Kris Jenner Injured in Car Accident

kris jenner car accident

Kris Jenner was just involved in a car accident off the 101 freeway near her home in Calabasas. According to TMZ, the impact of the crash was so severe, she may have broken her wrist.

Police say Jenner was driving her white Rolls Royce when it collided with a Prius. But TMZ wants everyone to know that Kris was not at fault! The Prius allegedly ran a red light.

Kris is being treated on the scene by paramedics. They didn’t want to remove her from the car because they didn’t want to further injure her. So, they pulled out an umbrella to shield the reality t.v. star from the paparazzi.

Kris just got the Rolls Royce a week ago.

You think Keeping Up With the Kardashian cameras were filming, or will they have to reenact the crash for the show?


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      • True !
        Prius are usually driven by family dads such as Ned Flanders…
        Plus no Prius is big enough to cause that much damage to a RR…
        My guess is that Kris was driving recklessly…

    • My Christmas wish is coming true! A mid air plane explosion, or anything flaming hot lawd! I just wished for their demise a couple of days ago! All the Jenner's, Kardashian's, Kanye, Jay -Z, Beyonce, and everyone that they slept with must die by burning! ????? Soon! Oh happy day! Ole happy day! When Jesus was! Well you'll know the rest! ??

      • Did you end up booking Jay-z & Junior-z's flights? Cause I sure wasn't going to.

        • What you mean??? I don't care! Their flights are booked as well! That's why I do my own booking, because of sensitive reapers like you! Be gone!? I'm not gonna lose out because your all sentimental about Jay-Z and Blue! Lmao!?????….You hypocrite! But Blue's mama can die though? Beyonce can burn though? Looks!

          • That's evil girl, 'member you got a baby. Don't wish ill, even to these vipers.

      • Hey BrooklynQueen,

        I hear you, but why must everyone these ppl slept with gotsta go too? That would include Amber Rose, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, etc, etc. I'd like to ask that the ppl they slept with be spared. Thank you. ??

  1. Can a Rolls break apart like this? That family has had so many accidents. Is it for being driven around so much that they don't know how to drive? That they have minimal experience?
    Who just buys a Rolls to drive around the corner?

    • Me! I had a Rolls in the late 90s, and I almost never drove it. But I loved to take it to the BP station and fill the gas tank at the self serve just to watch all the hillbillies and rednecks heads explode at the sight.

  2. Let's see, She/It/Him only hurt it's wrist and TMZ just happens to be the first on the scene. Never believe anything these ppl say.

    Also didn't it kill 2 ppl in a car accident a few months ago.

    • I totally believe it. You can't believe what a tank the big sedans are. They are heavier and more solid than an Army tank. I don't think there has ever been a fatality of a RR driver. Now, if you are in the other car, Lord help you.

        • OK Tony….I may have exaggerated just a bit. lol
          But the 4 door sedans, not the coupes like KJ was driving, have to be the heaviest cars on the road.

  3. Geez TMZ, we're so excited to hear "But TMZ wants everyone to know that Kris was not at fault! The Prius allegedly ran a red light."

    Such idiots.

    • That means that she was driving drunk. She is an alcoholic, a piss head, a drunken mess. I bet she was over the limit.

  4. Tmz is in the Kardashians pockets so I'm not surprised they absolved kris of responsibility.

  5. The poster's that are wishing death on people..what's the world coming to. Lord take the wheel. Be careful for what you say.. Everything that goes out must come back.

  6. The time is overdue for some tragedy to happen to that family It's too many of them making too much money It's just a matter of time no family goes unscathed. I predict the family would collapse when the mother dies.

  7. Why would the fire department give her special treatment if she does not have body parts ripped off? People have the nerve to say OJ got special treatment…

  8. Thats her first warning illuminati wants kylie to be the next Kim Kris it better happen soon are else

    • I know, right? Some of these folks get their brain swole after reading that website Viligent Citizen.

  9. Nothing phases that woman. She already bought a new RR. She will pay this guy $100K with an NDA to go away. Non story.

  10. Can I say something about the KKKs without sounding like I am a fan of theirs(cuz I am NOT)?

    I saw this whole scene on ET and within minutes of it happening the entire family including Kanye was there on the spot. They even pointed out the Khloe was in her house shoes because she just ran without changing.

    This got me thinking about why Lamar seems so determined to stay a part of the Klan. If you grew up in a very dysfunctional family as he did, and your dad was a heroin addict, the prospect of being a part of a huge family where everyone is always there for each other must be very appealing.
    I think that explains why, time after time, he just can't/won't cut the cord with them.
    I give them credit for being a tight family unit come hell or high water. I don't admire anything else about them, but I do think that they are ride or die for each other.

    • Because they're in The Order and they must be there for each other they took an oath. What, you think they really love each other so much? When you're in The Order aka Masons, etc. you show up when directed to.

  11. Maybe farf-fetched, but I think this was a warning from the Taylor Swift crew for the Kardasihian's to STFU and have all their friends STFU about the situation as well. A lot of money is being lost by the T.S. clan because of the Kardashian reveal about her. Just a thought…because like other posters said above, this accident is kind of fishy for a Rolls to sustain that much damage from a Prius.

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