WTF? Toni Braxton Claims Son Is “Cured Of Autism”

Toni Braxton Claims Son is Cured of Autism

“Our lives have changed. He has no signs of ‪autism. He’s our social butterfly… I’m very, very fortunate… He’s doing pretty wonderful. I’m pretty proud of him.” — Toni Braxton

Either Toni Braxton is batsh*t ‪cray — or — the ‘Un-Break My Heart’ sensation doesn’t exactly consider a person with autism to be of a capacity that’s worthy to be recognized for upholding those “Braxton Family Values”. Know why? She has come to the table claiming her son is — get this –“cured of autism”.

“Early diagnosis changes everything.” — Toni Braxton



Our hearts go out to Toni’s son, Diezel, who’s apparently catching the brunt of Toni’s apparent ill factor. Need we remind you the ‪prelude to all of this? Just last year, Toni put out word that “God had punished her for getting an abortion by giving her son autism.” Today, it seems that heart of hers still remains to be unbroken … Don’t you agree?

Here’s what Toni recently told ‪‎Access Hollywood:

“My son Diezel was off the ‪spectrum being autistic, and Suzanne Wright, who unfortunately just passed… she called me immediately and said, ‘Get him in this program, do this, do that’. She’s been an advocate and helped me so much; I miss her already, I can’t believe she’s gone.

Meanwhile … the late Susan Wright, who co-founded ‪Autism Speaks, left this word for us:

“Autism knows no ‪geographic, ‪racial, or ‪economic ‪boundaries — and no ‪precautions can be taken to prevent it. This is why we are working‪ around the clock to find the ‪answers we all so desperately ‪need.”

Toni Braxton Retweet From Autism Speaks


  1. He might have greatly improved, but looking at that picture, the eyes contradict Ms. Braxton.

    Some theories claim that eliminating milk because of the milk peptides reaction on the brain or eliminating wheat because of the gluten can greatly improve autism.

    But, with the inflammation of the brain, sometimes that damage cannot be reversed. And it is very hard to accept for a parent that the child is damaged or incapable of self-reliance.

    As for having an abortion, I don't know if that causes birth defects. Anyone heard of that?

    • Exactly. He might've always been closer to the more functional side of the autism spectrum, so maybe with good help, attention and treatment, he has just improved a lot. I've read some studies that say autism is related to early brain damage, and some that say it could be genetic. So in the genetic cases, maybe there is no real brain damage? She shouldn't be saying he's been "cured" though. On top of being flat out unfounded, her statements seem rather politically incorrect/insensitive.

  2. no one knows if he is cured or not. she is his mother and she is with him all the time. i can't say one way or the other because i don't live with them. and to sit in the seat of judgement against her is wrong. rejoice with her instead of condemning her. as for god punishing her for the abortion and causing this problem with her son, that is absolutely false because the bible says god is love and that my dear brothers and sister isn't love. toni you have to own what you did an abortion could cause problem with the body, it could be the food you were eating during pregnancy, inhaling pesticides, etc., it could be anything and we just don't know. nonetheless, i'm happy for her if he is fine.

    • @miss jackson, you made some valid points. By the way, it's God not god.

      • grammar police, you do realize nothing in my statement is properly capitalized. now, if i were writing a paper, sure but a blog, no. by the way the proper name to use is Jehovah God, i digress.

  3. God punished her for having an abortion by giving her son autism? No when she got an abortion she made a blood sacrifice to the devil. God had nothing to do with that. This is the same woman that sat in with her family to talk to a medium. She has to first get to know God to know He doesn't operate like that. Her whole family needs God and needs to stop pretending.

  4. She is bat shit crazy…there is no cure for autism. Now his behavior may have greatly improved to where he does not exhibit the exact behaviors he was before and as long as he receives the same level of care he may be just fine, but cured…No…

  5. Her son is cured of autism, just as much as Magic Johnson is cured of Aids! Remember when magic's wife Cookie kept saying that he was cured….lmao! My baby has autism(Aspbergers), which is the mildest form..So I know of what I speak! Toni Braxton is espousing, clear and utter bullshit! Her son may have achieved academically, by leaps and bounds. However, that doesn't negate the fact that he'll forever need assistance with understanding social cues, emotional disturbances(spazzing out for hours on end), and countless other things that come with the autism package! Her son is also on medication, and he doesn't smile! He's cured indeed Toni! Lmao! She needs to be ashamed of herself. She truly believes that her child was punished for her abortion! She needs to get over it and, accept her baby for who is. I homeschooled my baby, and I don't medicate him either! Some have to medicate, and I don't judge, I understand. Autism in black children, particularly males is caused by vaccinations, and can only be cured by not being stricken with it in the first place! Stem cell treatments were found to reverse, severe cases to mild, but those doctors were all murder within a month of each other. Look it up!

  6. I've found that children when children are loved, and accepted, they are the sweetest, most loving, giving people in the world! They reciprocate five times more than they've been given! She latching her shame on that baby, and for that she needs her ass beat! I want to slap her so bad! Watch the bitch back peddle, and say that she was misquoted! Ole dimwitted fool!…..Now that I got that off of my chest!???????

  7. I'm sorry to say her son has it flat look that autism brings.

    Jacky! Are you going to write a piece about Barron Trump being autistic?? He really showed how autistic he was at the convention if you compare him with Sasha and Malia Obama who were younger and more active… I'm surprised the press isn't writing about this. Trump didn't have his little youngest boy even say a few words on stage?? we all know rich white boys tend to be bratty & really want to talk and show off!

  8. Can ya'll read? She didn't say he was cured. She said he shows no signs of autism right now. That's not to say that he can't regress back a little bit.

    • No signs of autism is just as BS as cured…. not exhibiting severe behaviors, does not mean there is no sign of autism.

      What she should have said is his behaviors have improved.

    • yeah, so agree. that frisky hand, tatted up nasty phag will turn that lil boy out 4real like he did lil wayne funkin looking behind. yeah, she needs to keep her son clear of nasty mouth having birdman 4sho

  9. It is my understanding that the media isn't discussing Barron Trump's obvious autism because they have had a gentlemen's agreement not to discuss candidate's or presidential children under 18 ever since poor Amy Carter was the brunt of so many cruel jokes back in the 70s.

    It is being discussed rampantly on Reddit and other blogs though. He is definitely on the spectrum.

    • You must be kidding! They've dissed Sasha and Malia Obama from day one! Its a case of whites protecting whites the way that blacks should be protecting blacks!

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but I haven't ever read anything critical or unkind about the lovely Obama daughters being said by the media. People on the blogs YES!! But I have never heard Bill O'Reilly or Don Lemon etc say anything about the girls.
        That is what I meant. Back in the day, the actual people on TV talked shit about how homely Amy Carter was all the time. It was after that that they decided that POTUS's kid should be off limits until they are 21.

  10. the older she get the more dumber and uninformed she get? Toni, you may be a living legend but ima need that ass to sit the hell down with that non-medical, self diagnoses. really, homegirl? SMDH

  11. I dont believe her. If he was cure and with her status this would be way bigger than some blog headline. Every news channel and mornig show would want her on their show to tell them about his recovery. Nope, something in this milk is funny.

    • Not that good.

      No one is cured of AIDS in nearly 40 years, and no one who is truly autistic has been "cured."

  12. Where there's money there's a Cure period. Don't care who don't like my opinion…..

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