Tyrin Turner Auditioning For Stripper Role in Magic Mike XXL

Tyrin Turner Magic Mike Stripper

HSK Exclusive – A drunken Assistant to Casting Director Carmen Cuba is saying that Tyrin Turner is slated to audition for the role of a dancer on Magic Mike XXL.

The assistant went on to say that, 44 year old Tyrin Turner wants to resurrect his acting career as stripper on sequel to Magic Mike.

Here’s some more of what Carmen Cuba’s assistant had to say:

“I can’t wait to see Tyrin’s audition. I wonder what his gangsta homeboys are going to think of him when they see him dancing in thongs?

He went from a gangsta on the movie Menace 11 Society to wanting to be a stripper.”


  1. I just saw him in Belly last night for like the 10th time. I loved his character in that movie with his wacky perm. I hope he gets the part if that’s what he wants to do. I didn’t see Magic Mike, but I know it made a lot of money and really bumped the careers of Channing Tatum and that Joe Mangienello dude.

  2. I don’t like that, I don’t like that at all. I think I’m a hafta drop a dime a dime on nem niggas….lol

  3. Caine: I want your motherf*ckin’ Daytons and your motherf*ckin’ stereo. And I’ll take a double burger with cheese. LMAOO!

    • Caught a nigga highsidding in the drive thru, I had to get em….I had to…..lol

    • “You know you done f*cked up, don’t you? You know it, don’t you? You know you done f*cked up.” LMAO, I still quote that line ’till this day! It is applicable any time somebody tries to pop lies and gets caught in those lies.

      • Hey, who want a cheese burger….I just got em from that base head, they got cheese on em

      • Best scene

        you been out two weeks, don’t you think it’s but time you get me my money

        I ain’t got it right now

        Fuck you mean, you ain’t got it right now!?!?

        I ain’t got it right now!!!

        You best be coming off my bitties.

        I best be coming off, who dis motherf*cker think he is Ron O’Neil?
        I told you I pay yo monkey ass when I feel like it.

        What you gon do?!?!

        What um a, what Uma DO, What Uma DO!?!?!?!..

  4. Hollywierd is sum else lol it mus be tight out there for roles well if he wants to get back in the game I guess he has to take what he can wow can’t wait to see it lol that industry plays dirty as hell

    • WOW!!!! Thank you for that information. This shit is incredible. In the first 8 pages I saw the mention of that “butterfly” thing twice. There is some crazy info in there. Some of the very same stuff that is mentioned on here about Hollywierd and gets dismissed as crazy, is all over this book.

  5. Good luck Tyrin with that role. If they could ressurect his career I hope Maia Campbell is next. I loved her from back in the day.

  6. I saw magic mike it was OK but I wouldn’t do a sequel lol but hey dude is about working so kudos to him

  7. there’s nothing like seeing a n1gga stripping for his supper with baby oil dripping down he’s torso!!
    whipped cream on his 6 pack damn……..i’m getting too much i’m taking (d*ck medication take 1 every 1 second)

  8. This brotha so desperate for a dolla, he wants to sell the last bit of dignity he has… So Sad! Naw Brotha, there has to be a better way. Why do we have to be the duck all the time?

  9. How is this news. HSK talks about this dude quite often even though he is a nobody. Especially looking at the context, with this being a stripper audition. Am I the only one that thinks something is askew? I think him and Jacky are probably boinking.

    • Yeh. Don’t know bout the boinking, put it’s like someone stalking this fella and reporting in these non stories on him. Like a vandetta……or maybe a scorned lover. Who knows.

  10. Does black hollywood not have any attractive and talented actors ages 18-30? White Hollywood have a stable of fresh young faces, especially the women, but Black Hollywood seems to rotate the same 10 actors since 1992. Id rather not see a middle aged man greased up in assless leather chaps.

  11. I wish him luck, the last time I saw him was on an episode of New York Undercover, in which he was supposedly sexually abused.

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