Chilli & Nick Cannon Ready to Go Public?

chilli nick cannon dating

Things seem to be heating up between TLC’s Chilli and Nick Cannon. The two have been secretly dating for the past couple months, and according to Page Six they’re not hiding their romance anymore!

“They’ve been seeing each other for about two months. She really likes him and they’re spending a lot of time together. She’s beaming all the time. She’s met his friends and family. Everyone approves.”

The source also added Chilli will be attending the taping of Nick’s show “America’s Got Talent,” next Tuesday, and she will be sitting right next to his mom.

The singer was even spotted backstage helping to braid her man’s hair. Awww, how cute…

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Nick initially denied dating Chilli. When asked if they were hooking up he replied, “I would be so lucky to be able to be called ‘dating’ her. This is all new to me. I’m not ready for titles and all that stuff.”

Maybe he’s not ready for titles because he’s still legally married?

What do you think? Is Chilli a step up or a step down from Mariah?


  1. The stork CLEARLY dropped my ass in the wrong hemisphere….
    How did I miss this transition??? I know I'm not crazy….wasn't she dating & planning to marry Brad Jones a minute ago? I know she's known Nick for a long time but dating….ummmm, not impossible but I don't think so. Nick is cool to look at, sex & hang out with NOT to be taken seriously. Chili says one thing out her mouth but "behaves in a manner contrary to what she leads others to believe." THIS brings back an odd memory….

  2. She's been run thru like a freight train.. Nick just like to draw attention to hisself..
    Chilli has too many rules and she's been in the business.. Shaking my head at these two

  3. My uncle's friend use to date chili and I heard my mom telling her friends how much of a nasty hoe chili is but that was back in the day maybe she changed but she goes thru men like water I don't see this relationship lasting that long honestly.

    • I remember hearing about how she gave some folks at deathrow lapdances and shit. Suge knight even stated that "she's been on her knees more than a nun in church"- lol.
      Even after all those abortions, she was still getting down and dirty.

    • Someone on on here posted a while back that Prince took her out on a date a first and only date and had sex with her and then kicked her out of the car. Dayum!!!

  4. Nick usually have good taste in women but not in this case, Chilli is wack as hell.

  5. Chilli has a jaded past, but she thought she was Gods gift back then. She's been humbled tremendously since then! The episode that she had with the late Prince was the worst. Lmao! But anyway, Nick is a cornball, and a hack. Marian Carey is rich, and she used to could sing, but she's a Herpes infested whore, with a jaded past. Not to mention a codependent alcoholic! Everyone in the industry, especially this most successful celebrities, f*ck and suck each other for the come up! Both the men and women, okay. So stop it, with the Nick is too good for Chilli! Please! Haven't you noticed that people in the industry share lovers. They all end uo with someone else's old piece! Nick is trying to get his paper up, and he needs a chick that ain't drama filled, with good puss, that's all!????

    • Oh and please, don't try to check me on the whole, Mariah used to could sing! I deliberately composed a grammatically incorrect sentence! So there!????

    • Can you enlighten me on the episode she had with Prince. I never heard the details.

      • Okay! What had happened was……When Chilli was the it girl, and Hot, Prince asked her out, he told her to pack her bags, and that a limo would be waiting for her to transport them to the airport to whisk them away on this romantic getaway! Well, once Chilli was in the limo, Prince wet them panties up, as his driver continued en route to the airport… Well, when Prince was done, the limo stopped, and Prince said….?and Prince said?….okay! Okay!…..And Prince said, we're here!….And when Chilli opened up the car door she was back at her crib. Then Prince closed the door and drove off!?????. He wasn't an easy person, or very nice at times, but he heard about her rep, and he wanted a sample too! P s I know that celebrities be on these blogs, so I hope that this ain't Chilli asking???? And if it is, girl?? Why you let him do you like that???????

        • Prince was a bitch who didn't show much love to BW in his personal life and of course he CHOSE not to marry one I don't know why BW ride/mammy so hard for non-reciprocal males.

    • Truth. The game is rough and sad, especially for a lot of female singers/entertainers. Men get it too, but with women it's more out there and of course women fall under more scrutiny because of it. Chilli's was a beautiful lady, still is; but it's clear that she's had her ups and downs with self esteem and such. Like you stated in one of the other comment sections, I don't envy these celebrities or anything they have. They all paid a very STEEP price for it all. They can have it!

  6. I thought Chilli had sworn off black men? Last I heard she was looking in the white pond.

    • IKR? Last I saw of her was that dating show she was on when she told the cave boy she'd rather have it short and fat than skinny and long. LOL!

  7. Will you brothas properly learn how to OPEN and CLOSE chapters in your life before starting something else? All these damn loose ends are messy as hell. smh

  8. Meanwhile, Chilli is the proud mother of 19-year-old lookalike son Tron Austin with Grammy-winning producer Dallas Austin.  The five-time Grammy-winning girl-group has recorded 15 tracks of their fifth studio album dropping later this year.  

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