Cee Lo Green Still Eating His Own Rapey Words!



  1. The WHITE women’s rights organization came for that ass huh DeeLo, I mean DL, I mean Cee Lo.

    That girl better be glad he didn’t want to Eat her puzzee, cause if he ate her out she wouldn’t be here to tell her story. He got some big ass teefus and a big ass stomach, that combination spells cannibal.

  2. no surprise, pervert azz- his career is truly over, The voice got rid of his just in time, no one will work with again.

  3. I bet he did apologize again after he lost his reality show on TBS.
    Try to do better Ceelo and educate yourself

  4. Too Late… The twittersphere got it in the bag…Technology! Cee-Lo let the hype change him. Goodie Mob Cee Lo would break a neck, if any cat raped a woman. Amazing how a man can change clothes so suddenly. In essence, it was all a facade. This is why lawyers don’t allow defendants to testify. Human memory and pperception often clash. Mike Tyson assumed he could get the brown sugar because Sis came to his hotel room… Perception! In her mind, she wanted to spend time. Most brothas would say she was naive at best. A drunk woman is defenseless in the worst way, not alert by any means.Maury Povich still has a show because dudes get women toasted and f**k them. Don’t know who the father is, got an std… Drama! Guilty mofos can’t stay quiet, their psyche can’t deal.

  5. dude better try to keep his ass out of jail , all yall simps take notes out of all the shit to go down for p*ssy should not be one of them . no way no how

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