Lil Kim Gives-Up Sneak Peak Of Baby Daughter

Lil Kim Baby Girl

“I’m still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!”

It’s not exactly the greatest pic, but it’s the only one Queen Bee’s giving up… Yesterday, about a month after giving birth, the original Black Barbie rolled out baby Royal Reign’s first public pic. It’s actually just a shot of the kid’s foot!


Look who is stepping out today for the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day from my blessing, Royal Reign, and us!!! #royalreign #happy4thofjuly #independenceday #lilkim #fireworks #blessing


  1. I remember rocking Kim in the 90’s trying to be like her, have all of her C.D.s. Kim is still in my book a beautiful woman.

  2. these celebrities are going to damn far with all these damn foot shots,and back of the head sit. But anyway kim souldbehappysincehr baby seems to be of a lightr complexin. sinceshe always had identity problems.

  3. Kim please stop you are starting to look like a beast please just say no more work done on your face.

  4. Lemme guess, she needs to pinch/shape that dominant bell pepper nose before official pap shots. Prententious b listers

  5. Sad… Black Women This Is A Waking Up Love Your Skin Love Your Facial Feature Phuck What White People Say… They Tan Their Skin
    They Waste Their Money On Butt Implants/Lip Injecting/Tanning Injects/Tanning Pills/Botox

    Lil Kim Used To Look Cute…When Black Women Make It In Holly Weird They Will Date White Men And Get Plastic Surgery

    • Kim was one of the cutest girls ever, and she musta known that. But I remember her saying in an interview back in 1999 that she wanted to be the black Pamela Anderson. This was when PA was every boy’s wet dream jerk off fantasy.
      The really pathetic part is she WAS as cute as PA and if she had left herself alone she would be way hotter than “her idol” is now at 40 something.

      • PAM LOOKS LIKE An old beat up raggedy ann doll now that hepatititis is killing her ass and all the drugs shes done.

    • Black men dog them out pre-hollyweird an make the black women esteem very low. Thats why they need a white man when they are finished getting dogged by the black men

  6. this chick went on instagram and asked her fans to buy gifts and this is the pic she releases…smh!!!She hasn’t been checked for in about 15 years so just show the baby already.

  7. She needs to grow up. Children and NFL linebackers should be the only ones wanting to be known as a beast. It aint cute on any level for a middle aged woman.

  8. The Logically Explanation Is She’s Ashamed Of Her Baby!!!…..The Baby Probably Looks Like Old Kim……Black Women Wake The Phuck Up!!
    The White Men Poisened Black People’s Brains!!

    Self Hate List

    Beyonce Knowles
    Nicki Minaj
    Lil Kim
    Latavia Robinson
    Sammy Sosa
    Lark Voorhies

    • It’s how we know mike jack aint make no babies. They would have looked like big nose big fro mike.

      • that’s how we know mikes a fag who has their wife artificially incriminated anyway but a damn homo.

        still mike made some of the best music ever he was still a fag.

      • Supposedly the kids real father is Actor Mark Lester (Paris, Prince, Blanket). MJ does have two bio sons: B Howard (Mom is Miki Howard) and a son born from a Woman in Bahrain.

  9. Oh my dayssss thats lil kim? My days she’s messed up herself, I remember her when I was in school she was pretty!!! Leave your face alone woman mashing up what the lord has given you damn! She was pretty before, jacked her face like a freak of nature and what the hellfire is that on the child’s feet???

  10. How she gonna be a stunt double for the nigga-monkey, Bubbles go back to your habitat Mj gone and I ain’t havin that lol

  11. This is what kim k will become watch an see I heard somewhere yhe illumnati mess her face up something she didnt do made her get all them damn surgeries now she looks like a freak scary as hell an lil my girl too f*cked her face up forever she cant change that back thats sad thats hollyweird think twice before wanting to be famous that shit not worth ill keep my regular life before f*ckin wit the music industry

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