blue contacts make him a coon.

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