Sinead O’Connor: Arsenio Hall Was Prince’s Drug Dealer

arsenio hall prince sinead oconnor drugs

Sinead O’Connor unloaded a very serious claim against Arsenio Hall in a social media post. The singer claims Arsenio was Prince’s longtime drug dealer, and she has alerted the authorities to investigate him!

She also accuses Arsenio of spiking her drink years ago at Eddie Murphy’s house…

sinead oconnor arsenio hall prince drugs

What do you think, has Sinead lost her mind or do you think there’s some truth behind these allegations?


  1. Whoa! That is serious! Hope she got receipts to backup her claim if not, that's her ass!

    • It's her azz. Arsenio just filed a $5 million lawsuit against this bat shit crazy ho.

  2. Welp! The usual pattern after a famous afro-american pop super star dies, as follows….

    1) Find a suspect, well known with ties to pop star (preferably black) to pin death on… CHECK
    2) Make sure suspect is irrelevant at time of pop star's death…. CHECK
    3) Find well known, irrelevant person (preferably white and/or female) to claim past events of foul play on suspect (validation)… CHECK
    4) Innocent suspect goes to long drawn out trial, gets convicted, while every media outlet and record label that has any shares to pop star, banks millions… PENDING

    This is just what I've noticed. Its a shame!!
    Peak Mills @

    • the paranoia it's ridiculous. So many of you black males are so egotistical Black man are already conquered they don't have to do much to take you down

    • Where are all you nuts who said prince was killed now the elevator tape is out there? Paranoid freaks

  3. lol at Eddie Murphy's bitch though. Eddie dropped that zero years ago and started taking care of Jonny Gill years ago- hence the reason why Eddie didn't wanna appear on Arsenio's rebooted lame and now-canceled, second time around talk show. so Ms. Arsenio is Eddie's ex-bitch.

    • Yep, but I've also wonder why was Prince and 3rd Eye Girl was Arsenio's backing band?

  4. I find that this is all odd and now want to be brought into light after he is dead you guys are now picking people to blame come on now.

  5. When Beckies ATTACK!!! LOL…. omg… Why am I having flashbacks of Celie sitting in the rocking chair laughing her ass off at poetic justice. Yall keep messing with them. The vipers will soon bit in droves.

  6. These black man getting a reality check Becky don't love your coon asses! No I'm not defending Prince on this one he messed with too many white women for me to do that.

  7. AKA Prince &!Eddie Murphy's bitch … muahahhahaa ?????why am I crying @ this line

  8. Yall, white folks know that Sinead O'Connor is crazier than a shithouse rat. No one is taking her seriously about this.

    • They always say people who tell the truth r crazy and all people who lie is sane
      That is y this world is phucked up

      • She's attempted suicide three times, she had her children taken away, she declared she was a lesbian and changed her mind TWICE about that, she became a Catholic nun and then tore up the Popes picture on TV….does that sound sane to you?

  9. Fuck that fag sinead o Connor why talk about it now she know prince would have beat hervass like it was 1986 again if arsenio spiked the sherm she should have said something years ago

  10. For whatever reason Ms Reg has gotten extra quiet about Prince I'm guessing because of various experiences and being a fan of his for a little over 30 years she said. She sent this MJ song out on a Bose webinar with a sort of cryptic message. I've never heard this song before and apparently a lot of other people hadn't heard it either because it caused a massive response. Hope she's won't be mad but I don't get why she didn't post it here first. I won't post her comment but the point will be made all by itself when you hear the song. It just fits right into what's going on and what most of us have been talking about. The rhythm is cool but just listen to MJ's lyrics.

  11. Black men, please think before you put you 0 inch dick, into a crinkly mayo. Sinead is typical white women, who says things after a person has died, She could of said this years ago, but this crinkly bish, is only saying it now, because Prince is gone!

    Eddie Griffin was right, he black men won't leave the industry CLEAN!!

    Micheal Jackson- exposed the music industry/ got framed for sexual assault
    Prince- exposed the music industry/ now know as a coke head
    Oj- married a gold digging white woman/ then ………
    Ray Rice- beat up is girlfriend
    Bill Cosby- wanted to buy a network/ knowns as a panty chaser

    • Certain people are forever trying to pick apart your comments and label you as "angry" but I just don't see it. ^^^^Every word of what you said here ^^^^ and so many of your other commentary is just purely on point. It ain't about being angry. You stated the damn truth and thank you for doing so.

  12. She is angry. And a race baiter. And starts gender shit. All for hits. Not to mention her lame sock puppet attempts. She dumbs this site down daily. It's sad actually.

    • Ever since she came here as Chocolatey Brown, Lovable Fruits and 30 other names she has been the biggest embarrassment of this site. She dogs WW and BW daily, and that's what the women who post here love to read.

      I cannot stand her, and I'm ashamed to have anything in common with her.

      • And she's probably a nice person if she would just be herself. And only ONE of herself.

  13. Fuck sinead tgat pic she look like a Nazi in drag prince wrote her biggest hit love how whites talk trash about black artists but these whites have Black's write their music and produce their music all these white artists had black support

  14. Wowzers? after Prince wrote that dyke bitch a hit song, this is the thanks he gets, I'm glad Arensio is suing that bitch, I hope he wins every damn dime, he's asking for!

  15. I'm sure a lot of the other non black women he helped and made rich were equally as ungrateful, they probably were just paid off to keep quiet. Look at some of the gifts they were given , even short term wives…..just saying.

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