Nas’ Newest Gold Digger Exposed: “Charlie is a well known escort…”

Nas' New Hoe

HSK Exclusive – You can take Nas off NYC’s Hunts Point track, but you can’t seem to take Mr. Jones off them heaux.

According to our tipster… Nas’ new girlfriend, Charlie “is more like a basic THOT.” And she’s said to be no stranger to the industry. Just ask Irv Gotti.


“She has been making her rounds for years around the Tri-State area with rappers, trap stars and athletes.”

Now ya’ll already know keeping up with them hoes has cost Mr. Jones a fortune. So isn’t it ironic that some are comparing Kelis’ looks to the likes of the latest beauty looking to bank?

Dig the drop:

“Charlie’s a well known Escort/Stripper from New Jersey.

I love Nas as a rapper but he is a lame when it comes to picking the ladies.”



  1. lol….. Most men pick their partners with their dicks. and with those hips it’s a no brainer…. Nas go for it…. trolls will have something stupid to say whatever woman you meet, smash or wife.

  2. Awww….say it ain’t so….I loved him before he closed the gap. He did have poor judgment when it came to women. Stop being color struck nas…I’m a darkie lol

  3. Girlfriend? Yeah right. As we all know sometimes people are just fkn.
    Slow news day.

  4. She look good, but, Nas is falling back into the juvenile stage like many brothas in hip-hop. Smart, refined women scare these dudes, Don’t Know Why?

    • Hey Tyrone at least she’s black so you don’t have to go off on one of your preaching rants.

      • @Anonymous

        Nas is not a gangsta rapper, he’s held to a higher standard than most. Her being black, she supposed to be. Sistas are beautiful, no reason to forsake them. You call it rant, i call it the truth. A lot of jacked up blackmen on this planet, and you wanna f**k with me. Go to Chicago, and ask them how it feels to be hunted by self-hating blackmen???

    • What are you talking about now? ‘Smart refined women’ won’t go nowhere near a rapper…… Next thing you’ll be saying is that ‘Smart refined women’ can’t find any good black men…..

      • As long as some among us act like chickens, Ty is gonna pluck their feathers until they get right. We gotta police ourselves, nobody else is gonna do it. In all honesty, the stupidity is sickening to me. So, run tell that to the pigeons that sit on your head and buss it wide open in your mouth. Not in the mood for your childlike sensitivity, ish is hectic right now, ain’t s**t funny!!!

        • It is the fault of stupid celebrity worshiping ppl. Take them off the pedestal and you’ll see they just regular folk with poor social skills and decision making ability.

  5. Well never let looks trump character then complain when things go rancid & u get used, played. Its what you want

  6. Not the water drinking part if it, but for the rest of it….yeah, pretty much…

  7. Well Nas has been around, she has been around, shit we all have a past. Maybe there is truly a meeting of the minds with these two. So so glad she is female.

  8. Nas been slipping since godson. The N was a
    Great album but he is as relivant
    As mc hammer. When people talk more
    About your personal life than your
    Music you suck. Thank god for reality shows
    They are the new Koch records.
    Nas has become the character jayz described
    In the takeover and super ugly.
    A simp sucker for love and a world class trick
    Jay on tour with Beyoncé and nas got
    50 Gz a month child support and a tricking fetish

  9. She’s very very attractive. That’s pretty much all it takes. And like someone said, at least he’s with a woman.

  10. Aside from Kelis and Mary J, he does pull attractive women like joe budden. Nas loves those hoodrats for some reason

  11. This piece is typical black male patriarchal mysogyny. When do black men realize that are Thots and Hoes and not just the women you sleep with. Whoever wrote this still doesn’t understanding that black male hoes look dumb. You dominate in sports and music but control nothing. But you can party and phuck around with random women like you’re boss. No, you’re a hoe for Mr. Charlie with out of control dummies. Smh

    • ‘This piece is typical black male patriarchal mysogyny.’

      Right there….!!

    • Agreed. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill highlights the fact that there is a major lack of self-discipline/control among our people (unfortunately). If we only learned to harness the energy (sexual) and use it toward something more productive we would be even greater as a race.

  12. Nas the undercover pillow biter, that old heads will say and do anything to defend. Kelis already told y’all and you still won’t listen lol.
    Nas is still one of the most overrated rappers of all time in my opinion. Just like Em,Jay-Z,Lil Wayne and the list goes on.

  13. @ WTF, you are an idiot. If you don’t know for sure then don’t speak on it. Im pretty sure that you had someone say or assume shit about you that was wrong.

  14. I wonder how is still making money. He hasn’t had an Album or a hit since forever. He probably is a pillow biter like the rest of them. Maybe that’s how he’s still somewhat relevant. And yes I thinks he’s overrated but heck of a story teller.

  15. nas and kelis were both cheaters.

    nas could have gotten a better whitegirl than azmy winehouse smoking rock ass though.

    but hey whatever turns nas on.

  16. First off, she’s from Philly, not New Jersey.. second of all she is not an escort at all, third.. why is a man concerned about who the next man f*cking? Your tipster acts like he wants to f*ck Nas. He happy, thats all that matters. Diary of a Hollywood street king is a joke of a site. Just making up shit about ppl.smh

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