Jay Electronica Joins Dame Dash In Fight Against Culture Vultures!


Dame Dash’s army is growing! Not only does HSK fully stand behind Dame and the fight against the Culture Vultures… so too does Jay Electronica, who just let it be known. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Lyor Cohen!


Jay Electronica’s gangsta move comes shortly after Dame let it rip on Lyor Cohen. It all went down during a recently posted YouTube video in which Dame warns “whoever is doing business with him [Lyor Cohen] to check their books… [because] whatever he’s doing, he’s robbing whoever he’s doing business with.”

“Hip Hop is suffering on a whole because people aren’t making money like they supposed to because they’re getting robbed.” -Dame Dash

Peep Jay’s tweets:

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Let’s go!


    • that was hot garbage. either he wants out and is doing so via wackness or…he fooled the world into millions.

      either way, i like how he disses bloggers and calls them smug. and they call US sensitive!

      apparently being intelligent and having your own thoughts that go against this garbage is wrong and due ridicule.

      Eminem is a tool.

      Furthermore, Bustah, you maaaad old son. How are you still rapping about hitting people you are like 50.

      Aaaaaand, these idiots did it on House of Pain’s hit. Ugh. But yeah, Eminem said we shouldnt criticize so…

      This reminds me of when that idiot Iggy or Ziggy whatever, was whining about people dissing her.

      The tools and minions dont like it when we dont go along and have our minds and opinions.


      • busta’s fat as hell now whjat he’s been eating and when is his cash money album coming out.

        busta needs to sit his old ass down somewhere trying to hang with the youngins.

  1. When Will These Sellout Uncle Toms Coon’s And Baffoon’s Learn You Can’t Be Pro Black And Still Be Sleeping With A White Women

    Their Defeating The Whole Object Both Dame And Jay Electronica Married Outside Their Race And Now Their Complaining

    Jay Electronica Is Signd To Kate’s Record Company

      • @Tyrone Thanks

        This Black Power Shyt Is All A Lie Martin Luther King Had An Affair With A White Women……J Edgar Hoover Threaten To Expose The Affair
        Because He Didn’t Want The Cival Right Movement

        • @ActionJackson

          The truth is coming out now, which is good. Dame and Jay can smack talk all they want, but, the message is diluted if their loyalty to our sisters is in doubt. Serving 2 masters has always been a pickle for blackmen. That being said, somebody has to call out Lyor Cohen and the suits that have polluted hip-hop!!!

          • Most Of The Civil Right Leader Were Snitching Or Sleeping A White Women!! While Their Preaching About Peace And Equality And Blasting White People
            Yet Their Sleeping With A White Women It Do’t Make Sense………

            • Sleeping With Snow White Is A Hammer Against White Male Supremacy…Wrong! Blackwomen built the wealth and power, so, Becky is invalid from the jump.

        • Martin Lucifer King was a communist whom used donations to buy prostitutes and he was recorded on several occasions by the FBI partaking in extracurricular activities if you know what I mean.Ask Coretta.

          • Not To Mention Thelonious Monk (The Jazz Musician) Was Hanging Around With A Rothchild!! Back In 60’s…..So They Been Liking Black Men
            Since Back Then (If That Makes Any Sense) Thelonious Monk Was Married To A Black Women

          • king also had affairs with men.


            INCLUDING HOMOSEXUAL SEX AND KING DAbbled with bisexual sexz.

            he dealt with the devil and king learned the hard way about that which was why king learned his time was up and he had to be killed.

            Malcolm x knew he was going to die too they were all taught by the same doctrinesa and knew the secret order of death.

            • The FBI purported to have recordings of King in his hotel room partaking in Sex orgies and asking Ralph Abernathy to suck him off!So I agree with you.

            • Damn tell us more cuz i didnt know all that but it makes sense because most panthers are secretly attracted to whites, they showed it on dnt be a menace while drinking juice in the hood…milk of magnesia

          • King was blackmailed by the dixiecrats and northern jewish liberals/communists. The same crew that supports abortion, gayness, radical islam, race-mixing, etc.

          • They implied on the xfiles (i know its a fictional show) that Martin Luther king was killed because he was a communist and not because of the crmovement

  2. Jay Electronica married outside his race? He has a daughter with Erykah Badu. If thats true he married outside his race I can see why from that picture.

    • Remember He Had An Affiar With Kate Rothchild She Was Married At The Time

    • He married some rich white woman connected to the Rothchilds .Supposedly royalty.

      • The Rothschilds have money but they aren’t any kind of royalty. People go to those “illuminati awareness” websites and believe everything they read about that family and others. The truth is the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other families who are publicized as powerful reptillians are nothing more than a front for the real people in charge. They keep us busy by placing our focus on what those people are doing while the REAL power players are laughing at our stupidity. I wouldn’t be surprised if TPTB are behind David Icke, Alex Jones and the rest of the theorist out there. Who else do you think is keeping them funded and alive?

        • The real people in charge are the Jesuits fronted by the Pope.The Queen Of England controls every politician in America so Obama is a controlled joke.Its good to see that you’re aware.Shalom

        • The Rothchilds and the Goldsmiths(the family of Kate’s former husband Ben)are far wealthier and more powerful than actual royalty. The Queen of England is only #70 on the list of the richest residents of GB.She has power, but her land wealth has diminished during the last century and with the Muslim influx into London.
          Rothchild’s former father in law, Sir James Goldsmith, is the international banker who the character in “Wall Street” who took down Gordon Gecko in the end is based on. That family is ridiculously connected and from what I have seen, Jay has found himself smack in the middle of a crowd which has embraced him as their own hip hop poet. Not bad for a kid from the Magnolia.

          • I’m going to respectfully disagree with you because the Queen of England is the Head of the Knights Of Malta and she’s the counterpart to the Pope Of Rome whom controls the entire world.The Richest people of the world is concealed and not on any power list.

            • OK. But what IS on paper, true or not, has Elizabeth II as #70 on the richest in GB list.

              That number does not quantify power, simply wealth through holdings.

              BA, maybe you can answer a question: since the Tudors broke off with the Roman Catholic Church and formed the offshoot Church of England, why is Elizabeth II still involved and powerful in the orgs which surround the Vatican? I know you have studied all that stuff.

            • Anon 13:11 The Queen Of England is still involved because her status in the Jesuit Order is the Head of The Knights Of Malta of England.So what that being said,nothing gets done in england for without her Stamp Of Approval. The queen of England is the 3rd in Command to the “Secret Black Pope”Peter Hans Kolvenbach”who controls everything from the FBI,The Federal Reserve Banks,The Vatican and the Illuminati.

            • How did you ever become so knowledgeable in all the matters of the Catholic Church and the Vatican??? Did you read The DaVinci Code too? I didn’t, but I have read a lot about opus Dei and the members in this country. I was born and confirmed Roman Catholic, but I am not a member in good standing nor do I want to be.(divorced) I never much cared for the way the Vatican wields its power and how they prey on the so called “heathens” in undeveloped areas of the Latin and South America’s and now Africa of low education and force them into the faith and away from their own tribal “religions”. Having said that, I like this Pope the most of all Popes since I’ve been alive. He honestly seems to walk the walk and he doesn’t revel in the majesty and pomp which accompanies the Papal traditions. Of course, the Cardinals will most likely cause him to have a “stroke” or a “heart attack” if he continues to put the needs of the poor ahead of the needs of The Vatican coffers. lol I know you don’t LIKE the Pope, or endorse Catholocism, but from all your studies, what is YOUR opinion of this Pope vis a vis the usual SOP of the Catholic hierarchy? Since you are from New Orleans, I know you have were around plenty of “Catlicks”, as they say there, when you lived in the Crescent City. I mean that place is Jesuit City. haha Loyola anyone?

            • Oh my lord, I apologize for my typos and misspellings. I meant “I know you have been around plenty” and I misspelled Catholicism.

            • I became aware of these different entities by doing tons of research and also being attentive to detail.Yes,the Opus Dei is the highest Status within the Illuminati then the Knights Of Malta and Knights Of Columbus.Of course I know about Loyola university. Cardinals and archdiocese have more power in cities than mayors and governors do.

            • The new pope is beloved by many but I don’t have a opinion of him because he’s just a different face of the Jesuit Order that’s follows the agenda.The word religion is a Greek which means to seperate and divide so I don’t follow religion.I try my best to keep the Laws,Statutes and commandments of the bible.

        • The illuminati rumors were created by yhe church itself, another diversion, research the symbols and you will see that its just a stolen system from Africa, symbolism was the earliest form of launguage that could be understood by all cultures, launguage and speech is was created when our conscious ness fell and it separated the people because unlike pictures launguage had to be interpreted, the symbols have always been there its just that now you are aware of them, and Alex Jones and David ike have convinced you idiots that it comes from shapeshifting lizards and illuminati, if you research the illuminati you will see that they wanted to bring down the Vatican because they are scientifically inaccurate

          • The illuminati is bot an illusion or a diversion. It is an actual fact. There are 13 satanic bloodlines (families) that really run the globe. Plenty of them we never see it hear too much about. Others like the Bushes ,Hilton’s and Kennedy’s provide a public face and are actually lesser members.

          • You are talking a out the Bavarian order that called themselves the illuminated. Compared to who really runs things they were very minor players. I suggest you stay off David Icke and other dis Information mongers and go some real research. The truth is disturbing.

  3. Bunch of two face lying hypocrites. Shacking with white women but dissing white men come on son!

  4. What the hell is wrong with Jay Electronica bringing some of that Rothschild money to the hood? Nothing hurts these racist more than when we infiltrate their women. At least he didnt get a nasty ass Kardashian. If you are gonna get a white woman there are none better.
    A lot of yall are also angry ass, hatin ass, salt shakin black women who dont know how to treat a man

      • Oh Qualial, since we are talking stereotypes would that be the ‘quality black men’ that have 24 kids, no money but a huge Air Jordan collection, no job but plenty of weed, ten baby mothers, prison time and still live with their mama? Is it those type of black men that we don’t know how to treat right?

    • Ladies, henceforth can we all just ignore the multiple alias having “I hate black women troll”. It’s just such a desperate ploy to get for attention from black women. Very boring.

  5. Instead of focusing on Lyor Cohen Jay Elec is connected to the biggest Identity Thieves in history which are the Rothschild’s Family running around claiming to be Joo’s when they’re nothing hut Edomites.Don’t find yourself in the same predicament as Princess Diana and Dodi Faud.He was Muslim

  6. They don’t allow outsiders to be Heir to the Throne. What happened to Princess Diana was no coincidence believe it or not.Dude was a Muslim and the thought of him inheriting the Throne was not going to fly.Jay Elec my New Orleans Brethren take precaution.

    • The banking Families change up a few decades because before the Rothschild’s banking family there was the Fuggers Banking Family.

  7. jay elec’s mad causde his album on roc nation never came out.

    that’s why hes protesting.

    dame needs to quit whwn the money stops flowing he wants to say the industry is ripping off blaCKS.


    • Dick rider alert! As usual Crazy Chris speaks the truth cold and hard. This beef stems from the shelved Jay Electronica Roc Nation album.

      When the cash is flowing, everybody’s happy. When it stops, folk get all political and shit.

      Chris always sees thru the bullshit and he’s always objective. I’d trust his opinion before I would half the writers in the media.

      • mike wasn’t complaining in the 80’s when he was winning awards, making millions, making films, commercialsd, tv shows.

        mj made the best selling album of all time and was the best performer of the 80’s what more could mj do.

        he had a cartoon, dolls, foundations to so called heal the sick,his own mansion, zoo, amusement park.

        when the records wasn’t selling mj wanna be concerned about black music being taken by whites.

  8. DAme wqhen he was living large didn’t give a damn about helping his so called ghetto people.

    dame was aroghant his ego was oput of c ontrol and look what happened to the roc artists.

    beanie can’t stay out of prison he must have some fags in there.

    biggs a shame but he did the crime.

    amil’s broke.

    wheres dipset, freeway and the rest of them.

    glad memph bleek isn’t rapping anymore.

  9. They both look so stupid. Non-black + black = other. Good call on Martin Luther King Jr. I heard about him and other pro black men and women a long time ago.

    • You going to believe anything that came from the FBI Cointelpro program? Crazy.

      • Are you actually saying that Dr. King did not occasionally swirl in private? Because if you are, I could refer you to my great-grandmother in Atlanta who doesn’t know Cointelpro from a ham sandwich, but she can talk some stuff on Dr. King and Vernon Jordan. And she was there.

        • Martin Luther King Had An Affair With A White Women…j Edgar Hoover Threaten To Expose It..Because He Didn’t Want The Civil Right Movement

          It Was A Documentary

          • Ralph Abernathy said King beat up 3women who were more than likely prostitutes the night before he was killed.

          • of course king loved whiyte women why you think black men wanted to intergrate because they lusted after white women.

            if king would have lived longer he would have married a white woman.

            whites knew this already.

        • Vernon Jordan groomed Bill Clinton and bought him to his first Builderberg meeting so dude is well connected with Goldman Sachs.Ask Obama

  10. I just got one question for Jay electronica: while you playin’ the role of pet gorilla on a chain for that illuminati snake bitch, can you check into getting’ us our reparations. FYI Barclays and the Rothschilds funded the slave trade, the opium trade too.

    • woooooooow. If his ancestor’s only knew…

      Your paragraph was inspiring.

  11. I can’t wait for this current ‘internet only’ trend calling ALL things ‘Illuminati’ to blow over… I swear that we as black people only co-sign shit when it becomes fashionable to do so regardless of whether it makes sense or not….. (To save trolls here the effort)….. this comment was written by a NWO loving, devil worshiping, blood sacrificing, snake bitch …. There you go!!!!!

    And just because its impossible for blacks to be racist doesn’t mean we have to adopt white supremacists behaviours to make us feel less inferior to them…. I wonder how any folks who are offspring of mixed relationship feel when they read the kind of comments displayed on this thread…. Well we wouldn’t know they probably not here anyway…..lol

    • Lol, honey please. You need to wake up and catch up. “We as black people”, my ass….

  12. So I guess dame and jay are about to collectively start a distribution label? What is the point of twitter rants


  14. Isn’t Jay married to a Rothschild? Aren’t they allegedly one of the 13 familes that make up “the others”. Personally if they taking back what’s been stolen I have no beef. I’m so over my culture being stolen from us and pawned off as original by white folks and everybody else.

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