Jeezy Shows Toothless Grin After Grill Falls Out Mid-Performance

jeezy teeth fall out

Young Jeezy had a major malfunction during a performance this weekend! While rapping, his entire grill fell out of his mouth – exposing a bunch of missing front teeth!

A picture was taken and has since been circling around gossip blogs.

Do you think Jeezy took one too many hits to the face?


  1. All thay money and his funiture is missing.???? Damn if you not taking care of your wear you're in the way….lol lol stop calling him young jezzy and start calling him old gezzer. …lol lol

  2. Jeezy like to drink, jeezy like to smothk, jeezy like to mixth arm and hammer with his cokth

  3. this proves these two-bit broke rappers aint ballin in dough like they say they are. niggah can't even afford to purchase implants…smdh. been wearing old folk dentures, kneegro? pitiful.

  4. Old azz knee grow spewin wack bullshit to the young crew

    Youngin’s wake up to these old geezers who can’t even afford to fix their grill

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