TBS Gives Cee Lo Green The Boot

CeeLo Green Super Creep

The cable TV network, TBS, has officially canceled Cee Lo Green’s, “The Good Life” reality show after one season. Know why? Well according to the announcement, it’s because of poor ratings.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“The news comes one day after Cee Lo Tweeted that ‘real rape victims remember being raped’ after he was accused of drugging a woman and having sex without her consent.”

TBS was able to distance themselves from the controversial statements made by Cee Lo, it was perfect, they could end the professional relationship and side-step the rapey conversation.

Was Cee Lo Green’s reality show “The Good Life” nothing more than a infomercial trying to commercialize his former music collaborators, Goodie Mob? Of course! Ask Big Gipp.


  1. Didn’t know he had a show until I happened upon it one Saturday night. The show was funny as hell to me. I knew they were going to cancel it after Cee Lo put his foot in his mouth. When will these celebs get off of social media and just let their pr reps post for them? Dummy!

    • Sad thing is Cee Lo was once a bonified artist with a lit of talent and loads of potential. He changed over night. He got with that white boy DJ from England and he was all of a sudden, like you said, reppin for the devil. Go to google, type in Ceelo and Danger mouse, and go through the images, this ninja sold his soul and his ass, for cheap too.

  2. Mann!! That is one ugly cat mann! Is he a midget fagg? He looks so nasty! His ex-wife is on a reality show and she looks hard and mannish! I would kiss Ce-Lo with my feet!

  3. Another sell out. Instead of taking all that down low loving he has to drug a sis.

    • if it was a white woman cee lo would be in prison right now wearing dresses full time.

      hell he wears dresses, wigs and high heels now and looks like Ellen’s gay ass bodyguard.

      • I swear, I come here for my comic relief. You people crack me up. I’m laughing my butt off at these comments. (With you, not at you)
        Thanks for the daily laughs.

  4. Miss the conscious Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob. The Nigga Experience and the rest of the Still Standing album. Damn man. I was done when he participated in that Super Bowl ritual with Madonna some years back. Looking like Jabba the Hut.

  5. TBS might not survive anyway. Time Warner got a fire sale going on, cuttin jobs, cancelling shows, etc. It was perfect timing from their perspective.

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