Nikko & His Wife Margo Smith Slapped with Million Dollar Lien


More Ratchet Reality!

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta reality porn star, Nikko Smith, has been slapped with a $1.1 million lien after losing a lawsuit which accused him and his wife of screwing over their music business partners.

A music company named Supafly Entertainment originally sued Nikko and his wife Margo Simms back in 2008.

Supafly explained in their lawsuit that they were working with a new band named Test Drive with Nikko and Margo. However, the company says they fronted all the cash for the band to be paid to record an album including promotions, studio time, song writers, production, website etc.

The company said that they then got an offer from Universal Music to sign the band, but Nikko and Margo started making questionable business moves behind the scenes to cut Supafly out of the picture and make a deal without them. Ultimately Supafly lost all their investment and the Judge in the case agreed that Nikko and his wife were responsible for that loss.


      • Yo Sis I got one better! Remembered this last season he was clowning on Stevie about his back pay on child support? BAM!! Now Stevie got enough ammo now to get at Did from the Ice Age! And somebody say Mimi is moving up? Shhhhhiittt, Mimi is riding backwards on the short bus for real!! Not only she done f*cked, messed, and shitted on herself, but she hope and pray Nikkio wife won’t her ass!

        • I am rolling @ she shitted on herself….man thats funny shit…

          It’s a bad thing to go backwards, but when you go backwards AND you shit on yourself, you might as well jump…….lol.

        • Yep she sure enough did shitted on herself. She thought she hurt Stevie but ended up hurt herself. Damn at 45 she would know the game. And yes she is assbackwards. How U gonna clown somebody when she can’t called the kettle black?

        • Yes sis, Mimi is as backwards. Now you’re 45 years old with a 4 year old and U go pulled a stunt like this? Damn she should be getting her life together before she hits Social Security.

    • LMAO!!!
      don’t throw the laptop…
      But dude does look like a lady
      I think its a trans

    • Tha woman needs to get to church and go through some deliverance! Look as scary as the walkin’ dead.
      That is one whole bucket full of ug-mo.
      And, she gets PAID????????????

  1. instead of d*cking mimi down he should of d*cked his wife and made a sex tap with her!!!!!

  2. Nikko is a used car salesman. Sold a pipedream to Mimi… Porn Tape! All the hype it got, but, no Money Trees to collect from. Identical scenario all over again. Dreamchasers…Dreamchasers… Keep Chasin… Meek Millz! Hustle for a Da-A-A-A-La, Find ways to Ha-A-A-A-La Back!

    • in other words he used mimi’s pum pum as a money scheme for him and his wife to live the hight life!!!…… mimi use your pum pum for good not evil

      • In a nutshell, Yes! Mimi is the fool in this menage arrangement. She regret that tape already. I assumed she was smarter than that. His wife looks like V. Stiviano with a dead mammal on top of her/his head. Damn, no wonder he was so hush hush. Dennis Rodman pull finer women than her, and he’s no Denzel by any means. Wizard of Oz 2014—Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. Mona and her Broomstick.

          • Yes, It Is! Nikko was desperate for the porn tape to sell because this was coming down the pike. That didn’t happen. A million dollars is real money, not monopoly cash. He in a deep hole, Mona not paying him like that. Stevie J got child support issues, but Monami gon save him… Spin-Off! Nikko at the end of a barrel. Being homeless right now is bad timing… Cold A Coming!

      • OMG can a woman be THAT dumb? I mean no one expects to be a pawn in a scheme for money but lord have mercy she did PORN with this man!

        Only a man who hates women would get down like that, for money or for anything else. Two female heads got together on that one, that’s a bitch ambush right there for real.

        She’s a dumb, greedy alley cat but he’s a weak, slimy snake and they’re both wearing the letter “L” on their foreheads!

        • Mimi the dumb one, she lost more than both of them. Can’t turn the clock back, life goes on. Other women need not follow the same path to shine.

  3. she might think that look is cute but she looks like a drag queen with all that makeup



  5. Niko and his are partners. She was okay with him making a tape–but not herself. So Milo took his plan to Mimi and she agreed BUT she didn’t know that he used her because he wasn’t going to let his WIFE degrade herself. He loves his wife. Mom used herself for money, not to get back at Stevie. That was her excuse–blame someone else for your porn decision. Knowone made her do it. She made her choice. Personally, I think she would do it again–for the same reason MONEY. She started acting like she was the sh**. Making big purchases. When taxes come due and she realize that she needs more money then we will see…

    • U know what 11:08, U are absolutely correct. U know once U start that life especially in the porn industry, its hard to let go.

  6. Forgive typos. Also, Mimi talked about Joselines clothes, car, and house. That tells that Mimi thinks that her porn money is allowing her to feel important. Her father must have felt so embarrassed by her before he died. She knew he was ill. Atleast she could have waited until he died. He could have died feeling proud of his daughter instead of feeling ashamed. Shame on Mimi.

  7. clearly nikko’s wife is wearing a hat!!! to match her dreads no upscale black person would have their hair like that
    (only white people would enough said)

    as for the sex tape nikko f*cked the shyt out of mimi’s moaning Minnie behind bet steve j and hoseline watches it when their in the mood
    mini stop hiding from your mistake and stop blaming people for your mistake you choose to get buck wild and have raw sex with nikko
    not stevie or hoseline YOU DID!!!

  8. Nikko look like Sid from Ice Age and what the he’ll is that! Lol. Oh My God. She looks like the lion from the wizard of Oz and Mufasa from The Lion King sister. Lol!

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