Adele Encourages Son to Crossdress – Dresses Him in Princess Costume!

adele son gay princess dress

The internet is shading the shit out of singer Adele after it was revealed she allowed her son to wear a Disney princess costume during a recent trip to Disneyland.

Fans of the “Hello” singer took pictures of the confused 3-year-old boy who was being wheeled around the park while wearing the “Anna Deluxe Coronation Costume” from Disney’s Frozen.

But the crazy part of it all… Adele actually encourages her son to crossdress!

In previous interviews, Adele gets giddy when talking about her son dating men or women when he gets older.

“I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be or what movies he likes… Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what,” ~ Adele

What do you think?


  1. He might grow up gay. Shes saying even if he does, she will support him no matter what because thats the calbire of parent she is.

    • Damn she one ugly fat chick with out make up !!!
      Shit I thought who is this ugly dude !
      I didn't recognize her at all !!!
      Knew parents that thought this shit was cute In Japan ! Every holloween this lady will dress her younger son in his sisters princess outfit !
      Shit didn't stop until I lost it and made lil man realize your not a damn girl now he only wear Lmaoo
      Hulk outfits love it !!!,

  2. The agenda is real. Don't believe me? Ask Will Smith, Angelina Joli, and Charlize Theron.
    Don’t even get me started on her putting that little boy on pink shoes all the damn time. SMH

    • Amber Rose and Wiz too
      I think it was an article with Amber dressing her son in girls clothes and Wiz kissing the boy in the mouth

    • The kosher owned agenda will either have the african and caucasians killing each other, destroying each other via inter racial relationships, or self destructing via the promotion of homosexuality…
      The only community resisting the kosher power is the asian community … how come caucasians and africans are not trying to do as the asians so they no longer fall into the racial war traps designed by the kosher people for so many centuries ?

  3. Just remember – they all get paid, fame and they all have to strike those poses – or they are done. No money, none of these celebs would even care about the agenda, directed by Jhews.

  4. Folks wanted day rights and they wanted folks to accept gays well this is what you get youbwanna teach kids about tolerance against gays then get mad cause a mom cross dresses her kids well america you wanted a gay world deal with it

  5. So whatever you want a child that age, don't make any damn decisions on what the hell he wears.. Adele ass have bought into this new agenda. SMDH
    All the Hollyweird people have lost their damn mine.. I won't be listening to her music any longer..
    This is just plain disgusting, she making and allowing this to happen…

    • I hear you, I liked Adele too but I always have to remind myself that she and all the other celebrities are a part of the problem. Look at how they started on Shiloh at birth. A skull t-shirt and blue pants on a new born baby girl?!?

      They are attacking us at all angles with this trans mess. I read an article a while back called "The frog of war", it gives insight into how they are allowing chemicals that they know are changing the gender of frogs into our water and food supply without any penalties or regulations what so ever. It's like they want it to happen.

      Lord help us .

      • The Lord our God will help those who seek him.. But first we must confess our sins and give ourselves back to him.. We are all sinner, but we don't share the same sins.. Jesus is real and these people have lost their minds, in order to achieve fame.. Now most folk get crazy when you start talking about Jesus.. But just remember "FOOTPRINTS". He carried me when I couldn't carry myself..

  6. I use to wear boys clothing when I was young because I wanted to- hello I was a kid. So what if her son has that on if he wants to grow up.

  7. They don't need Adele any longer . She is very outspoken and kind of rude. She had that throat sugary then the horrific Grammy performance. She isn't that great yt hope that they tried to force feed us. Now you see pics of her looking like this and doing controversial things . They don't need Adele any longer .

    • @mydiary you are so wright they don't need her nomore damm she tow up without all the makeup

  8. You people are pathetic! So much hate! You can’t bring a child up to be gay. Right away when some people see a boy or a man in a dress they think he is gay. Wrong! Being gay has nothing to do with what you wear. It has to do with who you are attracted to. You see, gay men are attracted to men. Not men in dresses. There is no agenda! The only “agenda” is that members of the LGBT community doesn’t want to be bashed. If you don’t like someone in the LGBT community just don’t bother with them. No one is shoving anything down anyone’s throat. They just want to let you know they exist and they don’t want to be discriminated against and met with violence. They want to be treated with respect and dignity just like anyone else. The people that are saying Jews this and agenda that are watching too many Youtube videos and too much Alex Jones. Just stop the hating. Even gay and transgender people are human too.

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