Caitlyn Jenner Sues Paparazzi for Fatal Car Accident

caitlyn jenner paparazzi

Back when Caitlyn Jenner was Bruce, she was involved in a fatal accident on PCH in Malibu. The 2015 accident left one woman dead, and despite Caitlyn being in the vehicle that started the deadly chain reaction, the reality t.v. star was off the hook for any criminal charges.

But now, Caitlyn is looking to sue the paparazzi that was chasing her at the time of the crash.

According to sources, Caitlyn says paparazzi were a major contributing factor in the accident because they were tailgating her. And they should be held responsible for damages.

She says a bunch of paparazzi were driving recklessly to get a photo of her behind the wheel. She also calls them “stalkers” who “visually distracted” her in a situation where split seconds mattered.

Aside from that, Caitlyn is also pointing the blame at a woman named Jessica Steindorff. Caitlyn says Jessica, who was driving the Prius that was also hit, was on her cell phone and not paying attention as she sat parked on PCH when she should have been moving.

I guess Caitlyn doesn’t realize that when you rear end someone, you’re always at fault!

She is trying her hardest to shift blame. Do you think it will work?


    • This lying ass X man mutant is a f*cking liar ! He should be in jail for murder !!!! Mans prison !!,

  1. Bruce, you are NOT Princess Diana. We will all thank your "he-trying-to-be-a-she" self for not jocking HER story. Most of us know SHE was killed. What most people may not know is that YOU, Bruce Jenner, willfully & purposefully caused that ladies death….for whatever sick reason. People who live in other states aren't aware that the lady you killed was a friend & more than an acquaintance of yours, Kris & your family. All you bitches knew her. She's been to your home countless times. You knew full well who that lady was. You knew she wasn't close to her step children & they were not fond of her long before you slammed into her car forcing her in a traffic filled intersection to bring her to her horrible demise. And…while you "conveniently got away scott free on criminal charges & negligence thanks your boy Harvey Levin & some of his friends in the 'Good Old Boy's Club' at the courthouse, " you have the nerve to feel no obligation to pay even so much as an out of court settlement to that lady's family. Once you knew Harvey was on board for the fix you were blatant enough to tell the mass public "You weren't giving them a dime." NOW…the whole scenario IS THE FAULT OF THE PAPARAZZI?????

    I'm not even trying to tell you to tell the truth as THAT might actually get your ass sent to jail & even I can understand you wanting to do avoid that but PLEASE SPARE US with blaming the paps & passing the buck because some of us who live in LA & the surrounding areas including Hollywood & Santa Monica know better….damn it!?

    • Wow?… that is VERY interesting! They never take responsibility for their own b s… it's ALWAYS someone else's fault.

  2. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to be a public figure. He and his entire family LIVE to be in the spotlight. With that life comes fame and riches beyond belief. But it also brings attention at times which you would rather not have it. If you cannot deal with that, get out of the limelight.

    If Brucilla really wanted privacy he could take his millions and move to a 50 acre ranch in Idaho or Montana like celebs who really so hate the paps do. But of course, he doesn't really want that. He wants to call the shots and have paps surround him only when he is dressed and made up to the gods.

    It doesn't work that way hon. You are a near 70 year old man. Grow the f*ck up.

  3. Why won't this " thing" & the rest of that annoying ass family of" it" just dissappear already!!!!!

  4. "She is trying her hardest to shift blame. Do you think it will work?"

    Yes it will work of course !
    – paparazzi are expendable assets when it comes to protect the gay/ts agenda pushed by them evil gay joowish bloodlines…
    – the victim is a woman (probably white) with no connexions at all, plus there is no threat of riot in case Caitlyn is judged not guilty, plus this victim is a symbol for the evil gay joowish bloodlines : sacrifice all white women by having them killed by white TS in order to wipe out the white race… Black race is next on the list btw…
    – the american judiciary system is run behind the curtains by them evil gay joowish bloodlines and is served by their white puppets

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