Is Tyga The Next B*tch Made Jenner?

Tyga is Bitch-made

The K Factor…

Ya’ll didn’t believe us back in October 2014, when we told you about Kris Jenner giving Tyga (then 24) the OK to smash a teenage Kylie (then 17)!

Now, recent reports reveal T-Raw got tatted-up over the weekend, but we’re not talkin’ about just any tatt! Tyga got Kylie’s name inked onto his inner right arm! So … Do you believe us now???

You may recall Mr. Rack City previously denied bailing on the mother of his two-year-old son, Blac Chyna. This latest info puttin’ Tyga’s tat on blast … doesn’t only prove him a pedo, it sends a message telling Kylie and Kris Jenner that he’s squashed ties with Blac Chyna!

“Tyga is desperately trying to get back with Blac Chyna. She used her Twitter to prove it! So Kris Jenner served Tyga an ultimatum forcing him to shame Chyna, or else … “

Check the word being spilled by an inside source:

“Kris got sh*t on Tyga and when she pressured him to squash the Blac Chyna rumors, he had to. That’s why he straight dissed Chyna on twitter and got branded with Kylie’s name. Pretty soon they’ll have T-Raw turning into the next Bruce, talking ’bout he’s a woman!”


  1. If you lie down with dogs you get fleas. You’ve made your bed now you must lie in it. The grass is always greener etc etc. Tyga should have seen this coming. Kris Jenner lives to make black women look like shit whilst she uses black men to uplift her daughters. I have no sympathy for him.

    • Now that’s the truth! Can’t run back to the same woman who was down with U. He burned that bridge. And what makes it so bad, Kim new about the shit and still playing like her and Chyna were cool. Damn even the homey lover friend deserved better.

  2. got no sympathy for Tyga, He throw the Black community under the bus

    Kris is slick, She probably hates Black Women
    and makes Her daughters out-do Black Women

    just to get rich successful Black Men

    • Her daughter’s can’t out-do black women – some of yall take these fake tramps way to serious.

  3. It’s all about replenishing whyt wealth and blk men keep the slush fund going to help their generational wealth grow.

    • Wait a second. The KKK’s have 1000000x more money than the likes of Tyga. This match benefits him way more than it does them. He gets to appear in the social media and on their show and PMK gets her 20% of whatever he earns. She is trying to boost him up into the big leagues so that eventually her cut will actually amount to something.

  4. Lol. What is the big deal about Tyga? He’s like a D level rapper. Is this what the world has come to? Instead of using your talents, get with a Kardashian to get ahead.

  5. Smh dumb ass when Kylie leaves him his so called career is done nobody is gonna buy his records I never liked his lame ass anyway

  6. yeah kylie has way more money thazn tyga but yes he does appear ON THE SHOW AND DATING HER DOES BENEFIT HIM MORE THAN HER.


  7. Tyga sold His soul to the Kardashian, just like Reggie Lamar and Bruce!!

    all They cared about was the fame and money
    but these 3 Men got played out, like chewing gum

    Scott has it to come!!

    the moral of the story is keep away from the kardashian

  8. Tyga is a little boy Chyna is probably dealing with GROWN MEN. He is dating a teenager he is no catch.

    • I hear Tyga has a little dick and that could explain why he likes little girls. They don’t know any better.

  9. Not a Kylie Jenner fan but Black Chyna stands not a snow ball chance in Hell of up staging Kylie not even on her worst day.Tyga got rid of that Pinto and upgraded to a Jaguar.

    • WHY is the sista a f*cking “pinto?”Is it because the white one has money? Really? HOW would you classify yourself?

      • She’s a fcking Pinto because she’s a plastic fake Ass, Fake Titties/Stripper who’s seen more dick than Hanes underwear.Who would want to be with someone like that? I know damn well I wouldn’t. Tyga made a very smart Chess Move by dumping this Thot.Once again, she’s a Pinto and an antique version at that.

    • Wow did you forget to switch screen names when you said that? It figures you would like white women because you clearly dont like black women

      • What the fck are you talking about? Can you read? I clearly stated I was not a Kylie Jenner fan and irregardless Black Chyna can not compete with and trust me deep down she knows it’s and it’s killing her.Kylie is giving this Thot nightmares and that’s why she’s always on Instagram throwing shade.I don’t date whitewomen never have so save that bullshit you speaking for the National Enquirer.

  10. Kris don’t have no info we don’t already know or suspect. We been thinking he was gay and we know he’s a pedo. It don’t get much worse than that.

  11. like kylie hasn’t gotten plastic surgery all the kardashians have gotten plastic surgery.

    Belinda’s jealous ass wants her ass to be fat like kims.

  12. @Bitch Ass BA irregardless is not even a real word. Quit trying time sound intelligent cause your card has already been pulled. It’s fake just like you!
    @shortcake and @Sunni daze good catch!

    • I see you are still a little salty from the last intellectual beat down I gave you.Fck off and go take a bath because I can smell you from New Orleans bitch!!

  13. That lil girl,has that fools nose wide open,just like the CLOWN he is……He has lied about not being with that KID, and why is it that when those Kardashian Girls get caught Fucking these Athletes,Rappers,and etc they hit the media with”I’ve been knowing such and such for a long time”………LIES!!!!!!!!” Just be honest about what we already know your whores and will f*ck anyone that can garner you any extra publicity!!!!!Kylie is being a ratchet Slorelike Kim,and is being pimped out by her SUCCUBUS of a Mammy, why that bitch isn’t incarcerated for modernized pimperization,is beyond me.Lol
    Let’s see how long they are together, However;Tyga looks a little slow anyways….ijs

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