Jaden Smith Lookin’ Strung Out With Criminal Girlfriend!

jaden smith strung out girlfriend

Just call Jaden Smith “Black Boy Lost” because the teen has been wandering around NYC looking strung out with his criminal girlfriend!

The 17-year-old attended a few fashion shows last week with his glassy eyes and dilated pupils… He also had a fresh coat of polish on his nails!

jaden smith girlfriend strung out

What do you think? Is Jaden and his girl on that stuff?

Will and Jada, come get your son!


  1. Will help your child, his eyes are empty, there's no soul to be seen in him.. You and your wife should not have had kids, if you didn't want to raise them. This is sad and there's nothing else to say, but be a parent..

      • Your eyes are the windows to your soul.. He dead inside and his parents have let him raise hisself..

  2. I guess the illuminati and their puppets think that they are so smart that they will actually get people to turn gay, but no matter how much money, weapons and pressure they put on the weak, there are some things in nature that they can never control.

    • LMAO….I swear a lady just said that the other day. I thought they went to some fancy fresh expensive prep school in Cali. Come to find out their parents dropped a bunch of cash in building a Scientology based type place that their kids rarely attended. I fell out when that lady said: "Have you ever hear the youngest Smith kids speak? They both come off as arrogant know it alls and by the time they're done they sound like 2 illiterate drop outs from another planet." Will and is wife have so problems they need to seriously address…damn.

      • I love your screen name. I guess the Smith's think money will shield they kids. NOT! Education is a defense against many things. It may not save everyone from everything, but it helps!

  3. "Will and Jada, come get your son!" <<<Pahleaze.. they are the damn problem. I can't stand how they are training these kids. Poor things.

  4. Why is it that most famous ppl in Hollywood have kids that turn out to be crazy as hell ????thats how u know Hollywood is evil

  5. Jaden looks so sad and empty. He looks like there is no real joy in him. That's not right for a kid his age.

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