WTF?! Caitlyn Jenner Coming Out With Makeup Line

caitlyn jenner makeup line

Hell naw! This thing Caitlyn Jenner has gone too damn far. He has been living as a woman for less than a year ago, and now he thinks he’s qualified to sell makeup to millions of women across the globe? LOL!

Everyone else in the Kardashian-Jenner family has their own makeup line, and DaddyMama Caitlyn wants in on the action! The former Olympian has filed a trademark to create a range of beauty products in her name, including makeup, perfume, nail polish and skin care.

No thank you, Sir!


  1. How funny …mens skin is different from women skin so how's that …oh yh it'll be called SHIM omg..

    • I blame women always trying to get men to be more understanding of their bullshit ! Now men are becoming more valuable then real women showing them how to walk and talk be more sexy WTF !!!!
      Stop kissing X MENS asses and start kicking Xmens asses coz only women allow this dumb shit ! Men will never allow a woman to show them how to be a man ,but women always think it's cute when men act like bitches ! Fucking weird !!!!

      • Yes, X men. This should be their category. I am currently ovulating and i can feel my body releasing eggs. I am cramping and this shit hurts. This thing does not have eggs and never will. Fuck it.

        Tired of pseudo women.

        Where is my heating pad?

  2. Lol. I have to say, while all of these others benefited from the Nicole Brown Simpson/Goldman murders except OJ, I am starting to think that OJ got the better end of the deal!

    • The Nicole sisters are not happy with Kris. The know these witches have benefited from those killings and have blood on their hands. I wonder what Robert told Kris when he talked to OJ. You know Kris knows something. That witch will burn.

  3. This trick doesn't do his own makeup, there's a damn fool born every minute.. I wouldn't buy nothing none of these people sells.. They won't make a dime, if people start to look at the fools and see, they aren't shit on an ugly stick.. Get the hell out here Brucilla with this BS..

  4. Bruce is running out of ideas. His novelty has worn off and now he's beginning to sound like a car salesman. He is lucky he has plenty of millions because he's not making anymore and Kanye can't help any of them anymore.

    • You ain't kidding. I thought the world was long over this thing known as " You Aren't A Woman Brucelyn Jenner."

  5. If i were a drag queen, i would buy beyonce makeup. Rather look like her than this thing.

    *lies back down*

  6. Brucleyn is a pure product of the kosher owned agenda …
    Caucasians and Africans need to step up their games and fight the kosher power before it's too late !
    Just a reminder : if some of you think that Lenny Kravitz and Charlie Sheen are respectively african and caucasian, you need to pull your finger out of your ass and begin some serious researchs about the kosher people, and you may learn how they fooled every one of us …

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