High-Five Singer Russell Neal Arrested In Connection With Wife’s Murder

Russell Neal Murder Charges

“He is admitted that they were involved in an argument and that she is deceased but is not admitting to how she died.” -Houston Police

This just in… Russell Neal is now under arrest. This after cops say Neal “asked for a lawyer and became uncooperative.” The 40-year-old singer is being booked 24-hours after he strolled into a downtown Houston Harris County Sheriff’s Office police station — around 6PM CDT, Wednesday — and told cops that his wife’s dead body was inside their home.


“When paramedics were sent to the home… they found a woman dead on the living room floor, she had head trauma and apparently had been stabbed.”

Residents of the SW Houston gated-community “Cedar Creek Townhomes” tell the press they believe the woman’s body may have been decomposing inside the home “for a number of days.” Though we can’t confirm her identity at this time, we can tell you that the woman “hadn’t been seen in days.” Authorities are relying on autopsy results to help them pinpoint the time of death.

“Police forced entry into the home,which was locked when they first arrived on scene.”

Here’s the latest:

“The woman’s body was found about 6:50 p.m. in the 3700 block of Tanglewilde near Windswept. Police found signs that children were living in the home. When detectives questioned Neal, he said they were with a family member.

Murder charges are pending against Neal. According to Neal’s FB page, he is a “single father” of three young boys. They are reported to be “between the ages of 5 and 8-years-old.”

Russell Neal Children


    • What do you mean? Everything I read said he is cooperating. He drove/walked himself to the police station and turned himself in. If more black people asked for a lawyer before they started talking to the cops many of them would not be in the situation they’re in. And I do believe he killed her and I’m glad he turned himself in. But you should always have a lawyer. My heart goes out to their 2 kids.

  1. Is everyone losing their damn minds? Geesh! My heart goes out to the family and especially those beautiful boys.

  2. First it was Tony Thompson, now Russell Neal is possibly facing prison time for murder! Damn!

  3. Now it breaks my heart to see these three young boys who I know love their father will now be visiting their father in the pen, split up cuz mama is dead. Too late for anger management and another black family is decimated. SMDH.

  4. We never know a persons situation and their mind set but one thing is for sure there is no respect for human LIFE anymore.Cant wait for God to intervene.

  5. Her name was Catherine Martinez.

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      I feel so sorry for those children. They just lost their mom and their dad.

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  8. Everything isn’t all that illuminati hoo doo voo doo….this sounds like regular domestic violence.

    • It could be , but it could be something else. His behavior seemed more erractic than cooperative. Keep an open mind because unfortunately there is some truth to what posters here say about how dark the entertainment biz really is.

    • The entertainment industry may be dark, but the theories about murders in the name of succeeding are way over estimated here. And why doesn’t anyone question the fact that it only seems to be black folk who are involved in these rituals?

      Who did Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Matt Damon
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    • I hear anger in everyone. Please dont hate one another love another as Jesus first loved you. We need to pray for another in these terrible times and ask God to get involve. So please love God and in return you will love everyone else. Pray my brothers and sister dont hate.

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