Is Kanye Flip-Floppin’ After Kim’s Vienna Date Gone Wrong?


Press Move -OR- Pimp Play? You decide…

Kanye may claim to be angry after Kim Kardashian fulfilled an escort request by one billionaire tycoon in Vienna — but while Kimmy was on the clock, working for half-a-mill, Ye was all up in his Parisian fashion element. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Riccardo Tisci.

Sources now say Yeesus has a big problem with Kimmy Kakes “doing paid appearances.”

“It’s not about the money. Kanye told her no more paid appearances.. it was selling her soul and not worth it.”

Here’s what the source told ROL about where Kris Jenner stands on the issue:

“She is always telling Kim that opportunities to make such big money isn’t always going to be there… her motto is, you have to strike while the iron is hot. So for the meantime, Kris doesn’t have any plans to cancel any of Kim’s upcoming appearances. In fact, she is still booking Kim! Kim is stuck in the middle.”

We don’t think it’s coincidental that Kimye just released the date and place of their upcoming May 24th wedding in Paris, Do you?



  1. Kanye doesn’t care about what skanky Kim K does. He’s too busy sliding up a man’s booty. Kim is a fame-starved fool who would sell herself to Satan himself if the price was right.

  2. Ye need to STFU. He defendin’ Kartrashian who is a known paid ho, like he is a knight in shining armor.

    Hey Ye: what you earning,it is called “coon pay”. Deal with it.

  3. She sold her own flesh and bloodline to get a marriage license that will get her his fortune.

  4. Kim and Kris are sad .. Kim is a victim in of sexual abuse her mom pimping her out the whole family needs counseling and Jesus

  5. these women wanna degrade themselves let them.

    kanye our lord and savior knew what he was getting involved in.

    if she was a black woman with a sex tape and been with the dudes she slerpty with.

    well in most black men eyes a white girl can’t do no wrong.

    kanye, jigga, and beyonce are not the holy trinity.

    • @CrazyChris

      Kim should be held to the same standard. The blackmen that obsess over white females have a double-standard. If Kim was Black, she would be crucified by the same group of men.

      • I second that! If Kim was a black celebrity female they’d be making sure that her career would be ended, always double standards for black female celebs no matter how much cooning around they do they’ll never be loved by white america. And wtf is Kanye doing forcing people to like Kim Lardashain? She’s nothing but a lump of lard with makeup on who the hell is he trying to convince, that negroe leaves this b!tch to turn tricks whilst he’s getting his booty love from Ricardo Tisci. Eurgh! Dutty, narsty rarse.

  6. Kayne know he is in on the jig/Hoedom He is getting paid while having his cake/Ricky Riccardo and eating it too. But, not necessarily in that order. LOL

  7. Kim is just so beautiful and misunderstood.

    Just kidding. The devil made me type that.

  8. I am sure that Kayne enjoys the fruits of her labours just as much as she does besides, don’t they both have financial difficulties?

  9. Why are people surprised? That’s what Chris Jenner dose she trained them to be high priced whores she’s to old so she preps her sleazy sluty daughters the other ones are being trained right now and since they were 9 look at Bruce Jenner he’s slowly but surely turning Into a woman a ol women just by being with them and this fame marriage another one for kim another fake ass marriage I hope you guys don’t think it is real these sold and bought bitches

    • bruce used to wear lingerie and wigs bacxk in his olympic days.

      family guy made a sad joke about bruce jenner coming out twerking in front of the us troops and peter said a reminder of what you are fighting for.

      the punchline was gay rights.

    • Kris will keep pimping them out, as Momager she earns a %. She doesn’t care. Bruce wanted his girls to stay in HS& go to college but Kris booked them so many jobs they had to be home-schooled.

      Kim is brainwashed b/c Kris chose her as favorite child from an early age. Kim was the prettiest. Maybe Kris saw Kim was most like her, or maybe she molded Kim into mini-Kris.

      Proof: watch the show, the other 3 K kids have been much more critical of Kris than Kim. When they went to family therapy, the others said how much it affected them that Kim was Kris’ favorite child. Especially poor Rob.
      At least 2 of the kids chose to live w/their father Robert as teens. Not Kim.

      Biggest proof: Radar got divorce papers of Robert/Kris where Kris said after a huge fight w/Robert Kim (age 9) found her crying & Kim was so upset she didn’t want to go to school; when Kim got home she called Kris at work (I was shocked, Kris working?) crying 2x begging Kris to come home.
      So Kris was manipulating Kim into taking her side even at age 9…

  10. She is still taking trixx cause Kanye not a sure thing. she been around enough to know.

  11. This whole fiasco will not end well. I dont feel sorry for any party involved. Both are gone with the wind. Poor Nori.

  12. Lol at bunny ranch, I remember reading something PMK tweeted to her daughters recently, I wanna say it was New Year’s Eve? some rare occasion when she wasn’t tagging along behind them, and she said “Happy New Year, dolls!” Sounds more like a madam than a mamma, huh?

  13. think kris pimps out bruce to all the dl brothers out there.


  14. Hi CrazyChris,

    You have lots of good posts. Do you know who any of the men were that Charlton Heston allegedly slept with? Was Charlton a top, a bottom or both? What kind of bisexual stuff was he into with men?

    • Anonymous 13:46

      I checked with some of my more knowledgeable gay friends at Data Lounge and they all say that CH was well known as an ephebophile, which is to say that he liked teenage boys past the age of puberty but younger than the age of consent. It’s still gross, but it’s a little less disgusting than being a pedophile.

  15. This bitch BEEN sold her soul a looong time ago. Lol nice try tho Kangay

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