Stevie J Rallies For Reality TV Relevancy

Stevie J Spin-Off

HSK Exclusive Could Stevie J be finally facing the fact that his 15-minutes of fame may be up?

One thing’s for sure, he’s sure seems to be fighting to keep himself off the “non-muthaf*ckin-factor” D-list. Why else do you think Stevie took to IG and Twitter to “cry wolf”? Sources say Stevie’s recent Twitter and IG bombs “ain’t nothin’ but gas and social media blasts.”

Steve J posted this to IG:

“I’m shattering records! 6.5 million views on debut of #lhhatl 4.5 million viewers on # the after party and I’m having contract problems # IM OUT”

A source close to Mona Scott-Young tells HSK that Stevie J signed off “months ago” on an agreement which pegs his pay for this season at $125K with a $15K bonus. We’re told Stevie is looking to land a spin-off, and is said to be betting that his social media ruckus will “show Mona Scott Young he’s worthy of his own show.”

Dig this:

“Stevie doesn’t have contract problems. He’s saying that sh*t for publicity. He’s Mona’s highest paid *** AND he’s got the power to do whatever he wants on the show. Stevie wants more money so he’s campaigning hard to get his own spin-off.”

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  1. According to Stevie, he and Joseline had a spin-off, a wedding special and a pregnacy special since the first season of LHHATL. Steebie gonna mess around and get Shonda Rhimes’d, he had better be quiet.js

  2. Unless LHHATL is going to be on for another 8 seasons, he’s still $875K short on child support. lmaooooo

  3. 125,000 and he is the highest paid!?!?!? To make a fool out of yourself!?!?!? These negros are rock bottom. Looking at these clowns and their income to debt ratio, I would say these idiots are below the poverty line.

    • I agree Eddie. That’s chump change for making yourself out as a clown for the world to see. Nene does it for 10 times that much and I still wonder if it’s worth it.
      So I guess the rest of those fools are making less than 100K? Forget that.

  4. smh. have mercy. all ima say on these ratchet reality fools. poor him. he rallying for more loot to pay off and get ahead of that $1.2M child support debt. #pitiful.

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