The Murders of Toya Wright’s Brothers: Drug Deal Gone Wrong?

toya wright brothers murder drug deal

New information regarding last week’s murder of Toya Wright’s two brothers has emerged.

Rudy and Josh Johnson were killed while sitting in a parked SUV in New Orleans.

The area where the brothers were killed is a high-traffic area that’s known for drug related activity, and residents from the area have now come forward with additional details, and many believe it was a drug deal gone wrong.

A witness claims he heard arguing after midnight on Sunday, and when he looked out his window, he saw a group of people surrounding the SUV Rudy and Josh were in.

He said disturbances in that area are common, so he went back into a rear room of his apartment. Moments later, he heard nine gunshots, but when he looked back outside, the suspects were gone.

The engine of the black SUV was still running, and Rudy and Josh were dead from gunshot wounds.

Several other neighbors said they suspect a connection to drug dealing near the brick apartment buildings where the SUV was parked.

“It be like they’re selling sno-balls over there,”


  1. Wholly and totally believable. The tats tell the story.

    Black folks need to leave that life before that life causes them to leave this life

    Many folks are happy about the karma of white folks and heroin, but this drug thing has got a stronghold on our community for decades and it is causing us to kill ourselves off. A slow suicide of the black community

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  2. Also, anyone hear about the boy who murdered his parents in Houston, TX and the father was a former NFL and CFL pro football player? Both shot in the head as they slept! They were a beautiful chocolate family with a business and beautiful home, prominent church attendance and their own business.

    WTF is going on with our folks?? Killing both parents??? That used to be the exclusive domain of the white kids.

  3. Our lives only matter when we feel that or matter a to White s. We don't care about ourselves so why do we expect people to respect us? BOB Crime is NOT an excuse for price killings. We have to respect each other yo

  4. RIP!
    I have a better chance of getting hurt in the hood than any place else so I stay out of the hood. Some people I know get pissed off at me because I don't go visit them because they live deep in the hood I say too bad I'm down for my personal safety.

    • Smart move! I know people that were fortunate enough to leave the hood, but went back to visit friends and were killed senselessly! Mistaken identity! Ain't that some shit! Fuck that, let them come visit you!:-) 🙂 🙂

      • You know some hood people hate to leave the hood they don't want to drive 15 minutes downtown! The hood is a dangerous place for black people. ?


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  7. The practice of calling all deaths and murders of black folk is just further denial and obfuscation of what is going on in black families and communities. We ignored/denied child abuse in the family for years and look where we are now. Yes, we finally acknowledge it, but many children have paid the price for our silence in the meantime.

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    People do not "sacrifice" their beloved family members. That is some superstitious old time bullshit.
    Those young men died because of the life they were in. If you refuse to see the truth, then they dies in vain and no lesson is learned.

    • I agree with you @Anon 2:38 and the fool below cursing proves what you said. Black on black crime has killed more than the KKK and the cops period. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. As if those elites ruling the world care about a low level reality star and her dopehead brothers, RIP. Pure nonsense. Her dopeboy brothers aren't elite nor making that big money so no use to them. Whitney, Prince, Mike, yeh. These hood story? Hell no.

      • ANON @23:01 What ARE you talking about? Black on Black crime has NOT killed more than the KKK, white supremacist groups, or cops. The just keep a better tally of B.O.B.C. b/c it's a great argument for whites to use when blacks challenge with evidence a system that has been killing them in secret for years. Do you believe that the media reports are not skewed in one direction? Know this – initiates for some neo Nazi groups STILL kill Blacks..but they do it in the hood so it looks like it was BOBC. Or they are kidnapped and never found because the news doesn't feature black "runaways" or "kidnapped or missing" victims past a certain age. So quit talking about ignorance and get out in the world and you will see what's really happening behind the Veil. BTW, killing to get to the next level has nothing to do with elite. It has to do with loyality, power (Occult), and many other things I can't speak on here. It can be an initiation into something. If you think about what it takes to get into a gang or a college fraternity that hazes, or a secret society, you will get what I mean because it is all related. I'm not completely sure if this is such an instance-but there are certain markers that are suspicious.

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  9. well lets see if her "sacrifice" pays off.
    I m not seeing it.

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