Did Jerry Jones Sign Michael Sam as a Media Stunt?

Jerry Jones Michael Sam

Is Michael Sam a Dallas Cowgirl?

Since Dallas Cowboys signed Michael Sam, the teams apparel sales has jumped to number one in the NFL.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Sam was going to be denied an opportunity for reasons beyond his control. The only decision he made to bring on this attention was a very admirable one… being open about his sexuality, and thus serving as a role model for others … Jerry Jones bailed the NFL out, temporarily at least. Sam will get another shot.”

Did the Dallas Cowboys signed Michael Sam as a mascot to get television airtime and to sell stadium seats? I don’t know, but I’ll let you chime in.


  1. From what I read,he was under performing. Unless he plays football well,he is resigned to a fate of being the only ‘openly gay player ‘.
    Hopefully, he can do that with the cowboys, Lol.

    • MEDIA STUNT TOTALLY! I have read that his performance was not up to par! I am so confused about why his sexuality was made a factor? No one really cares about what his preferences are. That’s his business so why bring the extra attention to yourself? #Idiotmove I wonder who encouraged that move?

  2. bet sam gave up the ass to all those horny ass whiteboys who wants to see whats really driving all these whitegirls crazy.

  3. Jerry Jones is owner of the right team. Though he says he wants to win a super bowl, and I believe this to be true. It’s obvious ticket sales, merchandise and marketing is more important to him. But the formula is
    lucrative because mediocre season after mediocre season they still sell more shit than any other team. But if Jerry Jones wanted to win, he would have let Jimmy Johnson run the football aspect of the team after he took them from 1 and 15 to 15 and 1 and two super Bowls in in 4 years. And If He Wanted To Win games, He Would Get Rid Of Tony “Peanut butter” Romo. But it’s about publicity with Jones. But in all fairness to jones, this is the best move that he has made in a looooong time. Because Michael “hot dog Jockey” Sam’s is a pretty good DE, an area that they need help, but Michael Sam’s is gonna bring him a lot of money because of the openly gay thing, but Michael Sam’s is also native Texan, so this shit spells dollar signs for old jerry jones.

    • Cosign Eddie. Dallas is desperate for defense. The Rams were solid in that area. This move is practical and is being applauded by the mainstream sports guys today. Actually, many have said that they were surprised that he didn’t get picked up for a practice squad sooner. Most say they believe he will be playing within a matter of weeks into the season.
      I wish him well. He seems like a decent guy and he hasn’t really done anything outlandish to push the issue of his gayness since that draft day overkill(and that was totally orchestrated by his agent.)
      The overarching theme I heard on 3 different shows this morning was that Tony Dungy wishes he had kept his mouth closed as to his opinion of the drama which would surround the first openly gay player. It seems to have damaged his brand.

      • I’m with you, his lifestyle is his lifestyle, it not illegal, so hey, it’s something he had to answer too. But the guy was the defensive player of the year in his conference. I’m surprised he wasn’t take before the third round. And I think he had 3 sacks in the preseason, that’s probably right at the top of the entire league. But he had six tackles in the last game and the last preseason the starting o line plays most of the game. I think he is gonna be pretty good. Shit I would start him from day one. I say because he is on a mission weather he says it or not all the fag jokes from the opponent is gonna make him go extra hard….this is gonna be interesting

        • If SM was good DE..why did every other team not hire him to play for there team? Which is the point to this article and that he can only get a hired for publicity not football talent. Which in turn JJ is giving him a shot. Read article before posting comment.

          • The man was defensive player of the year in the most dominate conference in college ball. He has talent. He’s a step slow for the NFL, but he has mitigating abilities.
            I do not think Jones hired him for the PR. Dallas is weak on defense and he is cheap comparatively. So, Jones gives him a shot and they both get what they need. And if by any chance he turns out to be great, well JJ looks good in the rear view mirror of history.

            • That was my point exactly. He ran a 4.9 at the combine but like you said, there are mitigating factors. It not always about the physical, no what sport you are participating or in life period, it’s a brain game, if you can out think your opponent, you will beat them all day long

          • Why the f*ck would I about something i know about. The article is the opinion of a sports writer. In case you dont know sports writers are biased and opinionated. I know what i saw, f*ck what they wrote, I saw a person on a football field get 3 sacks in limited time. He barely played the first two games. That’s what I know. More facts, anyone else with the numbers he had would have gone in the first round. And without the gay thing his 40 time might have dropped him to NO LATER than the third round. Let’s see what be did in the SEC.

            Unanimous All-American (2013SEC Defensive Player of the Year (2013)First-team All-SEC (2013)

            And the SEC is the most dominant conference in football. So Keep Reading Your Articles Before YOU post. FUCK that article, Get the facts.

            • Why the f*ck would I have to read an article on something I know about.

      • Kissing his YT boyfriend in the mouth on national TV ain’t outlandish?

        Dungy is a saved Christian, he ain’t regrettin’ nuthin.

        Also, Jerry Jones is part of the TPTB. Not just anyone gets to own a football team. BIG MONEY = QUESTIONABLE CONNECTIONS.

        This is the gay agenda on track to influence our children.

        • If it is legal for two men to wed in most of the NFL cities, why is a man on man congratulation kiss outlandish? And I was just quoting the ESPN anchors as to Dungy. He has a job, and that job does not allow him to speak out on ultra sensitive subjects as he pleases. Don’t believe me? Ask Stephen A. Smith. If he loses his broadcasting gig, you better believe his brand will suffer.
          They gay agenda does not seek to recruit children into their fold. They are trying to normalize homosexuality so those who are gay will have a better life with less shame.
          Wouldn’t you like to see less teenage male suicides?

          • You sound like you are reading from the perfect LGBT agenda script.

            All that passionate deep throat kissing on TV is really not necessary, woman/man, man on man, woman on woman. Sam knew what he was doing.

            I said nothing about recruiting, I said influencing.

            Stop blaming male suicides on gayness. The worst bullies as teens are closet gays.

            • If you truly believe that teenage male suicides are not primarily gay, you need to do some reading. And gay bullies? That’s a new one. I don’t have kids, but it would break my heart to have a gay son, but it would KILL me to have a gay son who took his own life because of it.

            • You ever thought that those gay teen suicides are because the kids are f*cked up to begin with, which is why they are gay.

              Lots of kids commit suicides as a result of molestation. Yes, you do some research; a very, very large percent of gays were molested as children.

              And yes, gays are nasty little bullies, even to each other: the put downs, snaps, slings and arrows.

              In the words of Truman Capote, “there is nothing meaner than a Southern Queen”.

          • Why they all black though lol next is baseball naw my bad Spanish community not having it hockey only have bout three brothers so they not having it basket ball and football mostly blacks so they can mix race hatred and gay rights the same struggle F.o.h .

  4. Of course it’ s a media stunt. What happened to “WHO’ S JACKY TALKING ABOUT”? There has been no updates

  5. He played well in preseason

    His cut was a football decision

    It was said that many teams want to sign him but we’re wary of the attention. He obviously played well for teams to want him.

    The Cowboys picked him up

    Egg. In the face of the naysayers

    Egg in

  6. I don’t even think he is the first openly gay player in the NFL it’s a stint on many levels if u ask me it’s a complicated breakdown

    • That isn’t a matter for debate. There has never been a man who was openly gay while playing in the NFL.
      Everyone knows there are a few gay men on every team, and some guys have come out after their careers ended. But no one has ever done what Sam has done.

  7. that cooney as sellout french kissed a white fish on the mouth with white cream popping out of his mouth like drool!!!

    • god you’re embarrassing

      I wish to hell you were really white and this was all just a stupid stunt. No one, and I mean no one really talks like you do IRL.

      • @Anonymous

        damn cool off we know you love white d*ck….. just calm the f*ck down stop acting desperate is not sexy is just borderline
        stupid…oh ewwwwwww that breath chew some gum ASAP!!!!!

  8. Michael Sam is not the only gay player in the NFL. Got caught up in the moment, assumed he would make gay history… We’ll See? An openly gay black male athlete will never be acceptable, and this is the fundamental problem with dudes like Sam and Jason Collins. Place any other man in his shoes, the reaction would not be the same. We dance around this issue for pc reasons. Jones and others like him are so phony. They don’t believe in the lifestyle, but, are willing to string the rainbow crowd along for the cash. All of this is blasphemous to me. Not supporting this, the Cowboys be damned!

    • @Tyrone

      5-9 years ago a Hawaiian born NFL player came out and announced he was gay (do’t know is name) but he’s team mates didn’t respect him anymore
      not sure but he killed him self…. not quite sure

      these black celebrities think by came out it will make white people feel sorry for them!!! back 2012 frank ocean came out
      he picked on chris brown and frank played the victim because the (white) media was on his side!!

      jason colins and michecl sam are doing it for white people’s sympathy more fame more money….. that’s how it works in hollyweird

      • Yeah, I remember that, I think he played o line for the Bengals, but he was out of the league a year later. He had already played 9 years In league and that’s the difference. MS is the first to claim he gay before he got a contract

        • Yall are confusing two Pacific Islanders. The gay one was named Esera Tuaolou and he’s married with kids now. The one who killed himself was Junior Seau who wasn’t gay.
          I may be wrong, but I am 99% sure that Tuaolou did not come out until he retired from the NFL. Same as that Utah Jazz NBA player who everyone knew was gay, but he stayed officially in the closet until retiring.
          If Dan Patrick says Sam is the first man to be active in the NFL as an openly gay man, I tend to believe it.

          • I’m not confused that’s the one I remember, I know he came out at the end of his career.

            • I should have specified that it was CB or whatever name she is going by now who was confused.

  9. 7th Rd draft picks usually never make the team or they’re usually considered long shots of making the 53 man roster.So,its pointless to say him not making the team had anything to do with his lifestyle.This dry baby ass nigga thought coming out before the draft would give him more Shock Value but it blew up in his face.Most teams don’t want the circus that comes with this guy and no one really wants to see a openly gay male tackling other males on Sundays.

    • You Are Right About The 7th Round, But He Was Better than a 7th round pick. I don’t like the lifestyle but we are talking football. If he did not pull the stunt he pulled, he would have gone third round at the latest.

      • I agree my brother,if he’d remained quiet he was sure to be a 3rd or 2nd round pick.But now he’s going to have to work extra hard after that little publicity stunt he pulled.I’m still wondering what the hell was he celebrating for with that Kiss after being drafted in the bottom of the 7th round.Nonetheless,dude does have talent but being a cowboys fan I’m not sure about this pick and from a personal level I repudiate this lifestyle.

        • I agree with you 100 percent but there are people saying he can’t play. I too rebuke that nasty shit but he can play the sport. Now the basketball player is a different story, he was garbage. He is what we use classify as “a tall and that’s all”….lol

    • Well there was ol’ 9th round Wes “Molly” Welker. Once in a blue moon some talent slips through the main rounds. And Tom Brady is another one who was taken relatively late. My future husband Richard Sherman is still salty about his late selection too.
      He’s having the last laugh now tho.

      • I use to watch Tom Brady at Michigan and I always thought he’d be a force to be reckoned with in the Pros and I’m still until this day confused at how and why he slipped to the 7th Round of the draft.Yes,its rare but some late rounders find they’re niche in the league but they usually are longshots and have to work twice as hard.

  10. They have a billion dollar stadium to pay off…

    Of course this about ticket sales and merchandise and sponsors…


      • Hey Glok man what’s up!
        The whole team can wear heels for all I care.. they ain’t gonna win this season anyways. ..!!

    • Tell me about them payin’ off that stadium. I live where that stadium is and I pay extra sales tax because of Jerry and his team.
      Bunch of fools.

      • Sorry. That sucks.
        They got us here in Charlotte too. They illegally raised our taxes to pay for stadium improvements, then they got rid of our best player (Steve Smith)..

      • Jerry is nearly out of debt with the stadium, but the city of Arlington will be on the hook for years to come….

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