New Book Confirms Kris Jenner Helped Leak Kim K’s Sex Tape

kris jenner leaked kim kardashian sex tape

What we all assumed has been officially confirmed…kind of… Remember back in 2007 when Kim K showed off her lazy slob skills in her sex tape featuring Ray J? Well, according to a new book, Kris Jenner was the mastermind behind the sex tape which eventually sold for $1 million and catapulted the Kardashian klan into the public eye.

In the book “Kardashian Dynasty” written by Ian Halperin, Kris helped Kim leak the tape to Vivid Entertainment. A mutual friend told Kim if she wanted to reach the level of success that Paris Hilton had, a sex tape was the way to go.

“It was Kris who engineered the deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day,”


  1. She has to be tyhe ugliest woman in the world. How could Ray J even stand to f*ck her?

  2. ^^^^Because too many stupid black men think that f*cking a ugly becky is a prestigous prize! Ray J is the ultimate fool! The white bitch became rich and famous! Ray J became the laughing stock of hollywood! Those KKK bitches are laughing all the way to the bank. Another white family becomes rich off of the labor of a black man! So sad!

  3. Brothers and sistas I have a question. Have you ever seen a extremely beautiful, sophisticated, rich white girl screw around with a black man? Most likely No! Why? Because those type of aristocratic beckys would never be seen kissing or f*cking a black man. Doing so may result in losing their white privilege. You will never see white girls like Anna Kournikova, Ivanka Trump, Irina Shayk or Natalie Portman date, kiss or screw a black man! Not only do they know better, they know that they are extremely desirable to their own white men!

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    • First of all you need to look at the guys King Kong Khloe is f*cking and ask yourself, are they even desirable to black women? Same thing with Kanye, Seal etc it's too undesirables getting together. Kim is disgusting, and being that there was already a video of her being 'Sodomized' (lol) by Ray J before she became famous, white guys weren't gonna touch her. Khloe is ugly. Kylie is a little slit. The attractive, with a little bit of class in the family, Kourtney and Kendall are the ones who date white guys.

      • On Kendall the lesbian, kourtney bisexual whore she f*cked one of those jackson boys plus she f*cked justin bieber recently kim did f*ck Travis. Barker and nick lechay years ago and a few more white guys Kylie seems to like bisexual guys last e tyga, jaden Smith and asap rocky

    • Not gonna blame Madonna for bdk falls ng off he made that wack ass prince if darkness album but gangster rap was taking overleaving kanyes style old and played out then kane tried to come back a thug like many others trying to gangster just to sell records it didn't work for a lot of them plus the aids rumors bout Kane being gay cone to find out Hus DJ mister cee was f*cking trannies all along

    • Lmao. Your slavemasters have done a number on you. I am African. Kim is not black. She is white. She has white privilege. Not all white people come from America or Britain etc. Armenians are white and they will spit at you for calling them black. Charlize theron is from South Africa. She is STILL WHITE. Jennifer Lopez is a latina. Still WHITE though. Get a clue. Middle east is a location not a race. You're so stupid.

        • ^^^YES…Anonymous 5:50 got it 100% right ^^^
          And…they are some of the most cut throat backstabbing lying villainous people on earth. The Kartrashians have nothing on some of the ones who are here in the US but were not born and raised here. They feel a certain entitlement to come here, use the US for our resources and straight disregard Americans…especially in business.

    • It is? Do you realize that Armenia is in EUROPE??? The Middle East is in ASIA.

      School isn't what it used to be I guess.


  5. I said on a previous post. I blame black men. You will shame and degrade a black woman with a sextape but worship a white woman who has a sextape in which she lazily just lies on her back. You will buy the tape and marry her and line her pockets with your last coin. But worst of all you will stand on every mountain and proceed to tell the world how terrible black women are compared to your beloved Becky. You never go for the top notch respectable white women too. You always end up with a white mans leftover used cumbucket. She played all of you.

    • @Sarah, you've told nothing but truth in more than one of your comments.
      What's so sad is that it's gotten to be "the majority of black men" now not just a few. And…it's everywhere you go, everywhere you travel….this is what's going on.

      • Well stop trapping ,start learning ,keep up with yourself and not them kartrashians grow out natural hair stop stealing beckys look coz she ain't paying to look Eden!
        Don't get pregnant on a $$$ hunch (1738) …..
        Beckys don't kill over weave either think ABOUT IT !
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        Nothing personal just stating,

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  6. Oj is used again while he's in jail rotting Kris is getting publicity off the whole on is khloes real dad thing why have nobody gotten a DNA test there was plenty of time to find out if on was khloes real dad before he got locked up its still not too late no Kris wants to cash in on the rumors plus she benefitted by that film the people vs oj

  7. Let's see sex tape Kim her whole family blows up ray j dating shows, fake hip hop love show crappy music one hit wonder dates freaks like lil Kim , and Kim k pimped out Whitney and her daughter cause how else was he gonna make any money Kim made way more money than he did those kardashians are everywhere how many spinoffs do we need khloevand kourtney go to Miami or Kim and kourtney goes shopping in Dallas come on Bruce confused do he want his dick cut off or not I'm not gay I'm a lesbian or whatever the f*ck he going through now Kim loves getting naked and yes kanye you got what you wanted they belong together

    • I doubt that Kanye would give her back if he could. he is world famous now, not just another rapper which he was to the world before. The Daily Mail made Kim and Kanye the king and queen of excess and glamour and that is exactly what he wanted.

    • So be it, I never cared for Rihanna & never got what was the big deal about her other than that incident w/Breezy.

  8. In case you guys didn't know, Kris Jenner likes to say the N word. I'm not making this up. For more information, look it up in Jacky's archives!

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