Zulu Nation Caught Threatening Afrika Bambaataa’s Alleged Victim on Audio!

afrika bambaataa audio threatening victims

Multiple men have come forward with claims that Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa molested them as children and teens. The Zulu Nation has since parted ways with their founder, but not before calling up one of the victims to threaten him!

Two taped phone calls have been recovered from one of the most vocal victims, Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage. Savage was subjected to threats and bullying by the Zulu Nation’s lieutenants, including Mickey Bentson. When Mickey’s threats didn’t work, he attempted to get Savage to retract his accusations against the rap icon.

“You damn hurt everybody in our whole organization, bro—and we would not expect that from you. “[If it was] anybody else [but you] we’d be like, ‘Man, f*ck that n*gga.’ We’d tear that n*gga’s head off. Stomp him the f*ck out, B. For real, B. He’d be missing in action.”

The first call occurred on March 30, a day after Savage’s appearance on The Star Chamber. Bentson dismisses Savage’s allegations, saying on the tape:

“Anything a m*ther f*cker did—he wanted to do it, man. Ain’t nobody force nobody to do nothing, bro. Ain’t nobody put no knife to their throat, didn’t put no gun to their head—no one took no bat to their face. N*ggas did what they wanted to do, man, because they wanted to do that.”

Wow, did he really blame children for being molested and taken advantage of by a grown azz man?!

“I’m 57 years old, man,” Bentson also says in the audio. “Bam is 60 years old, man. Y’all are tearing us apart with the bullsh*t. If this was something that was on your mind, this sh*t should have been out 20 years ago, 25 years ago. Why are we hurting the brand that we have, man? This is a brand, B.”

Oh hell nah.

Peep the full conversation here.

Anyone out there still think Bam is innocent? Just like rumors suggested, Bentson has pretty much confirmed that Bam’s predator ways have been covered up by the Zulu nation for years!


  1. I really do wish these idiots would stop calling themselves "Zulu nation". Insulting my culture like this? that make me sick.

    • The DeBeers israeli company is ripping off the Zulus despite the "end" of Apartheid…
      Guess what ? The same joowish from NYC bankrolled the "zulu nation" …
      Connect the dots my dear !

  2. No one is surprised! Bambooty Diggler is busted! The Doolu Nation has managed to go unchecked for years, with no consequence… They need to leave the victims alone, and die slow….It's alarming to know, that their are so many negroes that are openly covering up, and defending a homosexual pederast, because money and prestige, is more important than bringing a sicko to forefront and exposed! I'm soooooo not surprised!

  3. Underaged children cannot consent to sex so even if they were happy to have their young bowels breached, it is still an offence. Just to be clear, these abused children were molested. I hate the musick industry ?

  4. All will eventually be revealed and 2016 is a year of powerful revelation. I hope the brand is destroyed, Bam is ruined and the Zulu Nation is disbanded.

    Bam is more than an old queen, he is a pedophile and he needs to be excommunicated and exiled from the village (Black Community) — that is what African tribes did with those who were hopelessly anti-social and harmful to the tribe.

  5. Most people who are molested are not assaulted with a gun/knife on them. He should be ashamed of himself for being so selfish and insensitive.

  6. He took advantage of innocent kids who were star struck. The entertainment industry is pure evil. Yet so many are willing to sell their souls to be apart of it.

  7. Will we ever learn the truth? Why, after all these years? Just tired of stories like this over and over in the media.

    • That is borderline blaming the victim. If yo knew anything about the psychology of sexual abuse, you would realize that many people need almost a LIFETIME to come to grips with what happened to them. Some never do.
      I was raped by my step father when I was 12, and it took me until I was mid thirties to stop blaming myself and accept that I was a victim. And I never told anyone all those years because I didn't want to be responsible for putting a BM in prison.

      Talk about brain washing.

      • Speak on it! Thank you for being a voice of education to our community – that women and children must always be a sacrifice for the men. I thought men were supposed to protect the women and children? The mentality that was imposed on you is how these undercover pedos get away with shit.

      • @ 22:44 Wow… I'm sorry to hear that. Sending you intentions of Spiritual healing.

    • @ anon 22:10
      like this over and over in the media….its only reported in the ghetto blogs. Mainstream media, white/latin blogs (and some 1% blacks) could care less. They are far more interested in mainstream/1% hollywood, politics, Asia-EU, jobs & wall street than what happens in hip hop, which most of them, albeit entertaining, doesn't consider music.

  8. Predators and perverts are all around us Wrap your pop is perverted I knew it was perverted back in the 80s when they started making videos with all the shirtless men And no women. When you have a musical genre based on denigrating women and uplifting male to male relationships well there you go… Perfect breeding ground for pedophiles.

    Had a few young male relatives talking about they wanted to be a rapper the family immediately shut down that pipe dream.

  9. Calling women bitches saying I get huh with niggers, I due for my homie, I live my homie f*ck all u bitches I'll never live a bitch or a ho but live my homie I'll take a bullet for my homie you my nigger yeah all gay hints rappers making statements bout I hate fags like easy e beating a drag queen up or bushbuck bill saying hell pin po a dude in jail

  10. Michael Jackson, prince pushed the gay agenda, like boy George, and Madonna did and George Michael, Whitney Houston and some more who p used the gay agenda rappers are now doing more openly gay stuff like painting Nails, embracing drag Queens, dating trannies, wearing skirts jyat like motley crew when they said we wear my makeup but well still kick your ass

    • and guess what…The Gays are united and a power to be reckoned with. Blacks are far too envious and have much too much hatred for each other to EVER be united or considered a threat ever again.

      • The gays are more powerful than ever especially when they are free masons.
        The gays have destroyed the notion of family, country, race, honor, etc…
        They've been hiding on the shadows waiting for their moment to blow up !
        Now they act in the daylight …
        War they want ?
        War they'll get…
        Homocide is the only answer

        • you do know black americans are now a smaller minority in the US. out of all of the black population in this country, possibly only 1% will take up arms. The majority of the blacks are either too scared or too busy trying to feed their kids without a male in the house. Also, the wealthy 1% black elite will never support you. Money is faaaar more important to them than any black causes they can't be bother with.
          And the most important…blacks are much too divided to take up arms.

          • almost forgot…There are powerful gays (and blacks) who work in the government that monitor the ghetto blogs (and others) for any type of threats to The United States. You talking bout homicide will have you on their watch list.

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