Miley Cyrus Makes a Pass at JR Smith, Gets Rejected?

miley cyrus jr smith

Miley Cyrus attended the Knicks vs. Cavs game, and as soon as the game ended, she made a pass at JR Smith!

It was all caught on video, with Miley running toward the newly married baller as soon as the game ended, and asking him what his plans were for the night.

Cameras caught Miley mouthing, “What are you doing after the game?” to JR before she even said hello.

What do you think? Did JR reject the tongue-wagging singer?


  1. Miley looks messy and dirty. Thought she just got engaged.


    these snow bunnies dont care if you are married anymore?
    She probably has the cooties!

  3. Good for him, some black men don't have no standards, they will sleep with any dirty cave becky!
    Like I said before in previous comments, white women are cocky! They think all black men want them, but when these black men rejects them, these white women
    will act a damn fool! J.R needs to be careful, white women are very dangerous and cunning!

  4. the female whities are NEVER to be trusted, super scandalous, known whores, don't care if the man is married and always think they're entitled simply because they're of pale skin race. beware of 'em, black men (mainly you married ones.) and didn't know JR Smith was newly married…hmmm – how long that's gonna last.

    • Yes. White women are not only hideously ugly, but they are all sluts and whores. They carry so many STDs that they should be quarantines and they're stupid as f*ck too. They smell bad and their private parts look disgusting.

      What I can't figure out is why so many successful black men marry them. Are they all retarded?
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    • i too didn't know JR Smith was married. but he wanna be like his best bud Carmelo Anthony 'til he followed in his same footsteps wedded in holy matrimony as well. still doesn't constitute the fact that he's a known ho in the Association. he just a married one now with a wifey on his arms.

  5. That thick chick he married to would slide the hell out of Miley. She looks small compared to JR's tall ass but she is way bigger in person

  6. One of satan's sluts tried to destroy a professional black athlete. He told her NO! Thank you Jr. Smith. I told you guys before, the Amnerikkkan government sends their dirty, disease infested, white trash bitches to seduce and bankrupt powerful black men. It is up to all black men worldwide to ignore the dirty beckys and start a family with a black woman! The survival of our race depends on it!

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  7. She reminds me of kyrie's baby mama Mary Magdalene lol. White women are the biggest golddiggers but the people accused of golddigging all the time are black women. You get a nigga with $500 to his name accusing a black career woman of golddigging nowadays lol.

    • Damn….you said the same thing my friend did.
      Word for word….you both are right as hell too.

    • It's called Projection. Broke butt fatherless babydaddies living vicariously through a hip hop video pretending they ballin talking about gold diggers wanting their money when they never moved out of mama's house to provide self with manhood! There is no gold to dig for 90% of black males and the ones with money throwing it to the Mama of the Police aka White women. Stay classy, bros, LOL!

  8. Look at all these fools on this blog blaming white "snowbunnies/whores" blah blah. You know Damn well these black men chase these women to the pits of hell. JR Smith is one in a million. The other black men will insult their own sisters/daughters/mother's on Twitter for a chance to be called "nigga" by these white women. I don't even blame the white girls. You black men give them liberties that they won't even get from white men so why wouldnt they take advantage? Stop blaming them for your self hatred and get yourselves right. Black women complain about a white woman being racist or lack of black representation in media…where are black men? Deliberately being obtuse and cosying up to the same racist white woman cause "she like my dick". #smog fools

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  9. All you manless raggedy tricks raggin on black men. Them beckys got good credit and know how to shut up sometime. Lol. Just trippin.

    • No you told the truth that's why mess with man with good credit I date white men just kidding – not-don't get mad fatherless crack baby mamas boys.

        • Sure you do you just can't handle the truth, turnabout is very fair play don't be hating, you know White Princes got the credit game on lock vs. a broke bum babydaddy, LOL. Just trippin stay blessed.

  10. White hoes stay winning they target black men with money. Considering many black men just want to be a white man it's a match made in heaven. Dumb trick meets hoe.

    I'm serious I don't give a f*ck what sell outs like Kanye and Lamar do I don't give a f*ck who white hoes like Miley manipulate.

  11. He should've took her somewhere slapped dick on that tongue a few times, f*cked her throat, and let her gargle a little cum. Live a little LOL

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