Mariah Carey Seeking Revenge Against Nick’s Alleged Jump-Off?


HSK Exclusive – Brittany Dailey fears Mariah Carey will call up MTV and get her fired from Nick Cannon’s television show Wild ‘N Out. Dailey, 27, tells HSK, “I never slept with Nick. I’m not his mistress and people are using my name to make him look bad in his divorce.”

Daily went on to say Nick Cannon called her the night before to warn her about the article about her being his mistress in the August issue of Star Magazine.

Here’s what Dailey exclusively told HSK:

“None of girls on the Wild ‘N Out cast slept with Nick. The only time we see Nick, after shooting the show, is at the airport.

People are so mean and evil. They’re calling me an escort and I’m no such thing. It’s all a smear campaign, to make Nick look like he was cheating on Mariah.”



  1. Oh better yet Mariah needs to seek revenge on her career or lack thereof. Take that angry and sing biatch

    • Me too. Mariah have gone since that first meltdown. Didn’t she had a couple more since the twins was born?

  2. This young woman would probably be a more suitable mate for Nick. Mariah may have found her ex his next.

  3. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Perhaps she’s just the most attractive female on the show, that’s why their linking her.
    He’s also been linked to another beautiful young lady. I think her last name is Sanders. She hasn’t came out to defend her ‘good name’ yet. Nick definitely has a type.

  4. Trust me that is not his jump off. I know Nick personally… He does not have any other woman he is all about making his own money… As far as Mariah she is jealous of his success.. You guys just wait the real story will come out soon….

      • LOLOL.. I’ll tell you a little bit… Mariah is Schizophrenic and Nick has custody of the children… But there’s more..

        • I cosign this. I don’t know Nick or Mariah, but I know one of the attending physicians who treated her after her ice cream meltdown on TRL.
          She is certifiable. When not medicated she can go full metal jacket bonkers. Her embarrassing album flop was the real catalyst for her most recent psych crash.
          I like Nick and I always have. He may be corny, but he’s a good man. I am so glad to hear the words of out insider above. Now I can continue to admire his ambition and character.

          • Yes Nick is a wonderful person.. He is a true family man.. He loves his children and his wife. But the only thing is that Mariah is really crazy… She is always medicated or drunk… I feel so sorry for Nick.. I told Nick years ago not to marry her.. Everyone in the industry knows she is crazy!!!

            • I don’t believe a word. I never did believe Mariah was crazy. I think a certain jilted music mega mogul tried to make her look that way…I think Nick is taking a cue from his predacesor and taking the easy way out….making her look crazy because the public already believes she is. Personally I don’t buy it. I think he’s planting stories to get a leg up in the divorce. He’s gonna need every penny he can suck out of her to laser that big ass Mariah tatoo off his skinny back.

            • Anonymous 19:22 Then explain why many years after she left Tommy she cracked up and had to be forcibly committed to UCLA Medical Center for 2 weeks? She has serious mental issues. Now, what CAUSED them, who knows for certain? But she is as stable as her idol Marilyn Monroe. And without help, she may end up the same way.

            • Oh f*cking PU-LEASE! Keep spinning it, NICKS camp!
              Now here is the REAL TRUTH! Nick married Mariah because to him it was more of a business arrangement … Just like the Carters! But Mariah truly loved him, though to Nick, it was just business. Yes, Mariah is very controlling and perhaps has some issues but she isn’t crazy. And even if she was crazy, Nick has made matters worse. She truly cared for him and showed it by being too damn controlling and paranoid! But know this: Where there is smoke there is fire, and she knew from early on that Nick had jump-offs but she couldn’t prove it because Nick always talked her out of it. Nick has had side pieces all along. He knows that Mariah has more fans than he does and far more influence in the biz so he is doing everything to smear her because he is so afraid of ruining his precious brand! Nick is pulling a Kevin federline! Yeh, he is worth a lot more than federline and is actually working, but he knows that Mariah is gold! Too bad she finally listened and got fed up with all the cheating, huh? He knows Mariah can ruin his black ass! And guess what? It. Is. On! Mark my words and sit back and watch what happenes in the weeks and months to come. Nick cannon won’t have much of a pot to piss in, and he probably will only have a car window to throw it out of!!! Just kidding on that last note, but just watch, people. This is just beginning.
              Btw, this sucka anon 21:20 is helping Nick to keep his name clean by commenting on here. But Nick is a dirty dawg!!! Yes, the truth WILL COME OUT. I know it and so does he. Keep spinnin’ it tho! Yeh, you know the truth alright and it ain’t what you’re reporting.

    • You are a f*cking LIAR! Just stop!!! Nick has a few jump-offs! I know one of them personally, so take your lying ass out of here and stop spinning for Nick.
      Screenshot this page, people and remember what I say…THE TRUTH IS GONNA COME OUT!!!!

      • I also dont believe a physician gave out mariahs mental status, doctors are bound by hippa laws they cannot disclose medical information to just any body

        • @anna This is a gossip site and I am not bound by HIPPA or any ethics. And who said the doctor in question was disclosing info to “just any body”?
          Did it occur to you that I might be very very close to said doctor?

          • Its not you that would be bound its the DOCTORS that are bound by hippa laws not to dicuss medical records with anyone,except police, anytime the doctor wants to even ask another doctor about a patients medical history they must get the patients signed consent, the laws are strict

            • Not exactly, Anna, but nice try. All covered employees of a hospital are bound by hipaa (which has two a’s,I might add) but trust me when i say that human error and ill intent occur every day. If it didnt then I would be out of a job…. 🙂

        • Another lie! Nick is was and is only worth twenty to thirty million, when Mariah is worth more than 500 million! So obviously you are on here spinning it for Nick! Everyone knows Nick married up and married for more money!! When most people have money they strive for more money by any means necessary!!! “I tell the truth” is a blatant contradiction!!! On here lying out his/ her Ass!!

          • Besides, Nick was asked in an interview a long long time ago who his type was. The OPPORTUNIST said Oprah because she’s rich. Soon after, he was with Mariah. I never trusted Nick.

            • I hate that gap in history when articles weren’t uploaded on the internet. When Social Media wasn’t as accessible. Makes it so hard to find shit. Damn.

            • Girl I remember this!!!! Yes!!! He sure did!!!! Omg, I had forgot about that until I just read what you wrote here!!! That says a lot!!!

            • That reminds me of that Dave Chappell skit when he was dating Oprah for her money lol

  5. Naw I’m not buying it. Nick married UP. He used that tragic mulatto and cheated on her all the way.

    • Nick did not marry up… He was already worth 30 million dollars when he got with Mariah.. Mariah was worth 20 Million… Trust me… She lost most of her money when she divorce her first husband back then mariah was worth over 100 million dollars… She is nowhere near that now

      • Wow. Nick strikes me as a Provider and family man. I know he loves his children and a man who loves his children will try and get along with their mom but he knows how to let it go when it’s not working. I hate to see a young family break up but what can he do? He has to make sure his children are safe smh

      • Naw. We agree to disagree. Nick Cannon is a hoecake and its all gonna come out. Mariah is sitting on bank. He married up. What the hell was he doing before he got her name tatted on his back? Tell me please. He used her. He’s spinning got folks on here spinning got his own daddy to spin he ought to be scared the truth is coming out the hoes will be talking.

      • Hey I tells the truth, no younger man marries a older crazy woman with less money than him. Nope. Just don’t happen. Nick married up and tried bein a playa with his corny ass but bout to get played.

        • LOL I know, right? He had nothing to gain marrying an older ‘crazy’ woman unless she had bank. He should be scurred she been quiet shit about to hit the fan.

      • @i tell the truth, u are f*cking idiot if u expect us to believe Nick didn’t marry up and he is worth more than Mariah. We all know that Mariah owns most of their property including the second place in NYC, plus we all have google dumbass! I’m neither team Nick or team Mariah, but come the f*ck on, anyone with half a brain and a computer knows who is the breadwinner in that relationship. If she had less money, how did she get him booted from playing Richard Pryor? Now he’s trying to back spin and say he wasn’t behind spreading the rumors about her being crazy. Come to think of it, I hope she hands him his ass, so after all the bullshit he has spread I guess I am team Mariah. Matter fact I’m team any woman who has been slandered like he has done her, after everything she did for his black ass.

        • How I am a Idiot you BITCH!!!!! I know what I am talking about… If you do not work in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS you don”t Know SHIT!!!!!! Don”t yall realize these SINGERS are all like TLC… they do not make the money you think they make… but of course yall would not know that… cause yall don”t KNOW shit about the entertainment BUSINESS… Mariah has only made real money through the sell of her PERFUME!!!!!! not SINGING!!!! SO FUCK ALL YALL…. I cant wait until the truth COMES OUT!!!!!!

  6. I believe the girl she doesn’t seem like the type bcuz the tricks these days are quick to be like yes I f*cked him and now wat. I saw a special on Nick he seems to be pretty into his family and his wife but hey can’t believe everything you hear I guess ha

    • Nah, hoes will be loyal at first, thinkin they gone get paid or that the man gone marry them up if they loyal. U watch, dis hoe and more hoes will be comin out the woodwork cuz dese hoes ain’t loyal. Er body in the industry is tryna marry up er day. Even dis hoe.

  7. I like nick cannon and ive been a Mariah fan for a long time, I was hoping it would work, and he seems like such a good guy…they should try to stick it out a little longer and get Mariah on some meds

  8. Nick Cannon is so goofy, it’s hard to take him serious. He dumps Christina Milian, can’t make it work with Mariah Carey, etc. He needs to grow up, the class clown ish is tired. Nick is talented, has some intelligence, but he sells himself short for bubble gum love and praise.

    • Everyone dumps Christina Milian. That was the smartest move Nick has made to date.

      • He kicked Christina to the curb because Mariah was The One…So He Thought! When it happened, i was surprised. Assumed he was into the Sista, but i was mistaken. A lot of people throw stones at her about the breakups with The Dream, Jas Prince, etc. She got relationship drama, many of us do.

          • Maybe, Maybe Not? People cheat for all kinds of reasons. Again, 2 human beings are not forced to be together. Being bold enuf to call it quits is problematic for the average person. So, the facade is allowed to fester over time. Women cheat just the same, all are not perfect angels. I like Mami, her beauty and vibe agrees with me. At the same time, Ty not f**king her. Nick and the other dudes can worry about that. He might have assumed certain things, that’s hard to know.

          • Mariah is 1/3 black, Christina may or may not be. Latin blacks are so diluted, hard to distinguish actual blackwomen from so-called mulattas. Nick has a type, as we see. This is part of the problem. Mixed women have inflated egos, men are supposed to bow to them… No! He should be open to dating all shades of black, The Cali mindset needs to die a painful death once and for all, in my opinion.

        • Christina Milian is out here fcking for tracks. Everyone doesn’t do that. That’s why I can’t support her *ahem* endeavors.

          • Well, the list is long. Jennifer Lopez ibuilt her fortune by bumping skin with Puffy. Ja Rule, I don’t know. She can dance, but can’t sing. B, the industry is bulls**t. We can all agree on that point. Melanie Fiona is probably the most talented singer of this era, yet, she had to play the same game. The suits in Hollywood and New York fool the people, not all of us. Chrissette Michelle is equally talented, star has been dimmed. Sevyn Streeter can go hard too. Jaguar Wright from Philly… Bad Sista! Again, the music bosses are p-blocking our women. Instead, they shove Katy “I Kissed A Girl” Perry down our throats, Iggy, Adele, etc. Milian sleeping with artists and producers is the least of her problems. Wayne, Baby, Suge Knight, Timbaland, Jay-Z… Sign female artists for shine, but, nothing happens. Eve can burn a lot of niccas on the mic, Dre wasted her time. Supposed to stand firm and aid these Sistas in their dreams. They f**k them over instead. A lot of industry cats should be in flames right now. Luke, add him to the list, stealing money from artists on his label. I say all of this not for sport, context is important(History). If black folk actually bought music again, Sistas would not have to prostitute themselves for a dollar. No Mixtapes Allowed, No Labels… Straight From The Source!

  9. I know a close relative of his VERY WELL and let me tell you, Nick was quite a bit more wealthy than Mariah when he got with her. He loves a good laugh and is definitely about his business in every aspect of the word. Guys kill me saying he is silly/goofy/clown but he will be the 1st one to take your chic! I’ve seen it! I’ve been around him twice but I’ll say he gives off positive vibes and loves his family. Everybody is NOT a gangsta…I’ve heard right now his primary concern is his kids whom he adores. Smh. I hope all works out for them both.

    • That may be true and all, but that’s not the vibe he puts out to the public. Nick is a good dude, that’s self-evident. Maybe women can stomach all of that, but, it’s too much for me. Nickelodeon placed him in a box, so, he stays in that lane. We only see that side of his persona. Let’s see him spread his wings, Is that asking too much of him?

  10. Im team Nick too. That song bout his mom contemplating abortion really made me like him, even tho i liked others too. I always looked at him as a ladies man, that scene in live dont cost a thing when he an CM are making music he was sexy. When he bagged MC i was really impressed, but he seems real down to earth even in his younger years. Some get big headed when they experience fame that young. I kno he’ll keep the kids best interest first.

  11. Can the Nick Cannon camp please shut the f*ck up on here? These are the fakest ass comments I’ve ever read. I know Nick too and he’s a sleezeball and a cheater. Big time. You know all these fools be on these gossip sites. Shut the f*ck up Nick and have some f*cking fear of god that your cheating ass will be caught

    • Lets’ keep it real you do not know Nick.. you aint got to lie… And no he is not a cheater he is a good man… maybe you want him

    • Amen! Tell! It!
      Nick is a f*cking sleaze!!! I don’t know him personally but I DO KNOW ONE OF HIS JUMP-OFFS VERY WELL!!! She has told me everything and is in touch with Mariah’s camp!!!! He did her wrong too! But she should have stayed in her lane. I don’t condone messin with another woman’s man…I don’t care WHAT THEY SAY OR HOW MUCH THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR MARRIAGE!!! OR HOW MUCH MONEY THEYRE GIVING!! Yep, my girl has been talking and Mariah knows everything!!!! “All business”, right? Well remember this, Nicks crew: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!! How about 2 WOMEN SCORNED!!! Lol

  12. Y’all know the Carters’ arrangement, right? Take jay and Bey out and substitute Nick and Mariah. Nick is so afraid of being seen as the manipulative, spoiled, asshole that he is!!! Nick is just a jayz wannabe. But he didn’t get to be because he ain’t slick like J. We all know J controls Bey, but Mariah controlled his black ass instead of him controlling her!!!

    • you can not compare Jay and b to Mariah and Nick…

      beyonce is a known prostitute in the industry everyone knows that and jay is her Pimp… Sorry no comparison. Mariah is a crazy. Nick and mariah really love each other…

        • And it sounds like Nick had the Handler position…but he couldn’t handle her?

  13. I really wanted them to win! 🙁

    Mental illness is nothing to be laughed about and is a seriously, horrible, confusing, frustrating, unpredictable, stressful, mind-boggling, high- risk illness. – Things go left REAL quick with this type of illness!

    The pain, the sufferer and their family and friends go through
    Is un – measurable.

    Whether, it’s mind control, too much pressure whatever…
    It’s no joke for the the sufferer, ppl and CHILDREN involved!

    There are MANY ppl who suffer in silence and
    Many that have ended thier life due not being
    Able to accept their illness. Due to the lack of compassion
    From those around them.

    We wouldn’t make fun of an individual, suffering
    From Cancer, Diabetes, heart problems etc… And call them
    “Diseased!” Like we casually say “he/she is crazy”! – while finding
    Amusement in it!

    So why is Mental illness seen
    As a joke, and as something to put the
    Individual down for?

    Regardless of what elements are behind it… We need to show compassion and hope they heal from from whatever it is that caused them to develop mental health issues…

    One love ppl x

  14. Mariah acts as if the world revolves around her and nick was her yes man. What man is gonna deal with her crazy ass sitting on the moon fishing in the dam clouds. Yeah he probably cheats but it seems that he love his kids with all his heart. Mariah don’t be afraid to come back to reality with everybody else.

  15. U know how u can tell ‘I tell the truth’ lieing. He talkin bout Nick worth more than Mariah and she lost her money after her first divorce from T matolla . We all know Mariah became a huge star after that and she was making bank over the years, selling mega albums. An dis BS about bein close to the dr who treated her… Come the fu€k on!!! Drs don’t give out dat kinda info. Lmao!!!!!! Mariah has had the best of care just like all celebrities, even if her dr was Conrad Murray the secrets would NOT get out. Man gtfoh and quit bull shiiing. Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You all are funny. Most of you ask for or want inside tea, yet you bash someone who has it. Suit yourselves. But if you really believe that docs don’t share personal stuff with their significant others you are dreaming. Same thing with attorneys. I
      have been close to both, and they engage in pillow talk just like all the rest of us.
      And as for HIPPA, nurses leak to the tabloids regularly. Some have even been caught and prosecuted.

      • Ok, then stop coming on here lying thru your teeth so u can help save Nick reputation. As someone said before, someone like Nick would not marry a “crazy” woman who is much older if she had less money than him, or no influence in the business or her career had tanked. That’s how Nick got the part of Richard Pryor, MARIAH! But just like she giveth, she got it taken away. Who is playing Pryor now? Not Nick.
        She probably has helped him get other projects as well. We all know how things work in the entertainment industry.
        Award winning directors don’t choose actors who have had bit roles in b- list movies to headline a huge project like a biopic without some inside dealings. She helped get him that part. Nick was all wrong for that role anyway. Corny ass nigga. Everyone knows Mariah has far more money and influence.
        You were on another gossip site spinning also. What, do u work for his publicist?
        Anyway, they are both crazy if u ask me, and they attracted each other. But I think she was in love, but he was just adding to his wealth and his “brand” by marring UP!

  16. Mariah got what was coming to her. She always marrying someone who can produce her next album. She got 2 kids out of the brother and made sure that if her album flopped, she would get a check monthly anyway. Nicks family never liked her anyway. She is poor white trash! When a black man marries a women of a different nationality, he is always thinking of the beauty of a sista! A sista may be mouthy but, they know the roots of a black man!

    • So like Matthew Knowles said, it really was all a Jedi mind trick? I kind of believe she is pregnant, because she has whacked all her hair off. No need to color or fuss with it for 9 months. Maybe this time she really is going to carry the baby?

      • That would work in her favor in case J decides to spill her tea. I think the hive would be genuinely upset if J let it get out that she faked her preg with Blu. Maybe getting preg again is a good save. This time she can do like kelly and show off her belly.

  17. I know people personally in Nick’s camp…

    He’s a stone cold cheater and a buffoon who makes part of his money cooning for the white man with his silly backpacks and eternally 16 year old mentality.

    Mariah is a certified crazy and alcoholic and I believe both kids have the syndrome.

    They had an open marriage- Mimi knew what time it was when she signed up to marry him. I guess the game was too much.

    Still #TeamMimi because I can’t stomache Nick’s immaturity.

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