Bodyguard Exposes Suge Knight: “He Wanted Eminem Killed!”

suge knight tried kill eminem

Eminem’s former bodyguard has come forward with claims that Suge Knight had the Detroit rapper on his hit list!

During an interview with Murder Master Music Show, the former bodyguard, Big Naz, reveals that during the time he worked for Em, he feared for both of their lives. He claims Suge is the reason why he was always on high-alert.

“There was a situation at the Source Awards, which was our first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchmen. They had it to where the artists couldn’t sit with the bodyguards. I notice Em is in the aisle and he is beefing with all these guys in red shirts. This is what they said: ‘Death Row motherf***ers! Suge Knight sent us to strong arm Eminem and it’s going down!’ I had to snatch Em up and call Dre, because he was backstage.”

Naz also talks about the time Em and his crew went to Hawaii, and they realized their trip would be anything but relaxing.

“The scariest moment is when we went to Hawaii. When the plane lands we are greeted by 20 Honolulu police officers and they told us that Death Row is here — they tried to hem [Snoop Dogg] up. Suge Knight had sent 50 guys to try to break up the show. When we got there, vacation mode was over, we were lockin’-n-loading, putting on bullet proof vests with their wives and girlfriends sitting next to them. We had to have Interscope pick up the tab to put Honolulu police with each bodyguard, because of how deep Suge was over there.”

This isn’t the first time Suge has been exposed for trying to get someone murked!

Peep the interview:


  1. Whatever Suga did in the past may have been necessary to thrive in the hip hop world as successfully as he did however someone wants him shut down forever today. Did he ever get those family visits or calls reinstated? I think he holds industry secrets that 'they' don't want revealed EVVA!

      • i was there! fakeeeeee there were no popo around ! nobody knew who he was at that time it was before facbook a and the fast net

  2. Oh boy. All of a sudden Diddy AND Suge's former bodyguards all have something to say and accuse them both of murder? Suge is in jail, so he can't do much, but Diddy is not, so you would think that BG would be scared. Sounds like more BS to keep the heat away from the Jhews. Too bad SOMEONE did not take out Eminem…

    • Truth. Diddy def had a hand in Biggies murder, along with suge and some industry higher ups. And yeah too bad eminem wasn't taken out. The shit he makes plays right into their death agenda, as well as helps to perpetuate many negative views of women and other groups.

    • Amen !
      When will a book will be written by these rap moguls to reveal how the jhews bankrolled that gangsta rap culture since the beginning…?

      • I'd like to know my damn self! Im actually kind of hoping that Suge himself writes a book, spilling ALL the industry tea before he kicks the bucket. I would read that shit in a minute!

  3. I'm amazed Suge is still alive. He lost his "get out of jail free card" a LONG time ago & he knew it because he was told to his face. In addition to knowing a lot of "dirty & uncomplimentary things about SEVERAL industry workers" from the lowest to the highest executive levels." Suge has done some of everything for these people from organizing the delivery of drugs to mansion gay sex parties to extorting a record label's executive's in laws at the request of the executive himself. Suge has organized various murders for some of the entertainment industry's higher ups, however, these same names are commonly unknown to the average person…on purpose, by choice & not limited to just the music industry.

    In addition to the things he did for people in the industry Suge also took part in helping LAPD & LACSD set up street level criminals, drug dealers & gang members as well. There's several cats in county jail & prison right now who know Suge's Intel got them there. Suge has also been involved in setting up a few LAPD employees as well. Deaths & loss of positions took place WITHOUT a single word in the media. All this coupled with the fact that Suge became an obvious & complete menace to society even AFTER he was asked to "chill out" is why he's where he is now. He proved to be an uncontrollable loose canon…who knows too much about a city, too many people's dirty laundry/personal business & is a man who can manipulate & destroy some powerful folks if given he opportunity. He's no more than a thug so they thought but he's proved otherwise & had to be stopped….for their sakes!!!

    Again, I'm sooooo surprised Suge is still breathing. I guess killing him would be too obvious OR he's got their dirt written/recorded somewhere that has yet to be found. This may be apart of why he couldn't have calls & visitors.

    • Damn Ms. Reg speak on it! Spill that tea! Been a hot minute since Ive had a good cup!

    • Suge Knight was a freemason and FBI Informant. However his role within the hollywood elites plans has come to an end. They will likely dispose of him within years to come.

  4. Everything/everyone i Hollyweird is EVIL. Regarding Suge, KARMA is a BITCH

    • Yup FUCK Suge Knight! My question is why do you still have so many former deathrow employees who still cape to defend him? Threats and fear perhaps?

  5. That's why he is where he is now in jail. He can no longer bully people. He need to stay there too.

  6. Lol is there anyone who suge knight HASN'T threatened to kill or harm severely? This thread should be rather interesting…

  7. Suge knight wanted to kill everybody, because he's violent and retarded!….. I agree with this kill though! Eminem is a disease that has spread, and spawned a cluster f*ck of white rappers! ???

    • Eminem was the first white rapper since Pete Nice from Third Bass…
      All of the other "white rappers" are biracial kazarian-caucasian jooz

    • You're a disease Brooklyn queen you and Tony and Truman show for that matter

  8. Thanks for the tea Ms. Reg!

    Never liked this fat f*ck. Too many of our talented bright black men would rather be footmen and play the heavies for the mafia, music and hollyweird jhews, and others who don't mean us well.

    As for Em, I ain't mad at him, he rapped about his side of the street. It wasn't like he was some Iggy Azaela.

  9. Right I agree he didn't perpetrate. He simply rapped about his life and city. He never took anyone's style or bite any other rapper, he was doing him. I like Empire and he's definitely in my top 10….

    • I agree with both of you. Em didn't steal, he did his thing with the utmost respect for the creators. They knew it too and very few OG rappers have anything bad to say about him. And all of 'em respect his wordplay.

      Suge and his Blood army are scary mofos for sure. I was on a plane that had to land between LA and NY because the Blood army was harassing all the stewardesses. They were going to NY to be on Saturday Night Live and perform Murder was the Case with Snoop.
      If that happened today, the TSA and HS would have thrown their asses in jail.

      • Isn't Suge also a handler, I strongly suspect he was one for all the deathrow artist.

        • Honey, Suge is THE Handler. Which is one reason his ass ain't been killed. LA is territory, sweetie and he infiltrated west side gansta rap with the group NWA, in particular Dr. Dre, cause he was the weakest link and had the talent and ego and could easily tricked, had Easy beaten and infected with the Monster, and was and still is the puppet master cause he has a street army that will run amok on these OC, Beverly Hills types if something happens to him. He met a lot of influential people during this football days. Remember, he did not just own a record label and a piece of the artist but he also is into music publishing…Joo territory. Still alive is cause he really doesn't give a f*ck about anyone's life including his own and was into enough grimey and secret shite of very, VERY top people to keep him very safe. He also stays one step ahead, if you can believe it. He is into some really dark, dark arts. He has truly let evil overtake him.

          • So then that explains why so many former deathrow employees, artist and producers have never bad mouthed him. I remember hearing about how snoop dissed him and got back-handed in the mouth by one of suge's goons. I also remember seeing a video of dj quik dissing suge, and unbeknownst to most folks, suge fired back and outed him as a switch hitter. Quik then went on 103. the beat and started talking all kinds of shit, and abruptly walked out. I wonder if he got any backlash from suge for that.

      • I remember coming across some font on LSA that said there were women being raped a deathrow-which of course isn't too hard to believe given the very dark and shady characters there. But most of the women who hung around deathrow, and especially in it's later years were groupies so they were there to get down anyways. LSA was the only time I had ever heard of that type of stuff going down, and in reality I heard far FAR more stories of men getting raped and sexually assualted at deathrow more than anything. I have also heard that there was a lot of gay shit going down and that everyone in deathrow was switch hitters. But most of the women who hung around deathrow, and especially in it's later years were groupies so they were there to get down anyways.

        • Many of those guys are switch hitters. Some are threatened and intimidated into compromising situations. You ass or your life so to speak. There was a lot of sexual assaults that happened at Death Row to both men and women…maybe those women would come forward, but it's hard to confess that you were a good-time girl that was viciously attacked. Society has a tendency to blame you for your own rape under those circumstances. @ The Truman Show: Suge kept a lot of people in line using humiliation, sexual aggression and blackmail. His private parties for VIP's were legendary. Like an "Eyes Wide Shut" but without the masks in most cases. He also used the dark arts to imprint f*cked up shit on many people with and without their knowledge, MLK Ultra style. If you can believe it, their were dark spirits at those parties and in secret rooms, in the studio, those dark forces were deployed to cause havoc in the lives of those that they could touch. Just like certain types of rock music contained spells designed invoke societal changes, the same can be said about gansta rap at the time–cultivated by those in the cabal to create strife and feed to the most base and carnal aspects of humanity and take away love. I know this all sounds farfetched but it really happened and still continues to happen. The music industry has been corrupted because music is one of those intangible, powerful things that can seeps down into the unconscious and, under the right circumstances, cause negative or positive changes in brainwaves, psychology, emotions and in extreme cases the physical body itself, depending on the notes used or the intentions. That is taken very seriously and utilized by those in the know.

            • Lol it's all good. Wow once again, thanks for all that info. Suge is just such an evil person, and hopefully he finally receives his karma because you cannot continue to go through life, bringing harm to onto others like that. Yeah I can kinda put together many of "dots" and put the important pieces together. As for the assaults, Ive heard nate, snoop, daz, and even kurupt were beaten, and even sexually assaulted on deathrow. As for quik Im skeptical, but I don't put anything past suge, especially when quik is known to have suffered from ptsd. I think Suge also used some people as "fall guys" for either sacrifices, and I think quik was a fall guy/patsy in one of those cases given his association with the bloods-(the color of sacrifice)- in the case of the dude being stomped to death at the deathrow party, and piece where he was a suspect in Biggies murder


              Ive also heard of many getting hassled. Bone thugs have also suffered a lot of misfortune and they have also openly practice satanism and dark occult arts. Every artist who has been associated with deathrow has suffered some kind of personal tragedy, or loss, some more than other. That's such a hard way to live. Always looking over your shoulder and having to worry constantly about not stepping out of line and being blackmailed, harmed or killed. When Suge knight finally kicks the bucket, I expect that veil of fear to finally lift and folks to start expressing how they really feel and truly reveal themselves.

  10. Just goes to show no matter how much money and starpower these people have, they're not untouchable and they're still very much mortal.

  11. Suge serves the devil period I don't think he had easy injected with HIV he did say f*ck easy which means he don't give a f*ck about disresecting dead folks there's karna and it came back on him which was why folks was beating his ass and shooting him he was a big target and he wanna still act like death row is a force he must got pac talking to him telling him to go out and hurt people anyway hll forever be connected to the deaths of pac, and biggie he played a part in it even if he didn't pull the trigger him and pac stopped Orlando and pac was killed maybe they didn't have time to really f*ck suge up but he got his later swear you gonna claim blood or any gang and serve Satan you gonna get shot or go to jail and folks still wanna claim gangs

    • Suge did infect Easy with the Monster-not through injection of a needle. It's why Easy wanted to straight up kill him for being violated. And his street army is not just LA gangs. Like I said, he is into some really evil shit, but there are others that have risen in the ranks and are trying to come together a bring him down. Plus, he is owed millions from Death Row sale and money from other publishing rights in his name also puts a bull's eye on his back. Even so, Suge has some VERY powerful shit going on… and that's why the mofo doesn't die when shot a million times. He may just walk away from this last stint a free man, you never know. Suge Knight still stays alive because with him it's not a pact he's in the cabal and has been for a long time and he is a favorite cause there is nothing that he won't do and that is a rarity.

    • If you gangbang in 2016 you are completely retarded(not you, those who do it). Joining gangs period is retarded in this current era. These kids, and some adults are fighting and dying over streets and shit that they don't even OWN.

  12. Damn… Keep spilling the tea! Like the anon above at mentioned, it explains why none of the fomer DeathRow artist have ever truly "thrown him underneath the bus." Suge is one evil, EVIL f*ck. Makes me wonder what kind of satanic/black magic were they practicing over at deathrow. Of course Suge knight is a handler, and was a handler for so many artist underneath him. Ive been doing my fair share of research on MK ULTRA, DeathRow records and of course Suge Knight. There was definitely some MK ULTRA type shit going on behind the scenes, especially with all the artist referring to him as a type of "fatherly figure", pimp, who would buy his artist trinkets to keep them wowed and loyal to him.

    • @Truman. see my answer to you above. What ever is said is only the tip of the iceberg but you are awake so I hope you take the clues and continue your research. Just be careful how and where you search on these matters because too many red flags can make you a targeted individual. The internet is like a house with the doors wide open….

  13. Suge is actually very pro-black despite his dirt. I respect that he not only doesn't kiss devil ass, but he's not afraid to put in real work. He's shown that over and over.

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