Caitlyn Jenner’s Gender Reassignment Surgery Has Been Booked!

caitlyn jenner gender reassignment surgery

Caitlyn Jenner is officially trading in her meat and potatoes for a cookie, according to In Touch magazine.

The former patriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner family debuted herself as “Caitlyn” last year, and now, she’s ready to go all the way with her transition.

The Olympic gold medalist is planning to undergo full gender reassignment surgery this fall!

“She’s been talking to her doctors and she’s finally ready. She’s turning 67 in October and is looking at this as a birthday present to herself. She already feels like a woman both mentally and physically, but she wants to do this.”

Initially, Caitlyn didn’t want to speak about whether or not she would keep the private parts she was born with, but she did say she was still attracted to men. That has since changed, and the reality t.v. star was spotted with her black boyfriend over the weekend.

I guess once her transition is complete, Caitlyn and her new boo will be ready to take things to the next level!

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  1. Told y'all he wanted to be a bitch who wanted some black dick like his ex wife, and daughters

  2. BS. That dude is not going all in…fyi InTouch magazine is not a reliable source.

  3. Thats gonna be they're sacrifice! Up in age major surgery?!? Yea hes a goner…

    • You are, and always will be, junk. I know it's all popular to hate on transgender people in right-wing stupidland, but a 2×4 might fix it. Give it a shot. Straight to the noggin. Hard.

  4. Bruce won't be getting his nuts cut off and he's been having sex with men since the 1970s. Many men who are transvestites have sex with other men and that is what Bruce is.

  5. I have it on excellent authority that this press release was a last ditch effort for Bruce to save his show. He hoped that it would revive interest in his ahem "journey to womanhood." lol

    Hid dick is going NOWHERE. He is an autogynophile which is different from a transgender. He gets his rocks off by putting on women's clothes, hair and makeup. He doesn't really want to BE a woman.
    If he cuts off his dick he won't be able to orgasm, which defeats the whole purpose of dressing up like a slut. Genuine transgender "women" can't wait to get their dicks cut off because they hate them. They don't even care that they can never have an orgasm again.

    Bruce and all the big hulking linebacker sized "transgenders" are really just old fashioned transvestites like someone else ^^ already said. The trannies like Eddie Murphy and other black celebs like are not transvestites. The ones who actually resemble women.(and were gay when they were men.)
    That helicopter pilot Bob Tur, who is now called Zooey Tur, the one who filmed the whole OJ Bronco chase, is just like Bruce. And you'd never mistake him for a chick.

    • Oh yes, please share all of your knowledge of transgender. What a tool you are.

      • So are you saying that Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, an avowed conservative Republican who is not keen on marriage equality is the same as the transgender MTF such as the ones in "Paris is Burning?" He detests his male genitalia and cannot wait to get rid of it?
        That dude/ette is nothing like a genuine trans woman. LGB community loathes him and feels no commonality with him/her.

        I know a hell of a lot more about the situation than you might imagine.
        I have no issue with trans people.
        I do have an issue with Caitlyn.

  6. Dressing up like a ho is one thing Bruce is sucking dick like a bitch and taking black cock in the ass

    • It's clear why crazy is in your name, chris. Now how about we lube up a big dildo with hot sauce and you bend over, loser.

  7. He wants all the bells and whistles of womanhood but wants to keep his man parts. He's bisexual so why give up that other half.

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