Ginuwine Checked By Wife Over Stripper Portrayal Of Their Daughter!


“Been trying to keep silent but he needs help…” ~Sole’

Ginuwine just got checked by his mate! Know why? Homey crossed the line when he posted a pic of his daughter and portrayed the teen as a stripper keeping that nighttime hustle on the low. Just ask G’s wife, Sole’ who called G out for being “impaired” at the time of the post… stating the singer “needs help.”


He first captioned the image: “My daughter just came in. Should I be worried?” He then changed the caption to, “Man I gotta stay home more. This is getting catastrophic.”

Here’s what Sole’ had to say:

“That was NOT my daughters money that @Ginuwine posted.. It was HIS & his sick idea of a joke..Been trying to keep silent but he needs help. I’ve remained silent but my child will not be publicly humiliated by a sick joke by some1 whos judgement is impaired.”

Peep Ginuwine’s response to the backlash he caught from critics…



  1. sounds like he had a SICK thang for the daughter UUGGHH & it’s now out in the open! That’s the one that’s not by him uugghh just NASTY!

    • To me it sound like some bobby womack shit, when he slept w his stepdaughter at the age of 14. The mother needs to keep an eye on this nigga, and her baby. Just sayin…

  2. A damn idiot there is nothing cute about portraying your own daughter as a whore!

  3. they have some children 2gether but I think this isn’t one if his which makes it REALLY boo stank cause now we get the real inside look of how he really thinks of her 🙁

  4. Anything to keep a fading light from being extinguished. These 90’s acts are just the worse. Thanks to social media and reality shows,I have lost a lot of respect for many of them. Sole was in on it.

  5. Sole’s two older daughters are by the r&b singer Sam Salter who was once signed by Laface. Sam had a feud with Ginuwine and made a diss song going at him called “Once My Shh”.

    • I had to Google Sam Salter. He has a beautiful voice and is a cutie. Imo, he is much more talented than Ginuwine.I wonder what is he up to now and why is he no longer recording?

  6. Sam Salter had some good hits songs back in the day. The one that comes to mind is “After 12, Before 6”.

  7. Well, I don’t think Ginuwine meant any harm even though it was sick joke. Sole was right for getting in the azz though…

    • That’s how and why slow mofos stay getting the crap slapped out of them. Be men minded, not boy minded.

  8. Both Sam Salter’s daughters look just like him. I know Ginuwine must hate to be reminded of him. Sam is way better than Ginuwine.

    • That’s why he should have considered that before he married a women with children. Its a package deal.

  9. I think after doing that diss song about Sole and Ginuwine his album was probably shelved.

    • Yeah it was shelved but that was due to internal label politics. A lot of labels dropped many black artists at the turn of the 00’s. This was either due to the majors slashing budgets or disbanding their respective black music departments…. Sam was also known as Uncle Sam. He made some decent tunes, his second unreleased album is a classic.

  10. Is this a cry out for help who dose this I don’t care if she is not his real daughter why did he do that that’s like saying she is a whore.

  11. So That’s His Step Daughter??….Damn Black People Can Be Uptight Loosen Up A Little Is Only A jokey Joke

  12. Sole should’ve just let us believe it was her daughter’s money bcuz I don’t see very many large denominations if any lol ijs..need that for the light company in the morning I don’t hear any new music coming from that household from either party.

  13. HE may not need to be around step daughter. All kinds of bells going off. He crossed the line.

  14. He sucks and now we know he’s a big dummy. Who thinks it’s funny to infer their kid is a ho?

  15. No self-respecting man wants his daughter(s) in the flesh bizness. Men like exploiting somebody else’s lost female offspring until it hits home. Black Girl Lost…Her Body Is A Temple For Another!!!

  16. Ginuwine is a f*ckin’ idiot.

    If your are barely hanging on as a “singer”, why do some dumb shit to decrease your already small fan base.

  17. Damn pretty people have problems too…Good for Sole and hope she watches her daughters around him. Unfunny to and ginuwine is too old for this

  18. If that’s the kind of thing he’s been thinking then it’s already too late……

    He’ll be savvy enough never to let on now any thoughts betraying the fact he wants his wife’s daughter…..

    He should get help, like yesterday!!!!!

  19. ginuwine admitted he was into cocaine and x pills.

    but sole was a stripper and she sucked as a rapper.

  20. Epitome of the word DOUCHEBAG. Here he is, throwing money at his step-daughter implying she’s a stripper & God knows what else, while his biological daughter, (his 1st born?), the 1 that called him a deadbeat, is trying to make it happen w/her business & is looking for investors. I hope he’s helping her out too & gave her & his other children Mercedes just like he bragged about giving Cypress, the implied stripper. I’m glad Sole’ said something, but she should have a long time ago. I also hope she said something when G bragged about getting HER daughter the Mercedes & not his other kids. She doesn’t want HER children humiliated, but how does she think his other kids feel? Miss Jones & a whole lot of other ppl I’m sure had a good laugh at this latest bs from G, it’s just keeps coming!

  21. Father or stepfather, a man is supposed to protect the children whose care he is entrusted with. Ginuwine’s actions in this post are inexcusable. That isn’t a joke. There is no humor about a child or even a young woman compromising her body, self respect, etc. for the purpose of material gain. I’m not sure what led him to engage in such poor behavior, but I pray his judgment is no longer impairs and he doesn’t make any other missteps at his family’s expense.

  22. Yes he does have an issue with either or drugs and alcohol.tune in to youtube to watch TGTs performance when GINUWINE was UNDER THE INFLUENCE and TYRESE WAS PISSED AND TANK WAS CRACKING UP!!!!


    I am so glad that the truth about Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin is finally coming out. He is NOT the great father that he or his wife portrays him to be. Speaking as one who has inside information, Tiffany has every right to feel the way that she does because Ginuwine has never been a great father to her. Ginuwine was young, dumb, and full of cum in his teens and 20’s and ended up having 4 kids by 4 different women before he and Sole met. From oldest to youngest they are: Tiffany, Elgin Jr., Ginel, and Tahjair. Ginuwine has admitted to being more of a big brother to the two oldest, Tiffany and Elgin Jr., than he was a father. If you all watched the Life After episode that featured Ginuwine, Sole even stated that “He’s such the family man NOW.” This indicates that he hasn’t always been a family man, which he has admitted as well. He used to only just send checks to his babymamas (reluctantly so) and didn’t really spend time with his kids. The only exception is Lil Elgin, namely because he’s his namesake. He and Sole’s two daughters, Story and Dream, are the only two of his children that have ever experienced him as a real father.

    The main problem that Tiffany has with her father is that he treats his wife Sole’s two daughters, De’jan and Cypress, better than he’s EVER treated her. De’jan and Cypress are NOT Ginuwine’s biological daughters but they are treated like princesses, while Tiffany is ironically treated like the step-child. He has done significantly more for De’jan and Cypress than he’s ever done for Tiffany. These two girls not only get the father-daughter relationship with him, but also get to experience the perks of him being “Ginuwine” like front row tickets and backstage passes for concerts, expensive gifts, including a Mercedes that Ginuwine recently bought Cypress, trips, etc. Tiffany doesn’t get all that and NEVER has! Another instance of how he unfairly treats Tiffany occurred last year when Sole’s daughter De’jan went out to California for a six month cosmetology school program. The whole family, including Ginuwine, flew out there to help her settle in and get situated. Tiffany went to the same cosmetology school but her program began about a month later than De’jan’s and her BIOLOGICAL father GINUWINE didn’t even see fit to help her get situated even though he did so for his STEP-DAUGHTER. Can we say f*cked up??

    To add fuel to the fire, De’jan and Cypress talk shit to and about Tiffany (and her family) and feel very confident in doing so because their step daddy Ginuwine makes them comfortable in doing so because he does it himself. And the really crazy shit about De’jan and Cypress’s attitude toward Tiffany is that their own biological father, DEREK LEE, is a deadbeat ass nigga who hasn’t supported them AT ALL! If anything De’jan and Cypress should be able to empathize with Tiffany since their father hasn’t done shit for them, but they don’t. Why? Well because Ginuwine is famous. These two girls, especially Cypress, LOVE the fact that Ginuwine is their step-daddy. They think that they are better than other people, including Tiffany, and aren’t shy about showing it.

    Perhaps the biggest issue that Tiffany has with her father is the fact that he won’t own up to his f*ckery and admit that he’s done her wrong. He just wants to act like it’s whatever and expects her to kiss his ass and give him the utmost respect even though he’s never been there for her or even have given a damn to have a relationship with her.

    I have so much more that I could say, but I’ll just stop here. Maybe the fact that Ginuwine’s ass is being aired right now will cause him to do a little self-reflection and make him reach out to Tiffany to try to make things right. However, I’m not holding my breath because he’s way too prideful to admit when he’s wrong and will most likely just write this off as Tiffany being jealous or a hater which is an attitude that is highly prevalent with him, Sole, De’jan, and Cypress. If you don’t kiss their asses, whether you’re family or friend, they don’t f*ck with you…

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