Seduced By Scary Spice: Ex-Bunny Details How Mel B Handled Her ‘Like a Man’

Lesbian Spice Girl

Luann Lee has given up details surrounding an hour-long smash session she says she had with Mel B. According to the former Playboy model… it all went down inside a bar ‘handicapped bathroom’ at West Hollywood’s London Hotel.

“Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte was waiting outside… before security intervened.”

Luann says Mel B followed her into a stall and began to kiss her and take off her clothes: ‘ She’s like a man in that way — very assertive, very determined and very wanting. I can see why they call her Scary Spice.”

Here’s what Luann Lee put all out there:

“We started the night sitting in a dark booth by the bar, but with our thighs pressed together. We were drinking cocktails and there was a lot of sexual chemistry.

After a couple of drinks I needed to go to the ladies and Mel said she wanted to go too. I didn’t think that much of it as girls often go to the bathroom together.

I went into the handicapped stall because it’s bigger and I wanted to put my purse down — and she just popped in with me. She said, ‘Do you mind?’ and came right in. Then she just threw me up against the wall and started kissing me.

It was very passionate and sensual.”

Scary Spice Exposed


    • It didn’t state that she was a centerfold. They use all kinds of borderline homely hos in their special editions like “Lingerie and Lace” or “Campus Coeds of the Big 10”. Definitely NOT Playboy Mag material.

      I have a friend who auditioned for Playmate but was offered a “Women of Starbucks” slot instead, so that’s how I know.

  1. I believe Satan came and smashed Miriam when God cast her in the wilderness, thus the w hyt population.

  2. That’s what happens when you get old, Anon…you get cataracts, fifty year old women start looking nineteen. Sad.

  3. Mel B Is Common As Muck!!!! Can’t Stand Her Ass…..Can’t Sing For Dog Shyt Sellout Black Men I Blame You!

      • Well, by this story….^point is kinda true. She was with Eddie Murphy and I dont think he wanted kids/hetero relationship. It takes two to get preggo but, Eddie was damn bewildered, so he gay… she used him for baby pay check

    • This former girl group member is into more than just dancing. Aside from being the only African American member in her group from the UK , she is the most attractive. If looks could k*ll she would be an automatic hand g*n.

      When she found love with a man, people were surprised with her choice, especially because she had just birthed a child by a mega star. With her dominant personality people were shocked with her husband’s feminine presence. But once we learned that they were into threesomes and he was the seeker it all made sense.

      Apparently her husband goes out and finds the women that they entertain. On any given night at her house you can find her with a strap-on , her husband willingly taking it, and a third party who is watching in shock.

      We guess if you wanna be her lover, you gotta her with her husband…

      Who is it?!?


  4. Lol @ Hannibal and I agree Mel is a lijttle right seems like she takes it from him ha

  5. Vagina Monologues…Mel B. says she loves sex, so, this is the logical next step for sexually liberated women. Her husband probably knows this as well.

  6. Mel B is a gutter rat. Dad was black, mom was white, dad walked out on Mom. Came to LA and crawled under Eddie Murphy and she can only get on the LA hoe stroll.

    Maybe her talent is only with satisfying the ladies and not the men.

    Someone need to tell her, you gotta satisfy both to make it in Hollyweird.

  7. I could never be famous. Im not anti gay but gay sex seems totally gross to me. Someone found this story hot i guess

  8. Why Can’t White People Shut Their Mouths When It Come To Talking About Sex With A Black Person… They Do This Shyt In England

    • Damn right they do lol! I live in England and white people idle gossip about EVERYTHING. My nan used to say to us ‘dem mout nuh belong to dem’ and its true lol.

      • A White Women Did A Kiss And Tell About Darren Byfield (A Black Footballer Player) He Was Married To Jamilla Then She Kicked His
        Ass To The Curb…….Let’s Not Forget A White Women Blabbed About Having An Affair With The Self Hating Coon Tiger Woods

        White People Love Selling Stories On Black People….Black People Wake The Phuck Up!! White People Are Money Grabbers!!

  9. LOL I love how she trys to make herself sound so innocent:

    “I wanted more room so I went into the handicap toilet.”

    She couldnt sell the story if she didnt make herself out to be an innocent participant in the event.

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