Jay Z & Beyonce Leave Kanye To Kick K.K.K. Rocks!


The Case Of One Too Many K’s In One Klan?

Kanye has made his bed with the K-Klan… and word is the Carters have left him to lie in it! “Jay Z and Beyonce have cut all contact with Kanye,” reveals an insider. “They are fed up with being associated with the Kardashian brand.” But losing his Carter-connection could be the least of Kayne’s worries. Just ask Jigga, who’s revealed to have warned Ye NOT to put a ring on it.

“Jay made it clear to Kanye… that it will end in disaster for his career.”

Kimye apparently didn’t get the Carters’ message when Jay and Bey pulled a no-show their wedding in Paris. Because, even after two-years of the pair’s said persistence to “get in” with the ‘On The Run’ couple, Kimye are being painted as Carter-stalkers!

“They have even been spending more time at their New York apartment, just two blocks away from Jay and Beyonce’s home there, in a bid to get North to Bond with Blue Ivy.”

Here’s the latest:

“When the rappers were on tour, Beyonce was forced to sit with Kim at shows and hang with her after, and she put up with it through gritted teeth.

Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama. They refuse to let Blue Ivy have a play-date with North West.”



  1. They won’t let Blue Ivy play with North West because North is soooo much prettier than Blue. Kim don’t sweat them, there no what they seem to be…lol so be easy..

    • You sound like a damn fool! Both babies are beautiful and are innocence in this foolishness! Have a seat!

    • I respectfully dissagree. Both girls are cute. In my opinion Blue is prettier but her horses ass of a mother won’t groom her properly. Still I think between the two, Blue wins….not that it s a competition between the babies. But you can tell there is some serious one up man ship where those kids are concerned. Beyonce needs to have several seats if she thinks she’s bit as big a hoe as Kim , cuz honey we done heeeeeeard all about it !

      • Without bringing up being mixed/skin tones… North is a cute baby. Both are, but North makes you go”how cute you have your dad’s jaw” Ivy so cute, and has mom’s….. this sounds like jealousy by Carter’s. Fake planted story, we know Kim was preggers and I think Beyonce hates that ppl guess on hers.

      • Blue is not pretty at all… She looks like her aunt Solange and has that awful nappy hair to boot. Nori has delicate features and her mom’s eyes. As for the jigga and bey thinking they’re all that…just remember that oh so ghetto moment in the elevator. No class either of them!

          • Thank you. @Liz is trash trying to talk about that babies hair. At least her mom’s come up was from singing and not getting pissed on by RayJ

            • Neither baby is attractive. Sorry.
              Not cute kids.

              One got a mama with a $1,000,000 weave and can’t manage to run a comb through babies hair.

              The other mama is just nasty.

          • Nappy, nappy, nappy…there, I said it. Has nothing to do with racism.. Just stating the obvious. The kid loojs like her aunt and like Jigga, which we all know is not easy on the eyes. Bey does not help the situation by not grooming her baby.

    • @yoli you are an ignorant excuse for an adult (if that’s what you truly are). Your probably on Kum’s nutsack bc you are a vapid whore just like her. Keep the babies out of it dumb bitch

    • I love both ladies, I think these stories are so mad up,Kim looks content in her own spot light and if u truly care fpr someone and consider them your family who they choose to spend their life with shouldnt matter.

  2. Jay-Z & Beyonce need to take a page outta Kimye “How to be an Illuminati Puppet Handbook”…Kanye & Kim are all about the sacrifice, all about the Lucifer lifestyle, Jay-Z & B are a close second but they havent given blood in a while…Kim & Kanye get more publicity than Jay & Bey & in a few months they may have totally taken their spot..U know Beyonce can’t handle no competition, even if its coming from a porn star sex slave….Kim already promised her daughter to Illuminati & Beyonce didnt even carry hers…Kim is willing to give ANYTHING & thats why Illuminati loves her soo much…Step ur puppet game up Beyonce…

    • That’s funny. I’ve said for a while that Kim is after Beyonces spot. That’s why she keeps dabbling in blond weaves. I think if the Carter marriage crumbles , Kris Jenner will position her prose Hans puppets at the new (sh) IT couple

    • You can’t even call Kim Kartrashian a porn star. She’s just a slut that was ran through by every man in Hollywood and abroad. She is a nasty trick and they should cover Northwest’s face so she isn’t associated with a whore like her mother. Pure trash!

    • You are the best commenter. Kanye and Kim are def the new IT couple which is why BeyJay are “On The Run”…

      • Thanks Ay. Now, they are the new it couple for what? The new it couple will show new couples with children what?

        • Trying to understand their relevance. I really think people take all four of them too seriously, including the children. They sang and dance,and that is all we should allow for them to contribute in our lives, if that.

        • The reason we are even talking about them. That’s what make them “IT”. That’s why bey and Jay are currently doing the most, all for attention.

    • Or we could be super productive like you and spend all day reading comments and then pontificating on it like you are so much better than everyone else, lol

      • thanks for the compliment. I didn’t think anyone noticed….. but then again it takes one to know one lol

  3. Both kids are cute,but to be honest North is cutter, I think that Jay Z camel face just came out more on Blue, maybe when she gets older she’ll prob start to look more like her mama, but Kim and Kanye have a much more cutter baby, just saying….

    • I don’t see it. North just looks sort of wrinkle faced and depressed. Maybe if she looked more like her mamas old face. Cuz Kim used to look happy and it gave her some glow. Kanye ain’t ugly but he ain’t cute either. Unfortunately she looks just like him. Blue look like jayze but somehow that just worked out betterfor her. But both r cute. I hope they get on some Thelma and Louise shit and support each other against their weird ass parents. Can you imagine those two tearing it up as hollyweird teenagers

      • Neither look to be the typical “happy” baby, but if I had to choose Blue looks a tad more happier than poor lil North! Maybe it’s the name she’s not happy with, or the fact her “mother” doesn’t seem hands on.

        • Lol…right because people never compare baby girls looks to their parents or other babies. Commenting on babies is a brand new trend started right here on HSK. We are innovative as fawk around here, thank you for noticing, biiiiiiiiiiiitch

      • LMAO! For some reason the thought of both of them being teenagers and getting into shit made me laugh loud as f*ck!

        Wonder why no black celebrities have any male kids? The baby eaters hate on males even at that age too? lol

        • @Anonymous 19:00–Is this a joke or a(nother) bad Trolling attempt? There are a ton of black celebs with sons.

    • Car crash of a thread… Just goes to show that society has just about got it right with the most insecure and ignorant at the bottom… Me included for being here and caring enough to comment!!!!!

  4. These kid’s will be in competition soon enough with two narcissists mothers at the helm.

  5. Jay and Bey they need to take a chill pill it not like they’re really God’s every body needs a piece of them, Their ego it’s has becoming disgusting as for Jay cutting the friendship with Yezz because of the bey’s pride its just stupid Kanye really does like them that why now they’re taking advantage trying to control him.

  6. Now if you bloggers will just follow suit and stop talking about these two clowns it would be a good deal.

  7. No Beyonce supporter here, but just cause the men were friends, doesn’t automatically insure the women HAVE to be friends! There’s just certain people you may not want to associate with!

  8. Do people stop and think this haves nothing to do with the kids. Would you want to hang around someone that is trying to be like you look like you not just Kim but Kanye wants to be like jay a and any body that be around them something always happen a so they have a right who they want in there life and trust me that is very smart to keep away from all of them.

  9. Damn people talkin bout the kids, that’s crazy anyways it has less to do with if Jay and beyonce think that they are better than kanye and Kim, and it has more to do with how Kim is kind of forcing herself on beyonce to be friends and I understand she don’t want to hurt her brand I get it.

  10. Some of yall talking about which kid is uglier than the other should probably be spending more time with your own kids. I am sure some babies are being neglected right now.

  11. People r mean but I bet if the people talkin bout how people kids is ugly prolly look like jabba da hud in real life smmfh

  12. Both kids will have more money than the majority of people out here…So in society eyes they both are pretty.

    • Nah. In this society women have to be pretty. Money doesn’t mean a thing. See Bruce Willis’ daughters, Bobbi Kris, Alexa ray Joel etc etc.

  13. Damn Damn Damn!! Knew This Shyt Was About To Happen Koonye Is Fool He Should Of Listen To Camel Toe…As For Kim The “Black Men’s Whore”
    She Only Got With Kanye Just To Be Friends With Beyawnce And Joe Camel Probably Advised By Her Pimp Mama Turkey Neck Kris Jenner

  14. Car crash of a thread… Just goes to show that society has just about got it right with the most insecure and ignorant at the bottom… Me included for being here and caring enough to comment!!!!!

  15. This is a planted story, probably by Bey’s people. But since were comparing babies, Blue and North are both average looking which isn’t a surprise considering who their fathers are. When they get older, when their hair grows out and they lose their baby fat, North will probably be the “cute” one and Blue will be the “smart” one.

  16. ‘Planted story’… lol… that comment alone just about sums up why some people ….. ahhh nevamind.

    • Say it troll. This was in OK mag which means their publicists supplied this “tale”. Just blog fodder.

      • Name calling the last line of defence imbeciles such as yourself resort to when you have lost the argument…..

        you said the story was planted (please refer to where i stated that it wasn’t) …. why provide your non-thought provoking detailed analysis comparing the two kids… How about you post a pic of your father to prove your point. maybe you could do with the same kinda pointless feedback you’ve given…..

        • The story was planted because Bey wants us to talk about her and her baby. I just did what she wanted. Why are you upset? What would posting my pic prove?

          • She mad because you “de-fenced”. Now just about anybody can siddle up to the windows of her roach motel and watch her frantically re enacting the Single Ladies video,bwahahaha

            • @ Ay…. Ask your self this (then read the answer that follows)

              ‘How do I (Ay) know BK wants me to talk about her and the baby?’

              Of course you did what to quote you ‘she wanted’ and commented because you’re a victim of BK (Beyonce Knowles) Mind control.

              I appreciate you can’t help yourself, that’s why Im not going in hard on you……

              the shiftless anonymous troll @22:45 who followed up with their pretty lame attempt at a joke is not even worth responding too.

              Posting the pic of your father would go someway to (not) proving your own silly point!

              i’m not here defending Beyonce Knowles she could care less what troll sites say about her…. However morons like you, who hang on BK’s every word, every action, should be ‘helped’.


            • “i’m not here defending Beyonce Knowles she could care less what troll sites say about her”

              BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is why I called you a troll. SHE made sure this post would be created you idiot!!!!!

  17. womnder what jay and bey is on the run from what.

    what are they running from.

    guess jiggas running from solange.

  18. You are very mean. It isnt nice to talk about people that way. What would your mother think of your lauguage. Werent we all taught to love our neighbor as ourselves? What would Jesus do if he saw you trying to remove the saw dust out of your brothers eye? We should be uplifting Beyonce for her contributions to the club and Jay z for his contributions to camel rights in America. Thank you for your time and shame on you all.

    • lol……anonymous bible bashers!!!!!!! the scourge of educational blog sites such as HSK…

      • Umm….he/she wasn’t bible bashing, they were bible thumping. Glad you found this site. You need your education upgraded.

        • @anonymous 19:35…… stop playing yourself fool



          ‘a person who expounds or follows the teachings of the Bible in an aggressively evangelical way.’

          lol…. this site found me…. so speak for yourself…. lol


          • Urban dictionary isn’t standard English, you fool. And this is an American site. Here bashing someone/ something is to put them down…like gay bashing.
            Now on to the good stuff….this site found you? How, troll? Explain that since you are so educated and forthcoming n shit

            • You’re an imbecile…. Is that english enough for you?? …… This is an ‘urban’ blog, featuring ‘urban’ news as discussed…. And your asking me justify the use of a particular phrase on a site where a majority of people write in slang….or no let me correct that……ebonics??? lol

              Instead of trying to define people you have no clue about,

              Get the f*** out of here…..

            • Lol…go f*ck yourself. Gay bashing/bible bashing….bible thumping/..price thumping. Stupid stupid f*cker. Yes its an Urban blog….written supposedly by a(north American). Take your troll ass back over the pond to your little island and pickle in your own juices eejit. Nobody asked you to justify shot, you just use really corny foreign slang is all. Now here’s some standard English even your dumb ass can co.orehend: Fuck off. Got it? Lol, loser

            • Lol…go f*ck yourself. Gay bashing/bible bashing….bible thumping/..price thumping. Stupid stupid f*cker. Yes its an Urban blog….written supposedly by a(north American). Take your troll ass back over the pond to your little island and pickle in your own juices eejit. Nobody asked you to justify shot, you just use really corny foreign slang is all. Now here’s some standard English even your dumb ass can comprehend: Fuck off. Got it? Lol, loser

            • hahahahaha….. Imagine this muppet banging the keys typing that rant…..

              Name calling with generalisations the last line of defence imbeciles such as yourself resort to when you have lost the argument…..

              Sucker you participate in a TROLL site ……normally the domain of experts like yourself in verbal masturbation……. enjoy stoking your dick….

              eejit??? WTF!!! is this fool irish lol

              You win lol

              I’m out….

  19. Kanye created this drama for selfish reasons. Every rapper and athlete has to have a woman of the night. Hell, even Montel Williams married a stripper. All for the hype and adulation, the bar has been lowered for blackmen in entertainment. Bey ain’t wrong for hating Kim, any sane female would.

      • @THEE1


        • That whore is on too many pain pills when is that story going to break? She so cut up and poked with needles. Kanye and his beard are ridiculous. He’s a sell out sambo Kanye West hates Black people.

  20. Ye can’t afford to fix his home so he can move in. He owes Jay millions that he loaned because he wasted his own money trying to become a fashion designer. His women are his dolls he gets to play dress up in those hideous dresses. Im certain Ricardo died laughing at Kim when she finally got to go to the Met and he puts her in the tackiest gown ever created they are the laughing stock of real designers. Why would Bey ever let that skank in her circle… he know jay ducked kim before… the only idiot that dont know is kanye.

    • it’s clear you need something to fulfil your worthless life…. however exposing your paedophilic desires on blog sites…. is not the best way to do it……

      • Don’t worry. Pedophilia is illegal and the comment that worthless POS made can be traced right back to his isp address. So its all good

  21. Matthew Knowels hit with 2nd paternity test, news breaks today from HSK and Buzzfeed

  22. I thought the Carters no show at the wedding was due to Dames ex wife being invited?

    • No, its because Kim and Kris sell celeb secrets and false rumors to the press in exchange for publicity and cash. Think about it…

      • The Carters sell secrets and false stories too. Anyway, Beyonce invited Kris to her moms birthday party in NO so they weren’t that concerned with the stories. That no show was all because of Rachel Roy.

  23. Lol….this whole thread is just riddled with attempts to distract and change the subject. Am I the only one noticing this? Sigh…..I miss the old vibe here at HSK. Once publicists start trolling it changes the mood.

  24. Kim is a.desperats girl shell do anything for fame she is not ptetty anymore.after she f*ckef her face up an that booty looks deformed luke a diaper is fulled with shit kanye done f*cked up wit that hoe pitiful

  25. We All Know Kanye Wants To Be Like Jay And Kim Wants To Be Like Bey….Is No Secret

    Kanye Wants Kim To Be The Next Beyonce…Have You Noticed Kim Is Now Wearing Blonde Hair!!…….Jay And Bey Is Hanging Out With Justin Timberland and His Wife
    Kanye Must Be Pissed…Ever Kanye Started Dating Kim His Music Is Getting Sloppy


  27. Kanye goin to get everything he deserves.he scraficed his own mom who does that fame starved thirsty nigga kim an co. Goin to take that dumb nigga for everything kanye epic fail sad an pitiful kanye has ofgically left the building


  29. Ever think about why JAY Z and BEY don’t want to be friends with KIM?we are not part of that world we are merely looking through a picture of what they really want us to see and know.MAYBE THEY KNOW REALLY KNOW WHAT THE KARDASHIAN WITCHES DO.J WARNED KOO KOO KANYE. But it was too late so they distance themselves LBVVS

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