Big Tigger Defends Keshia Knight Pulliam After Ed Hartwell’s Paternity Request

big tigger keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell

Big Tigger is standing up for his ex-girlfriend, Keishia Knight Pulliam, and slamming her ex-husband Ed Hartwell in the process.

In case you forgot, Keshia and Big Tigger dating secretly for years, and no one really knew they had broken up until Keshia was walking down the aisle with Ed.

Now that Keshia and Ed’s divorce is in the process, Big Tigger threw in his two cents after Ed made it known he wanted a DNA test to confirm the paternity of Keshia’s unborn child.

First, Tigger denied he was Keshia’s baby daddy, and then he proceeded to drag Ed.

“I find it incredibly unfortunate that any man would dessert his woman, his pregnant wife. Furthermore to do so behind her back while publicly questioning her character by asking for a paternity test to me is corny. That’s my opinion.”

Do you agree with him?


  1. Say what you will about Tigger and Vincent Herbert. Personally, I've always liked them. I don't care for the bitchazzness of the so called hip hop thugs. Give me a mild mannered fella any day over the 50 cent, Rick Ross, and Birdman.

    • I like Vince too.

      But did dude really spell it "dessert" or was that the site's error?

      • LOL I caught that too and because I like ole boy, I gave Tig the "emotional texting" pass. Which is why people should proofread, pause and then proofread again. It takes the sting out of the clap back/blast went you make those kind of errors. imo But, he will only get that one.

  2. Who the hell writes these stories?

    "Keisha and Big Tigger dating secretly for years" ?

  3. YES DEFINITELY…. check the character of the man you wit… stop overlooking things that he does that aren't correct … someday he may be "characteristically" wrong to you.

  4. Little Rudy Huxtable brought this on herself! She is impetuous, and sneaky! She wanted a baby, and she got one! Tigger isn't helping the matter by speaking on it! This is some ole nasty, cheap, generic tea, from the 99 cents store! Who cares about Little Rudy and Bud! ????? All I have today is shits and goggles! ???????????

  5. you have to give Tigger for being man enough not to jump on the bandwagon and bash Keisha like her husband. Remember how just recently a number of Halle Berry's Exes banned together and had all that bullshit to say about her. You have to respect a blackman who stands up and buck the women bashing system when it would have been easier to do the opposite and or just stay mum , silent because it is politically correct or to keep from being attacked. I say Go Tigger, I have Mad Respect for you taking the high road. Like Michelle Obama recently said in at the Democratic National Convention When they go Low, We go High. Thanks for taking the High Road, Tiger and even having the nerve to challenge Ed on his behavior. Also thanks for Protecting a Black Queen . More men need to follow your Lead in that respect. God Bless You.

  6. I give ? for making the statement. At least he breaks the idea that ALL brothas cosign with this type of degenerate predatory bullshit. Now the DL thing, …well, that's a different story.

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